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  1. Spending the night packing orders. Anyone who buys two or more 7"s will get a free one in their order!
  2. I just counted and right now I'm down to about 100 copies of this left. I also just got this 45 reissues in for distro. $5 each. Stiv Bators & David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind (Ugly Pop Records) (2013 reissue) Stiv Bators' Dead Boys - The Last Stand 1980 EP (Ugly Pop Records) (2013 reissue) Blitz - All Out Attack (Ugly Pop Records) (2013 reissue) The Business - Harry May (Ugly Pop Records) (2013 reissue) Cockney Rejects - Flares 'n' Slippers (Ugly Pop Records) (2013 reissue)
  3. So according to this guy all labels should press 100,000 copies of their releases and ship them all over the world? I don't know a single label that intentionally presses any less than the demand for a record.
  4. LPs Dead Kennedys - Bedtime For Democracy (Alternative Tentacles) [black] Gang Of Four - Entertainment! (WB) [black] Teenanger - Singles Don't Sell (Telephone Explosion/Southpaw) [Red] V/A - Nite Prison (Nite Prison) [black] 7"s Blitz - All Out Attack (Ugly Pop Records) [black] The Business - Harry May (Ugly Pop Records) [black] Cockney Rejects - Flares 'n' Slippers (Ugly Pop Records) [black] Hackamore Brick - Oh! Those Sweet Bananas (Ugly Pop Records) [Green] The Hot Nasties - The Invasion of the Tribbles EP (Ugly Pop Records) [White] The Partisans - Police Story (Ugly Pop Records) [black] The Rock and Roll Bitches - Wild West (Ugly Pop Records) [Pink] The Spy's - Underground Machine Shop (Ugly Pop Records) [black] Stiv Bators' Dead Boys - Last Stand 1980 EP (Ugly Pop Records) [black] Stiv Bators and David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind (Ugly Pop Records) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Arms Race (F-Beat) [black] The Costello Show (Elvis Costello) - Brand New Hairdo (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - I Wanna Be Loved (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Good Year For The Roses (F-Beat) [black] The Costello Show (Elvis Costello) - Lovable (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello - Man Out Of Time (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - New Amsterdam (F-Beat) [Pic Disc] Elvis Costello - The Only Flame In Town (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Party Party (Columbia) [black] The Imposter (Elvis Costello) - Peace In Our Time (Imposter Records) [black] The Imposter (Elvis Costello) - Pills and Soap (Demon Records) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Radio, Radio (Radarscope Records) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Sweet Dreams (F-Beat) [black] Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Tokyo Storm Warning (Part 1) (Columbia) [black] Elvis Costello - Veronica (WB) [black]
  5. These are now in stock at June Records and Sonic Boom Kensington in Toronto. En route to Florida's Dying, Chisel, Sloth, and La-Ti-Da.
  6. The new Ketamines 7" is out today and ready to ship. This is the third 7" in their four-part 7" series. All the artwork is done by Felix Morel and they make a large collage when you line them all up together. Available on red vinyl (/110) and black (/440). Stream it: www.hoseheadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/so-hot Buy it: www.hoseheadrecords.ca HIGHLY NSFW music video from an older Ketamines 7" on Hozac Records:
  7. Let us know if the tests sound any different.
  8. When did daytrotter start charging memberships? I haven't downloaded anything from them in years but I remember it being free.
  9. It's pretty much entirely white except a tiny smear of colour. At least that's how mine was.
  10. Added some more releases/dropped a bunch of prices. Take a look.
  11. The debut untitled album by Toronto's Pink Wine is finally available! Recorded over two years with two different drummers, it's now finally available for purchase/free download. LP from Germany's P Trash Records/tape from Hosehead. Buy the tape here. Buy the LP here. Free MP3 download here. Review from Weird Canada: "You can only beat on the brat for so long before he starts to beat back. On Pink Wine’s debut platter (LP from the Canuck-punk lovers at P. Trash and cassette from the hosers at Hosehead), these rough-and-tumble charmers slick back their quiffs and hit the street with baseball bats swingin’. Joel French’s bubblegum vox would make Nobunny proud, and the tunes are a timeless blast of soda shop bop. Oh yeah!"
  12. I've got a bunch of stuff up in my Discogs store that you may be into. Brand New Razor and Tie LP, Touche Amore Parting The Seas on blue, a few Chuck Ragan rarities, etc. I've also got lots of cheaper 7"s so I can make space for some upcoming Hosehead releases. Take a peek. http://www.discogs.com/seller/HoseheadRecords?page=1 Most things over $15 have the option to make an offer. Feel free!
  13. If any of you are looking for a first pressing blue copy of Part The Seas, I've got mine listed on Discogs for $10 less than the next highest copy. Not interested in this band anymore. http://www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/Touch%C3%A9-Amor%C3%A9-Parting-The-Sea-Between-Brightness-And-Me/116635109
  14. For the record: There's also a white version of this LP that's supposed to be really limited. I sold mine to someone on here a few years ago.
  15. In the chance you haven't gone and come back yet, or in case someone else is looking for the same thing in the future, definitely go to Budgie Burritos. Lots of veggie/vegan stuff and it's close to Neptoon Records.
  16. Where you at, Western Canadians? Will buy or trade for: Needles//Pins - Drop It/Shaker 7" (Scum Buzz Records) Needles//Pins/The Moby Dicks - Tour Split 7" (Mammoth Cave/Scum Buzz Records) Needles//Pins - Demo tape (self released) Needles//Pins - Rabies Jump tape (Total Twitch) Send a PM here or email hoseheadrecs [at] gmail [dot] com
  17. Selling my copy of The Fratellis - Costello Music LP on Drop The Gun. LP sleeve has very light ringwear and a small dent on the upper left corner. Asking $125 + shipping from Canada. The other copies in Discogs are all ~ $200. Email [email protected] or go through discogs: www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/Fratellis-Costello-Music/113808881 I've also got some other records on my discogs account. Check them here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/HoseheadRecords
  18. Bump! Haven't been to the post office in a while.
  19. Neither have an insert. New in the 7" distro: The Copyrights - Crutches (It's Alive Records) Crusades - Parables (It's Alive Records) Fear of Lipstick/The Creeps - Split (Fucking Scam/Scared To Death Records) Fear of Lipstick - I Don't Wanna Be Around (Fucking Scam Records) Feral Trash - Dead Eyes 7" (Dirt Cult Records) Mean Jeans/Underground Railroad to Candyland - Split (It's Alive Records)
  20. These have already started to land in mailboxes in Europe, so keep an eye out if you've ordered one. They're also on their way to It's Alive, Dirtnap, Dirt Cult, Waterslide, Hyper Enough, Base, La Ti Da, and more for retail distro!
  21. Massive shipment going out today. I'm aaalllmmooost caught up completely shipping these out.
  22. Full EP is streaming on bandcamp! www.hoseheadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/monterrey-7
  23. I sent out a ton of packages yesterday. All the release sleeves have been spoken for, but I've still got lots of regular sleeves. Which actually look way better in my opinion!