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  1. FYI - the record was priced incorrectly at launch, so they adjusted it on the fly. Stinks either way, but just wanted to maybe clarify a bit.
  2. Yes. US shipping costs have gone through the roof. The european store is not any cheaper?
  3. Yo shout out to all y’all for snatching up all 500 that we got in! We’re currently working to get more copies for the store, and I’m sure y’all will know when it happens! Thanks!
  4. This is crazy but it’s probably cheaper for you to order from our Euro store. We can probably fix this if you want.
  5. We've been in contact with the winners already. Hopefully they are down to post about winning on their socials (I hate saying socials...) and we will share their posts.
  6. If there are stores there that DO carry records, but didn't get this, PLEASE have them hit us so we can fix this for the future! http://www.deathwishdirect.com/
  7. Paper sleeves don't always fit in the glued pocket sleeves during manufacturing. Can YOU make one fit? Maybe. But often, it's not an option in manufacturing.
  8. Yo, this might be crazy, but did you check the shipping price from deathwishinc.eu? It might be cheaper