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  1. I'm just gonna list one: Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
  2. @brucewillisisdead don't get matching tattoos... it's the kiss of death
  3. I'm a web developer, and I've been mostly working with AngularJS lately. PM me if you want
  4. There's always a few groups playing at the lunch tables at work, hoarding the space for hours. Given that we have probably 400 people on our floor and 4 lunch tables, not cool
  5. New England ppl: one of my friends is going to Boston and wants to bring back a few beers for me. Anything that is available in Boston and wouldn't be available on Minnesota that I must try? I do not like IPAs/hops, and stouts are not my favorite unless they are sweet milk type stouts. I'm open to most other styles, especially Belgian style beers or wheat beers Let me know what's awesome!
  6. Usually I just get annoyed at the French words used in the English language. Amuse-bouche Creme de menthe Cul de sac Rendezvous There's more... The worst is "c'est la vie," or when people think that they're being badasses by telling someone "fermer (or fermez) la bouche." Either way, it doesn't fucking make sense! You're either telling someone, "to close the mouth," or "close the mouth" in a very polite way. It does not mean shut up!
  7. also, php is object-oriented... or can be used in an object oriented manner..
  8. There are a lot of very useful frameworks to map your domain model to your data model when using Java. When you have a large application, it definitely helps with robustness. That said, I have nothing against PHP. I've used it many times, it's just that my current company is a Java shop
  9. Thanks for this very insightful comment.
  10. Software developer for Pearson VUE. I have a background in Network Administration as well, but somehow ended up in Java development. No, I will not build you a website for free
  11. Hey! Were you able to get some more Ephemere Cranberry by any chance?