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  1. Anyone willing to part with any Ladytron or Marnie or both? 

  2. Help. I keep finding bands I need records of....I have a problem.

  3. Ready to set them all on fire.

  4. New here. Got about 30 records so far. Gonna need to look into storage options that aren't overly priced.

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    2. blackheartsoul


      Thanks. I was looking at Ikea but gotta drive a ways to one that is close. Target would be a good alternative. 

    3. Multiverse


      I would make the drive for an Ikea Kallax, it has been consistently worth it for me. 

    4. dnl


      If you can't make it Ikea, these are exclusively sold at Walmart and are just as good. They also deliver to your house for free. I don't advise going above the 8-cube.