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  1. I never opened mine if someone wants it for cost+shipping so like, $20 shipped? I think there was a seam split but I'd have to check
  2. damn now I'm extra bummed I didn't get to catch her, this album rules also my clear copy does sound great despite comments, idk if i got lucky tho
  3. ty! I just checked and it's actually already in the states so I think it'll be alright barring any unforeseen delays
  4. I'm waiting on mind from AnimeTheAnime right now, a little nervous since I move in two weeks
  5. it's like I wanna wait and see if this makes the blue cheaper but I think I just missed out on it hoping for an indie variant or something
  6. I could use some more radio silence for a few more months for my wallet's sake lol
  7. Oh wow, I was bummed I skipped on Death Note initially . I'll definitely grab this set
  8. Damn I'm so bummed I missed this, been listening to this record non-stop hoping for a regular release or something
  9. Damn, I just sold my official one a couple months ago for bills and was hoping for another actual repress probably going to hold out on the bootleg unless I see/hear it in person

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