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  1. Wow, that's a nice unexpected $50 purchase on this Friday morning when I expect to spend $50 more on RSD titles too 🙃 this is fun, right?
  2. I think like a lot of folks, I really just want MCR & KSG but not willing to risk the mad dash in the morning. Going to be checking online all day 🙃
  3. Aw man, the mediums are sold out What's the shirt printed on?
  4. Got my red + black copies from Milan yesterday. My black copy came with some creasing on the jacket and some surface marks but I'm ngl, this is one of the best sounding records I own? I'm really impressed tho I kind of miss the cover of the bootleg, I still don't love the design choices for this one--even if they're better than the Funimation copy
  5. Anyone want an official copy and have a bootleg? I sold mine and just kind of want the jacket back. I'll buy you a copy of the official release lol
  6. Bump! Making a postal run in a few hours, hit me up if ya want anything!

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