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  1. On one hand I'm ready to sell all of my records and alleviate all of this space and money on the other I found a way to convince myself that I need that Clipping release alongside the Slint one too
  2. Huh My partner is a wheelchair user so we bought ADA seats for NY and it was $118 for both, we just assumed that was cost because ADA usually is Lordy
  3. ugh wasn't tryna spend this today but I keep missing out on Nujabes stuff and still mad when I said these exact words about the last Loveless pressing so I guess I'm going for it
  4. As a Jersey resident close to Manhattan, you could prob skip these They're fine shops but the trip is a chore and it definitely isn't worth it with all the Brooklyn/Manhattan options VV is a nice change of space though, you'll definitely have a lot more room to comfortably browse than like anywhere else, it's huge
  5. Tbh, I'd sooner grab a newer table altogether then make upgrades to the LP 60 Grabbing a cork mat can be cheap and efficient though!
  6. Seriously, I think this is sweet and I'm sorry that this is a bad answer but don't use it. Save the money you'd be spending on records for a better player.
  7. I'm not going to go read these past comments but lol I'm glad this went where it was supposed to
  8. Update nobody asked for: I bought two more records last night at the Mount Eerie show in philly so i guess I'm lugging all this shit with me
  9. Tbh that was originally the plan but I'm pretty sure she's going to sell the house and move back to Belize because America is a nightmare I'm just going to bury them in a time capsule on someone else's property
  10. Lordy Thanks y'all UShip + Packaged boxes, got it I realized I worded the OP in more of a logistic way rather than like a "was it worth it, how did you decide what to keep way" which I'm more curious about--tho UShip looks handy as fuck and will definitely be taking advantage of it Sorry if I apparently missed a thread like this already, I searched but not well enough