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  1. Bummed I couldn't make the NJ/NY shows I'll toss my name into the list of people asking for the tour exclusives but uh, I'm far back in line and definitely don't expect it. Does TMR ever put up tour stuff or nah?
  2. Not to trudge up old stuff but I took a hiatus from Swans after the Larkin stuff but prior to that I largely felt the same now I don't know, their pre-hiatus stuff is winning for me (but this new track is solid af)
  3. I only buy soundtracks that I'll actually listen to--I copped Perfect Blue and listened to it once or so and that was my last of "anything I like" soundtrack purchases But I know I'll spin FLCL and Bebop like any other album and prob pretty regularly
  4. Ugh I want the Tears EP CD too, looking at spending way too much on merch in Brooklyn
  5. They posted on insta that they'll have color copies on tour with em + a little Boris fanclub thing that's free to sign up for, I think you get a sticker or something at the merchbooth which is fun
  6. Ok definitely not going to my local show tonight so if anyone can cop I'd be happy to pay for shipping or meet ya if yr close
  7. Oh no, it's the same situation with the Loveless repress just wayyyyyy less significant
  8. Regret really isn't meant to be a heavy sentiment here by any means, it's just something that I won't spin much and didn't need to throw the cash at right now. I own enough records to not need to have every single new release ever, I much rather have a nice diverse and quality collection than accumulating a bunch of stuff that I'm just kind of "eh" about. I've run out of space for those records and have been selling them accordingly haha Tho I really want that 7" because I'd probably spin that a lot so if anyone wants to cop an extra I'd be down to pay!
  9. Yeahhhh I kind of regret pulling the trigger on this one. It's a fine album but not something I need to own by any means
  10. Sorry for the dead bump** Did anyone happen to cop an extra Life Metal ear plug keychain? Bummed I missed it and would like to grab one Message me if ya do!
  11. Uh yeah actually, knowing it was limited would have helped As far as I know, there was no indication as to whether or not a retailer like BM would have gotten copies in, especially since Amoeba had some
  12. Had my fingers crossed they added a few more copies when I saw this thread active Still feeling like an idiot for waiting
  13. Oy thanks for posting, I was just going to try and wait but when I saw this I ended up just pulling the trigger