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  1. Damn, two years later and I still don't regret skipping the box
  2. https://www.discogs.com/user/Multiverse_Eros/collection So many bills, just built a PC and gonna be in Japan for most of March so I need some $$ to help carry me lol There's some sentimental stuff that I likely won't sell, my beat up Bright Eyes records, Pulse Demon & Merzbeat, Loveless, the LUM stuff for now, some HSH things, 2814 Win96, anime soundtracks (A lot of stuff people generally don't care about anyway) idk hit me up The "for sale" section on my Discogs can all be wildly haggled--some stuff was just put under placeholder prices JPEGMAFIA- Veteran $160 JPEGMAFIA - All my Heroes Are Cornballs $100 JPEGMAFIA - Black ben Carson $60 JPEGMAFIA - BALD! Remix Single $70 JPEGMAFIA - Living Single $40 ($10 for both Bald & Living Together) JPEGMAFIA - The Rockwood EP Cassette Tape $50 (Buy all JPEGMAFIA for $450) Death Grips - The Money Store B/W Gold Numbered $200 Death Grips - Exmilitary Boot $100 Death Grips - Government Plates Boot $60 All prices OBO, listed here before posting individually on eBay
  3. I don't feel the need to PO but stoked for new gecs, love the EP
  4. Damn, so many reunions suck so bad This sounds like they picked up exactly where they left off and it's kind of surreal in 2022 i'm into it
  5. Just posted a bunch of this stuff on eBay 🙃 HMU on things you're interested in! Making a post run tomorrow
  6. Need to recoup a grand from some expenses this week, hit that list
  7. Making another post run tomorrow, anything bought & paid for beforehand will be shipped out tomorrow

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