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  1. I'm more embarrassed by the cover and kind of taken by how great the tracklist looks? Not pulling the trigger yet tho
  2. So since these individual releases are so expensive...is that complete box set still available anywhere or? 👀 Asking for a friend obviously
  3. yeah, Lil Ugly Mane cut ties with him immediately too I think everyone seemingly handled it really well it's hard to like dig up the details of it but I might not be looking too hard
  4. Antwon had a lot of accusations against him, it all went kind of under the wayside but I'm assuming this prob had something to do with it
  5. I probably won't cop because I don't think I'd listen to it very often but boy I love Tokyo Godfathers and wish Kon got more general love in the states
  6. I haven't posted a couple paragraphs yet so no *will update when the color pressings are announced
  7. it was a room full of upper middle class white folks awkwardly swaying and sopping up a black and white short film (about white people) living I was one of a small handful of people of color (other than the people working it) at that show and can tell you that it was uncomfortable, that happens but The National was definitely a different vibe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ANYWAY WHO'S STOKED FOR MR FUCKING MUGGGGGS
  8. I have like an awful feelings these are just like leftover pieces of the box lol
  9. ahahaha i shouldn't have expected this to be straightforward I asked on their insta if they'll be up in the US store, I think I'm just going to sleep on it before dropping like $350
  10. if i stay up till 4 a.m. for these to be 80 i'm going to write a very meanly worded post on this thread!

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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