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  1. let them rest fam they're in their late 30s and are struggling with mortgages now
  2. Have you noticed any notable increase to sound or experience with each upgrade? I'm never sure what's/when it's worth upgrading
  3. This insta post says Wise Music has the rights to TMV?
  4. YOOOO YES I've sold nearly all my TMV/OMAR/ATDI just from needing cash over the years, literally have been bumming over selling ATDI last week the TMV stuff is long overdue for being readily available
  5. I think this might be me giving up on collecting Clipping nothing against this release, I'm just looking at it and not vibing with spending $50 on this album for a third time lol
  6. That Lupin seems dope af, a bit too rich for my blood but checking it out now
  7. ugh I wish I had the spare $110 right now but literally just spent that on vet bills 🙃
  8. I can't wait to spin this and immediately regret purchasing it because I was chasing youth and nostalgia and not the actual album lol
  9. No idea who this is, but digging the dot hack reference and the aesthetics lol thanks for sharing, gonna check em out
  10. I don’t think so honestly theres a market for folks who aren’t in the know with boots and also like, I had one and it sounded so bad compared to the official bebop press, I ended up selling it that difference is enough for me to rebuy an official
  11. I feel like we heard something about an official coming soon?

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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