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  1. I tried to pm ya but it says you cannot receive messages
  2. lmao I FINALLY got my list over onto Discogs post DF like a month ago still very stoked
  3. Not really into either of those tbh but I'd be down to take a look at a list
  4. Hey y'all, I missed these and as much as I really hate overpaying for anything, let alone singles--I want em'. Anyone got them and want to trade or sell them? lmk
  5. YO THANK YOU Indirectly copped Clipping from Going Underground If I find the Billie record I'll post
  6. I do not have my fingers crossed for Clipping lmao Hopefully BM somehow got a whole bunch
  7. If anyone sees Clipping, Charli, or Denzel Curry (both the glass animals & bulls on parade but def more into Bulls) lmk! Can help out with Slint
  8. I hope I like this record more down the line ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Got my webstore PO in today! Tho the download code doesn't work
  10. nah I'm on the small/medium line these days not the M/L but thank you