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  1. Multiverse

    PO Now: Merzbow - Venereology

    Damn! Ordered the /250 Can't believe I missed this
  2. Darn, that Kerouac LP is $6.79 more than I want to pay
  3. Mine is currently delayed in transit with no ETA, hoping it still shows up
  4. Multiverse

    WTB/WTTF: Idles + Hop Along

    Heya, Would prefer to trade but also down to buy your copies of Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance (pref pink but down for black too) and Hop Along's - Bark Your Head Off, Dog (pref colored, black works too) Pm me!
  5. https://boomkat.com/products/divine-weight /300 light blue, comes out to $34 shipped to the US Purchased immediately, easily one of my favorite albums of the year.
  6. Oh, dope! Glad I waited on picking up a copy
  7. Multiverse

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    Good afternoon, We have heard from several customers that the Brian Eno Lps that were reissued on 11/16 were not half speed remasters as stated in the description that came to us from the label and are actually standard 33rpm versions without the obi and without the certificate of authenticity. We think the description they were using to take preorders was inadvertently carried over from a UK pressing and was added to the preorder information sheets by mistake. We understand if these are not what you had hoped for and fully understand you may want to return them for a refund. If you are okay with the units you received and would like to keep them you do not need to do anything but you will not be refunded. We are waiting to hear back from another company about the import versions listed in our database and whether they will be able to get them so we can make them available in the near future. If you have already received your Brian Eno Lps, please mail them back via media mail to: Bull Moose 219 Waterman Drive South Portland, ME 04106 We will reimburse your full order and return shipping upon receipt of the package. If you have not received or opened your Brian Eno LP package, please write Return to Sender on it upon its arrival and return it to your mail carrier or put it with outgoing mail. If you also ordered a copy of Music for Films slated to come out 11/30, we are pre-emptively cancelling these orders as we assume the same issue will occur. If you still want this LP, please let us know and we will reinstate the order but please be aware that this will probably be a 33rpm single LP and not the half speed remaster that was marketed for this release. We are very sorry that the information we received on these was incorrect and that these were not as advertised by the label. Chad Bullmoose.com ---------------------------- Does anyone happen to know the quality on these single LPs? I haven't actually opened them as of yet
  8. Multiverse

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    The single LPs came in from Bullmoose, I think I'm just going to hold onto them.
  9. Multiverse

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    Weird, I was really blown away with Ye's pressing, one of the best sounding hip-hop records I own it's probably just me//the day tho
  10. Multiverse

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    How does everyone's copy sound? This one sounds kind of flat compared to Ye for some reason.
  11. Didn't get any promo pictures or anything which I'm cool with but the packaging was weak as fuck, lots of creasing/bends/etc all over it which would have been prevented with a standard mailer
  12. I want it but I also don't know if I ought to spend money on something I'm rarely going to spin past the initial play (wait I do know, I definitely shouldn't)
  13. Yeah, I'm thankful mine didn't have any issues with warping either. It sounds great.
  14. I usually never do first-listens in the car but I ended up listening to it in full both ways of my usual commute. I think it's my favorite release by them!