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  1. The limited edition version of The Amulet by Circa Survive first came to mind, sans zine and crystal clear vinyl of course.
  2. Band exclusive PO tonight 6pm PST/9pm EST printhead.bigcartel.com /300 blue with yellow pinwheel & rainbow splatter
  3. Bump. From Bandcamp: "Hey, hello. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for everything over the years. I have two things that I’m excited about right now. First, I’m going to reissue Beacons, Let Yourself Be Huge, Fade, and Subsume as a 4xLP set. New artwork, audio has been reworked, Subsume has been remastered. 500 copies, hand-numbered, signed. The works. I’d like to do more copies but they’re ridiculously expensive to produce so this will probably be it. Second, I finished a new album called “Solitude”. It’s 49 minutes long and will be a 2xLP. I had 94 straight days at home not working, and this is how I spent it. 8 hours a day, every day. 2 tracks feature Sacha Dunable from Intronaut doing cool stuff like slide guitar and mellotron and using all sorts of strange pedals. The digital version has been mastered by my old friend Erol Ulug from the disgustingly heavy band Teeth. The vinyl is being mastered by Dan Wilburn who mastered the latest Intronaut record. I don’t know when these things are going to be released but I’m hoping I can coincide one or both of them with the 10th anniversary of Beacons on 9/16/20."
  4. That's the link for black. The link to the red is here (and sold out) https://musicmillennium.com/UPC/194397352412
  5. Same. I was following the label on instagram for a while, however it's all been radio silence after the initial release. Haven't had any luck finding the cool kids invite-only facebook page
  6. Liquid-filled for the low price of $224 https://shop.riotstyle.com/product/the-drips-the-drips-s-t-12-inch-vinyl-liquid-filled
  7. Been having weird luck with Amazon lately where they will just put the record floating inside a big box, with no packaging at all. They used to always come in a mailer at least. Cancelled any pending orders and placed them with Bullmoose because that shit is crazy.
  8. Last of the SM64 drops are now available. Act now or forever hold your peace.
  9. Converge I Can Tell You About Pain 7" - sealed - Blue Live At The BBC 7" - sealed - Clear