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  1. I really love this album. They also released a picture disc and indie blue variant. I picked up the indie variant but its pretty noisy and not impressive. Any one pick up a copy of this on black and can comment on the sound quality?
  2. International shipping is the one thing I'm not sold on yet with these changes for sellers. Its difficult to predict the cost of shipping for orders of more than one item. I have automatic shipping prices already set and I sometimes end up refunding international orders because shipping was less than expected.
  3. Many sellers just have "buyer pays shipping" in their terms without details. Ordering from European sellers has been a headache for me. A lot don't have any details regarding shipping to the US and require you to message them and hope they get back to you before the item sells.
  4. The pink is standard so you'll be able to get it another retailer
  5. I bought the limited red when it went up for sale a couple months ago. His commitment to being a meme is pretty funny to me and I actually like a handful of his songs.
  6. Artist/label: coke-bottle clear VMP: emerald green Indie: sky blue Recordstore: royal blue
  7. Deluxe edition ltd edition translucent vinyl with subtle purple splatter clear sticker sheet with tinted semi-opaque stickers lyrics printed to clear paper. micro-sized baby blue vinyl labels (these r wicked) printed heavyweight pvc sleeve Signed standard black heavyweight black vinyl single card sleeve with title spine. inner labels printed with rotating heads that animate when on the turntable. inner gatefold poster with all of our heads rendered on one side, and lyrics on the other.
  8. I like Odesza but don't like this very much
  9. Third and final pressing: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/sylvanesso/products/preorder-with-double-lp-2
  10. Any comments on the sound quality of the pink or yellow? This album is amazing and it would be a bummer if they didn't get the vinyl right.
  11. Damn that sucks. My email confirmation said March and I was hoping to get it this week at least but I never got any updates.
  12. Another Warner store release... So this can be expected to be delivered some time by the end of summer.
  13. On the last album PO, everyone waited for their exclusive blue to pop up elsewhere because of the shipping. It never did and sold out during PO. Just putting that out there.
  14. Nah, It'll be back. UO does that sometimes with exclusives. I think they post POs before confirming colors. Give it a day or two.