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  1. It's actually limited to 3k now and no longer zoetrope.
  2. Blood Records is dropping "The Nightmare Edit" in 2 hours (1pm EST). Limited to 2k zoetropes.
  3. Ralph's newest EP was released on vinyl a couple months ago. She gets comparisons to Carly Rae which I can see, but I think it has more to do with both of them being Canadian pop singers. Her songs stay stuck in my head and I regularly spin through her entire discography. I do appreciate that she is an artist that puts all of her releases on vinyl. 3 EPs and an album all available on vinyl. I can't help you find her debut EP and album, but the 2nd EP and 3rd EP can be bought on her site. Some of my favorites from her:
  4. Yeah. I'm settling for Amazon on this one. I don't need the webstore exclusive at that cost. Its $26 shipped for the standard on Amazon.
  5. Shaed's debut album made it to vinyl. Only variant I've seen was clear vinyl. Cheapest I found it was on Amazon sub-$25.
  6. Fickle Friends 2nd album is out in January. There is a webstore exclusive. New single is great and these guys are always consistent in their output.
  7. Baby Queen just released her debut album this summer. There are 3 variants available on her website (blue, picture disc, and black.) She's UK based so her vinyl is a little costly to import to the US. Her first release on a 10" isn't too difficult to find for a good price. Baby Queen – Medicine (2020, Pink [Hot Pink], Vinyl) - Discogs
  8. Great recommendation on this one. Fantastic mixtape (album?). I was able to find it on Amazon in the US.
  9. New pressing is different from the original. My original is a marbling of 2 different shades of orange. New pressing is translucent.
  10. The first album is the only one difficult to get on color vinyl. I was a little surprised to see the price on that one when I looked it up. I have every vinyl release except his debut 10" (too expensive and I've given up) and the 12" with the Fleetwood Mac cover. No hesitation on purchasing the new 12" as soon as it went up.
  11. @N8TRUNew Roosevelt music. AA-sided 12" is limited to 500. A little pricey to get it imported stateside. On My Mind / About U | Roosevelt (bandcamp.com)
  12. They threw a fit over those. It worked somewhat because those reissues have little resell value. Not sure if this is important to explaining why there hasn't been an STS repress, but the original wasn't released on DreamWorks. It was released by Adeline Records which doesn't exist anymore.
  13. I love Roosevelt. Hopefully he plans on doing some Midnight Versions of Polydans. Also a Midnight Versions vinyl pressings would be nice to have.
  14. With half the year just about done, what are everyone's favorite pop albums so far this year? Anyone have any recommendations not posted here yet? I'll start: Patawawa - Power-Up (The album has the the most spins out of any other record I've bought this year. It puts me in such a good mood. RIP Patawawa though.) girl in red - if i could make it all go quiet Beach Bunny - Blame Game EP
  15. I made $200 over the long weekend that I just haven't seen yet. I was expected to ship out my orders already but I still don't have any idea where my money is. I was just required to switch last week and I don't think they've been transparent enough with how this works.

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