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  1. About time. This isn't limited to their webstore if you're looking to holdout for a better price.
  2. Sylvan Esso does multiple variants every time. So far, the indie exclusive is my favorite. Ships in 2023 though.
  3. I see this come up on social media and other places online whenever someone asks about AFI represses and why they haven't happen. This source of this statement was specific to an unauthorized repress of their first EP, Dork, a few years ago. An EP that they made as high school students before they ever considered taking the band seriously. No one from the band has ever made any statements about repressing music that they actually still perform live.
  4. Another Mothica - Nocturnal variant at UO. I think this is 5 variants so far. MOTHICA - Nocturnal Limited LP | Urban Outfitters
  5. Maggie Lindemann with alt cover and signed. https://www.maggielindemann.com/products/suckerpunch-exclusive-signed-lp
  6. Magdalena Bay just dropped a Mini Mix Vol 1 & 2 comp. Limited to 2000. https://magdalenabay.bandcamp.com/album/mini-mix-vol-1
  7. I really like the album. Bummed that the vinyl has been delayed but I expected it. I fear this is going to be a repeat of the Greatest Hits vinyl where it gets delay after delay.
  8. Same. I have over 20 POs I'm waiting on right now. Unless it's a rare/limited release, I'm not going to PO anything with a longer wait than 2 months max anymore. Nothing ever really sells out anymore or is hard to track down at release date.
  9. Don't miss out on one of the best (the best?) pop albums of the year if you haven't picked it up yet. Muna's ST is a perfect album. Muna - MUNA | Releases | Discogs
  10. UO exclusive of the new Tove Lo on pink. Tove Lo - DIRT FEMME Limited LP | Urban Outfitters *ships March 2023!!
  11. This thread is kinda dead but, since the last post, there have been at least 58 new UO exclusives. They've put up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Several different genres. UO Exclusives - Vinyl Records | Urban Outfitters Also, right now there is an extra 40% off the few vinyl in their sale section. Vinyl Records + Cassette Tapes on Sale | Urban Outfitters