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  1. I was browsing the Think Geek sale and noticed a small listing of vinyl soundtracks (mostly video games). 75% off sale items + an additional 25% off entire cart: https://www.thinkgeek.com/collectibles/vinyl-records/
  2. According to @redroom, orange or yellow are the best options. Yellow is the standard pressing available through Amazon, etc.
  3. Glass Animals available from a Swedish vendor. https://www.bengans.com/en/artiklar/glass-animals-zaba-stripped.html (Shipping costs to US are high)
  4. My gitd is very noisy. I knew the risk buying but I wanted it for the novelty and got my hopes up when people were saying they got a good pressing. I guess it might all be random since these were pressed in such large quantities. There's bound to be some duds. Besides noise, the feedback on the mastering of the vinyl pressing isn't so great.
  5. So many damn pressings. Which one sounds the best or at least decent? I haven't been hearing great things about most of them and my gitd copy is awful. I was going to get a standard yellow pressing also but I was told that sounded pretty bad too.
  6. New Found Glory - From the Screen to Your Stereo Part III /300 turquoise AJR - Neotheater /1000 clear
  7. Maren Morris - GIRL /1000 pink 2 Chainz - Rap or Go to the League /2000 yellow Juice WRLD - Death Race For Love /2000 orange
  8. My first response was "Why?" for many of them but that's generally my initial response for most UO releases. I always assume there's no market for these but then I come across gems like this in the reviews [from the Hilary Duff album]: I wonder if UO hires people to write reviews for their products
  9. Roma is back up but now its clear vinyl instead of yellow with black splatter
  10. A bunch of new exclusives added: Hannah Montana - Best Of Hannah Montana Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis Vince Staples - FM! Will Smith - Big Willie Style Various Artists - Roma (Music Inspired by the Film) Various Artists - Cruel Intentions: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  11. Debut album up for PO. Variants so far: Exclusive glow-in-the-dark Lime green UO exclusive copper Banquet Records orange Standard yellow
  12. This has been up for PO for awhile. Is it legit? I can't find any info confirming. The only other listing online I found for it also mentioned it was on White vinyl.
  13. Still no Evergreen on vinyl but the newest album comes out next week with the vinyl release not far behind. Regular: Amazon /500 orange: UO