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  1. This post is just for the acrylic platter. Shows signs of usage but no major scratches/dents/etc. SOLD Asking for $45 plus shipping. (Shipping costs around $12-13 in the US.)
  2. Urban Outfitters exclusive. Limited to 500 on clear-hued vinyl with aqua and tangerine tones.
  3. I think the problem is that the original was released by Adeline which is now defunct. I imagine that there may be some issues with the rights for a repress now. Same with Decemberunderground. Also, considering the band has no interest in nostalgia and tend to leave their past work in the past, I doubt they would want any involvement in trying to get it reissued.
  4. 20th anniversary picture disc. 5,000 copies. https://www.amazon.com/All-Hallows-P-Picture-Disc/dp/B07WXFKHRH/
  5. I really love the art and the variant color choices
  6. Another year, another repress. This time on blue vinyl.: https://store.sweatitoutmusic.com/products/rufus-du-sol-atlas-limited-edition-anniversary-vinyl $43USD shipped to the US. Last press sold out pretty quick and goes for some good money now.
  7. I was in the same position. I sold my UO Lady Wood to justify the purchase. And if we want to talk about Sunshine Kitty, $45 for a picture disc is too much. I'll wait and see if there are other variants and if not, I'm fine with the yellow.
  8. It's worth it though for the whole set at $60. At least to me it was. I love the whole redesign with the bonus 10".
  9. As always, Record Records has an exclusive Icelandic edition: http://recordrecords.com/product/of-monsters-and-men-fever-dream/
  10. I was browsing the Think Geek sale and noticed a small listing of vinyl soundtracks (mostly video games). 75% off sale items + an additional 25% off entire cart: https://www.thinkgeek.com/collectibles/vinyl-records/
  11. According to @redroom, orange or yellow are the best options. Yellow is the standard pressing available through Amazon, etc.
  12. Glass Animals available from a Swedish vendor. https://www.bengans.com/en/artiklar/glass-animals-zaba-stripped.html (Shipping costs to US are high)
  13. My gitd is very noisy. I knew the risk buying but I wanted it for the novelty and got my hopes up when people were saying they got a good pressing. I guess it might all be random since these were pressed in such large quantities. There's bound to be some duds. Besides noise, the feedback on the mastering of the vinyl pressing isn't so great.