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  1. Debut album up for PO. Variants so far: Exclusive glow-in-the-dark Lime green UO exclusive copper Standard yellow
  2. This has been up for PO for awhile. Is it legit? I can't find any info confirming. The only other listing online I found for it also mentioned it was on White vinyl.
  3. Still no Evergreen on vinyl but the newest album comes out next week with the vinyl release not far behind. Regular: Amazon /500 orange: UO
  4. This is such a good idea and a potential way to discover new music. Unfortunately, Discogs seems to be only ever focused on improving their marketplace. That's a shame since they have so much data that can be used to get people to discover and purchase new music. With better, creative management, Discogs could be so much better. I know they have the recommendations list on each page but those are always like the same 10 albums. Random Access Memories for example is a popular one I see on majority of the pages I check out.
  5. I need a bigger place then. I barely have room for the 1200 pieces I keep my collection at. I have to put stuff up for sale regularly just to clear space for something new. A collection 7x that size is taking up some serious real estate.
  6. What's the storage situation for a collection this large? How many rooms does it take up?
  7. Standard version up on Amazon for those that don't want to pay the shipping: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07JJGGBCX
  8. The Nutshell flexi came in today. Pretty happy that it was free. Special thanks to Dine Alone.
  9. I really love how fast they're pushing out new Netflix Marvel series. Maybe we can get another Defenders soon. Was anyone able to finish Iron First 2? I'm trying so hard but at this point I think I should give up. Every character on the show is so boring.
  10. Were you required to purchase something with it? I checked out with one when I saw it but they didn't charge for the flexi or shipping and I'm wondering if it was a fluke that I was able to check out with only that at a total cost of $0. I hope it wasn't a fluke and I was actually able to get one.
  11. What's the details on that flexi that's in the DA store? Has that really been out since April? Never seen it before today.
  12. That's alright because you'll still be able to purchase it from flippers for $200+. That's who these /100 records are for right? The flippers?
  13. New Britney pressing: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-limited-lp2?category=vinyl-exclusives&color=100
  14. dnl

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    20% off $60+ from importCDs is back. This time its been expanded to majority of their items $26.99 and under (previously $23.99).
  15. Atlas: https://store.sweatitoutmusic.com/collections/vinyl/products/rufus-atlas-vinyl Bloom: https://store.sweatitoutmusic.com/collections/vinyl/products/rufus-bloom-vinyl Atlas has been OOP for awhile now and prices for it have been insane. Glad this is seeing a repress.