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  1. Thank you very much, Eliminator Jr. That's very kind of you. I will definitely check that out. About the internet, not everyone is like that, fortunately, like you. In this case, my main concern is learning about vinyl (even though I am not young at all, I am once more new in this)... Thank you again.
  2. Thank you, VinylMario... This sounds very interesting. I'm going to take a look... and learn :-)
  3. I just received my two records from MOFI, the B52's and Billy Joel's Piano Man, they sound fantastic. I am loving this brand.
  4. I just listened to the Cramps' Drastic Plastic. I loved it. Thanks for the tip...
  5. I see! Thank you, Justincb...
  6. Thank you very much for the suggestion! I'll take a look...
  7. Fortunately, that hasn't happened to me (yet)... would you have any recommendations of forums that you trust, please?
  8. Ah ! I see... Thank you! I ordered two albums... As soon as they arrive, I'll write about it.
  9. Can you elaborate, please?
  10. It seems that MOFI's records are a sure shot, right?
  11. Thank you, ethanpricington, What a coincidence, I just ordered two albums from them. I am really looking forward to listening to them...
  12. So far, I have bought only Mint (if price allows, sealed) records at Discogs... Where I live there are not many vinyl shops around. Now, for example, I'd like to buy the best Carole King's Tapestry available record; how do you recommend me to research on that?
  13. Haha! Nothing much... it's just that I prefer invoiced new things (you can always go back with your invoice, like I did today with Bowie's Blackstar album (it was warped)). I like the experience of opening that plastic cover and smelling the new vinyl. That's all. Thanks for asking. Do you have an album recommendation for me?
  14. Thank you! I'm certainly going to check it out.
  15. I see you, Bladewillisisdead... Thanks for the tip; I don't know The Cramps, but I found two albums online and gonna listen to them. Thanks for the explanation on the simulated stereo. Got it! Any other recommendations on great sounding vinyl very much appreciated.