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  1. Hot mulligan - why would i watch wilmette - hyperfocused wstr - til the wheels fall off blink 182 - one more time sincere engineer - cheap grills crime in stereo - house and trance Jason isbell - weathervanes fall out boy - so much for stardust Daisy jones - aurora Good hangs - good luck planet The hold steady - price of progress Rancid - tomorrow never comes hawthorne heights - lost lights
  2. I can only imagine how popular brand new would be right now based on the treatment bands like the used, thursday, and yellowcard are getting.
  3. This is like an adult contemporary version of TBS which as an adult resonates more with me.
  4. I liked the singles. Only listened to the full album once. too many good albums being released.
  5. Good to see this album is so bad it’s creating parody accounts.
  6. Taking back Sunday didn’t play so it sucked
  7. I’m still not 100% sold on goose
  8. It took seven years for the album. I think I could get a couple days to update my profile
  9. Blockhead, dj shadow id also recommend pretty lights at his base this is what he plays but pushed it much further i think the genre is called break beat

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