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  1. Listened twice. Not sure how I feel about this one Initial impressions are its their most diverse collection of songs but doesnt really have an album feel to me. At 68 mins, its also very ambitious but does seem to have some very weak tracks. Love this band and Cory solo album so hopefully this grows on me
  2. The pressing quality of these appear not to be receiving any praise on the usual places The RSD releases were garbage, although they did contain extra tracks as a 2xlp that these do not
  3. Next pressing in queue Blue vinyl http://www.earthanalogrecords.com/dih-vinyl/
  4. The 4 songs king gizzard have released this year have done nothing for me
  5. Wait people are still waiting for the actual album from Pledge? Its been out for months
  6. I love his 120 dollar Flaming Lips offer. That record will be available for 5 bucks in a week
  7. You passed up on having this 2 months early because you ordered a yellow? That is crazy and patient all in one
  8. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/cave-in/2019/festsaal-kreuzberg-berlin-germany-b93c516.html
  9. 90% of the time I picture Derek as a Pitchfork review writer when I read his responses. About 3 lines in, I have usually lost interest in why I started reading it