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  1. Are these actually in stock and shipping ? The listing has no info
  2. Pm me if interested in buying all 4. Barely played and just collecting dust as I have standalone album copies too
  3. Cool mix. I just used windex disinfectant after covid. Can never be too safe. Prior to that I just used regular windex
  4. Spot on for year of rabbit. Autolux has followed the ridiculous pricing
  5. I keep them sealed but put it on the "now playing" stand as I listen on spotify. Records are all digital now so why go through the hassle of cleaning, flipping,etc.
  6. Pink glass also from Ipecac https://www.blixtmerchandise.com/products/palms-palms-10th-anniversary-edition-standard-pink-glass-2lp-gatefold-vinyl
  7. They have been playing this live for a year or so. For me, its is their best song.
  8. The tour is boris playing heavy rocks and melvins playing bullhead
  9. It was on every vinyl pressing. It was removed from the cd after 9/11. They seem to have gone with the shitty us album cover vs the iconic original cover

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