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  1. Its about as level as you can get with music taste like that. No heavy riffs to balance that out
  2. Looks like new album out before years end https://midheaven.com/item/duster-by-duster
  3. It was but it had a mystery Euro press that showed up a few years ago. https://www.discogs.com/Queens-Of-The-Stone-Age-Rated-R-X-Rated/release/6323619 This is great sounding release
  4. Wish they would have used the US cover version of the original release. Also of note, the reissue doesnt include the bonus songs that were on the UK or the US release
  5. This record reminds me of what Malkmus did earlier this year with his solo record
  6. This is my rankings of their Lp/Vol Transient>Vol 2>Emperor>Mars>Dots>Vol 3>Vol 1>Peng>Cobra>Eclipse>Sound>Chemical
  7. Man, street date is Black Friday. I liked going down to my local store and getting the clears but will have to order online. Not dealing with the crowds
  8. Boatman Call and No More Shall We Part was amazing song writing. Those two albums and even Push The Sky and Skeleton had a sort of tension to them that was amazing. This doesnt have any of that for me. This feels very ambient with alot of spoken word ala Koz. Hopefully Nick doesnt succumb to what that once great songwriter has become
  9. So what is the group's thoughts on the album? To me, it sounds very Cave and Ellis and not very bad seeds. I do not see much replay in value on this one for me. Very similar to sky and skeleton(which I enjoyed). I do hope we get grinderman 3 soon.