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  1. Comparing Grohl to Cobain 25 years later is laughable. If Nirvana was still making records in 2020, they would most likely be shit too. Just because the stones release a crap album now doesn't discredit from their amazing 60s and 70s output. Same with Grohl. The first foo were good but everything else has had the trajectory of any other major popular artist.
  2. The full tracklist is up in link. This thing was recorded in analog???
  3. I love how that skid row record which was released 4 days ago is now considered rare
  4. Just so you know Mellon Collie was recently repressed and available. You are also listing it for 2 times the median price In the last 13 discogs sale, this has only sold over 125 bucks twice. If you really want to move it, you need to reconsider your price P.S. I am not looking for a copy as I have one and an original. Just giving some advice
  5. 50 percent off for 24 hours
  6. These colors are all do bright compared to the album artwork
  7. Bump for 35% off final items
  8. I like the 4 tracks that have been released so far so I ordered the KG edition. Fishies and Rats did nothing for me
  9. Someone has to want this

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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