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  1. youspinmeround

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I really dont understand how most people dont own a vinyl flat. Probably 75 percent of new purchase end up in my vinyl flat. Some worse than others but a fair share of dishing going on these days. One of the best investments I have made
  2. That was only available in their UK store. It shipped from UK
  3. youspinmeround

    Pick Your Bundle Option-12/14 adds and pricing

    Bump. Shipping tmmw morning. Guaranteed delivery for xmas
  4. youspinmeround

    PO: Khruangbin - Live At Lincoln Hall

    Aren't both their studio albums in print?
  5. Hey, at least he can say he was alive when the last album came out now
  6. youspinmeround

    Pick Your Bundle Option-12/14 adds and pricing

    Big Update
  7. Hit me up if willing to sell
  8. youspinmeround

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    While the venue is certainly taking a cut, I wonder how much of the pricepoint is Sleep. Don't forget this is on Third Man, king of gimmicky and flipper inducing hype. At 60 bucks, you hope that most of these end up in the hands of hardcore fans who are willing to pay that for a record they already own and not to make money. One would assume if you are already at a Sleep show, you did not go just to buy a record to put on ebay.
  9. youspinmeround

    (Possible) Killing Joke 2003 Self Titled Reissue

    A Top 3 Killing Joke album
  10. youspinmeround

    B2G1F or 20% off single items-12/8 adds

    Bunch of new adds this morning
  11. Every link just shows your collection not broken into categories. Never seen discogs have that function you are talking about
  12. youspinmeround

    Pick Your Bundle Option-12/14 adds and pricing

  13. It was 15 years ago. Now its pop music and college frat kids