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  1. Rick, Big Hoss and Chumlee are going all out on this one
  2. I would go for this one instead https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/7107032?ev=rb
  3. Gnoomes released their new album on Friday. It's their best work yet https://gnoomes.bandcamp.com/album/mu
  4. I dont recall the price being bad...It was the shipping that killed it However, my 70 or so bucks I paid for both releases was well worth it
  5. That 5/29 on their price tag sticker is the day the inventoried the item(so today). I gotta go pick up something there on sat and can look for you
  6. Hmm....Not really feeling this song much. This defintely has a Annie Clark vibe(who I think is awesome) but not into this synth type stuff for SK. I will be very interested after the lyrics from this song to see how the theme of the album is. The new Filthy Friends album didnt told up very much for me based on alot of the lyrics
  7. I agree 100 percent. That fishies nonsense and now thrash is just a band trying to "branch out" and not doing it well. All we need next is a gizzard hip hop to drive this final nail into coffin. This band was excellent with float along, fuzz, nonganon, banana, poly and gumboot. The rest of the stuff is pretty tacky and generic
  8. So the labels are just on the wrong sides?
  9. https://www.discogs.com/seller/jglembo/profile Deal through VC PM me No holds