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  1. I am with you guys after one listen. This thing just dragged on. The replay value due to its length is what might kill this for me
  2. Superbug. It's the best song on the album after one listen. Album isnt my thing though
  3. Leaked(In addition to that 21 min track the album also has an almost 15 min and 8 mins track). Dwyer is shredding all over this album. A very different Oh Sees than the ast few Vinyl delayed until Sept
  4. Thoughts on album? I only listened to leak once before the album arrived and I had it for months. Mugger meets twins still holds true. No guitar is interesting but I really like this. Weirder ty is much better at this point
  5. Catherine Wheel Adam and Eve is also being done by mov
  6. This sounds like a Lost Prophets song. Very embarassing
  7. His first album on TIM is really good. The rest of the stuff is very similiar I liked this new song for what it is
  8. Been using one for 4-5 years. Always works and has never come close to ruining anything even if left on for extended hours Just use the pouch, not an oven
  9. The whole love is their best album since ghosts. Everything but that album since has been paint by numbers