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  1. Just came to post how I hate this time of year with usps. Packages move super slow through system due to volume and long lines at post office due to people being clueless
  2. I could see it. Somehow the PVC sleeves led to a reduced DR and ear fatigue rendering the record useless
  3. Anyone interested in this...20 bucks shipped https://imgur.com/a/ziBq2Y8
  4. You are bumping threads so people can see your last nonsense post?
  5. I actually never scratched the cards until the last batch. Hit on 1 out of 2. I am going to back today on the rest and can help someone out if I hit Has anything been revealed what it actually is?
  6. Bump for Thanksgiving sale and new adds
  7. Post your lists of favorites for the year Try and limit your records to 10-15 and shows to 5 Records(alphabetically) 10000 Russos- Kompromat Brian Jonestown Massacre- st Facs- Lifelike Firefriend- Avalanche Froth- Duress Gluts- Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip Gnoomes- MU! Guided By Voices- Warp And Woof Juju- Maps and Territory Moon Duo- Stars Are The Light Purple Mountains- st Rev Rev Rev- Kykeon Singapore Sling- Killer Classics Snapped Ankles- Stunning Luxury Wand- Laughing Matter Reissues Stereolab QOTSA- SFTD Shows Firefriend- Strommuis Eindhoven Fuzz Club Eindhoven- Effenaar Myrrors- In De Ruimte Ghent Spiritualized- Gothic Theatre Denver Stereolab/Wand- Ogden Theatre
  8. You must not know what 99 percent means? I didnt say all. It's a good tool that has come in handy before as has regular internet searches. It's a start and a guide. It's way more comprehensive than this post will ever be.