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  1. Can't believe I made this thread 9 years ago. Siamese dream still remains top 3 album of alltime for me. After 2 singles and the last "reunion" album, I would be surprised if I make it through this entire release once
  2. That was shipping right away. Thrill jockey does usually ship early but the official street date is Oct 2
  3. Its by far their best album as songwriters My Metz ranking goes Atlas>II>Strange Peace>St
  4. PM me 50 percent off lps until Monday. 25 off box sets https://www.discogs.com/seller/jglembo/profile
  5. Every band says this crap this far into their career. The single sounds nothing like adrenaline or around the fur
  6. This was delayed this long for quality and they use GZ?