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  1. I already pulled the trigger. My favorite Korn album by far.
  2. Good find indeed. I wonder how this will compare to the MOV Korn pressings which are very good.
  3. Up at Bull Moose for $22.97 http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27767340/silverchair-diorama-solid-yellow-transparent-green-mixed-vinyl-solid-yellow-transparent-green-mixed-vinyl
  4. I paid via PayPal so the charge went through right away. Maybe that’s because it was via PayPal.
  5. This one is back. (finally!). PO for October 19 release. I'm not sure it will be the golden yellow variant (that was the last one I believe). I'm guessing it will be a different color, probably SRC just hasn't updated the description (or maybe it will be a yellow version - don't really care as long as it sounds awesome). https://www.srcvinyl.com/silverchair-frogstomp-2xlp.html
  6. Sweeeet! Any idea where I can buy this in the U.S.? I normally find MOV releases on Amazon, but want to make sure I snag a copy of this ASAP. Thanks.
  7. I've been waiting for Dulcinea to be pressed. $50? Pass! What's with the outrageous prices for new some pressings? Who mastered/cut this? This is Analogue Productions/MOFI territory (and I even have a hard time justifying those - but at least you know they are awesome). New at the forum by the way. Love it! Cheers.