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  1. yea dude, I haven't gotten mine yet either. I think it may have gotten stuck at the boarder aswell.
  2. As far as I am aware they only pressed II once.. I talked to Chris at the Hamilton show and he said they were going to press II again and then got distracted.. Now the band broke up..
  3. yes, we will email you and ask for your size because we are gonna do them on american apparel. There is a shirt color that matches the album art perfectly. Is this email going to be separate from the order confirmation one?
  4. I got my black at show a few months back. Kinda surprised it went for 40 bucks, amazing band though
  5. So, I picked up this record today. I have no idea what color it is.. and I would kinda like the pressing info just for my info sheet. Anyway, any help would be great. here is the dead format pressing - http://www.deadformat.net/press/929#press And here is the color / record and a close up.. thanks alot guys! edit: link
  6. Here is my shook ones and fake problems collection.. and fake problems..
  7. I just like collecting the records and completeling my collection (as in one of each record) and if it turns out to be more valuable, then thats awesome, if not, I can make do.
  8. I picked up mine at Hits and Misses on Ossington, it's on blue. So Stoked!
  9. OH. MY. GOD. No April fools? Stoked for shooks splits
  10. seriously, Tokyo Police Club AND Flight of the Concords
  11. Sick contest, entered and can't wait until the next one.
  12. glad I got mine when I did. it sounds shitty, but try ebay
  13. I gotta get me a russia. Also, mooses isn't a word? holy shit.
  14. Im just wondering if Wake the Dead or Turn it Around are OOP, I just recently got into them again after I dropped off because of broadcasting. Anyway, does anyone know?
  15. welcome aboard! vinyl collective has some wicked records that you can get and are restocking everyday so check here. Be careful of ebay as they can up the prices when you could still get a record that isn't OOP. all the sites they gave are wonderful!
  16. any info on where we could pick one of these up?
  17. so stoked on the able baker orange and blue and the OP/BTMI!!! such nice work!
  18. such a good record. apparently they are getting back together
  19. This once again proves the long life of vinyl