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  1. I'll just wait for that inevitable $25 Live Nation sale.
  2. I like the first single. Probably will hold on on preordering for a bit, though.
  3. Climate Pledge in Seattle isn't huge by arena standards, but it's still around 17k for concert capacity. Should be interesting.
  4. Craft Recordings is a big thumbs down. Horrible QC on a new RSD release. I contacted them on multiple platforms (with photos), and was left on read.
  5. It let me add a ton to my cart to check quantities, so who knows...
  6. I didn't need another copy... but that pink storm is too good to pass up. 886 pink and 1266 green left as of now. Has this been advertised anywhere outside of a mailing list or something?
  7. Judging solely by the sheer volume at any given Goodwill store... yes. Absolutely slapped.
  8. My clear splatter copy got here today! These turned out really nice.
  9. Turnstile records will be the next generation's thrift store Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass.
  10. My clear/blue has been stuck in pre-shipment since 04/28 Jealous to see people starting to get these in hand!
  11. Damn, I didn't see any in Seattle last weekend. But we did show up when the first band went on. Probably only selling a handful per show, I imagine.
  12. Saw Turnstile headline on Saturday. Was awesome to finally see/hear those Glow On tracks live. Ceremony absolutely killed it. I hadn't seen them since 2009 (on Have Heart's final tour), so that was rad and LONG overdue.

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