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  1. Implanted microchips that notify you when new color variants are posted for sale.
  2. That Newbury splatter is a pretty solid color choice for this record. Don't need another copy of this album, but I'd grab that if I didn't have one already.
  3. While the company seems legit (or real, at least), that letter looks incredibly suspect. Or laughable, at best.. The website looks like it was made in 2002 with a DIY website generator, and is even flagged as being "not secure". Plus the invoice date is "9/10/22020". 😂
  4. Might have top grab that Newbury copy. Of the North American variants, that's my favorite one.
  5. Part of me wants that to be verbatim, because that is indeed some solid customer service. 😂
  6. Yeah, I'm more worried about HHV overselling if that pressing count is correct, and there isn't more unnumbered copies for retailers like Amazon...
  7. Absolutely love this record. I've had it on repeat at work since it came out, and happened to stumble upon a copy at a local shop the other day.
  8. Pretty much the same as HHV was with shipping to the US. Ediy: Oops, didn't see the above comment saying the same thing I did haha.
  9. I caved and bought one from HHV last night. We'll see how shipping goes!