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  1. Glad I passed on this, despite really, really wanting a copy of this on vinyl. Hopefully the band will eventually figure out the rights to repressing a remastered version themselves, or something.
  2. https://www.discogs.com/release/4365559-Metallica-Kill-Em-All This looks like the pressing you have.
  3. I can understand an upcharge on a lathe cut due to the work involved, but $25 is still insane.
  4. Just when I think we've reached the peak of vinyl, a $30 two song 7" drops.
  5. Post public outrage, with hopes that everyone will validate your personal outrage. Get salty when they don't. Sounds like a shoe-in for VC. Someone send that invite!
  6. That Rilo Kiley album is FINALLY getting a repress. I'm all for it.
  7. I'll just echo what everyone has said, pretty much. Seattle: Singles Going Steady and Zion's Gate will be your best bet for metal and hardcore, by far. Singles will be your best bet for local stuff, too. Zion's Gate is indeed a little on the high end price wise, but they have good stuff. Lots of cool bootleg stuff too. Also, check out the Light in the Attic store inside of KEXP. Always some rad gems in there. Portland: 2nd Ave will have the best selection of those genres. Landfill Rescue Unit also had some really cool stuff last time I stopped in.
  8. I was already anticipating this would be the case based on the singles, but this is probably my favorite album of 2023 so far.
  9. About time, this has been out of print far too long. I'll probably pass since I finally caved and dropped a bit to get an older pressing, but it's rad to see this available again.
  10. No, you're right. These sound like more polished demos or something. And that style doesn't seem to be lending them any favors. I was excited to hear they were back - I've tried really hard to like both of these songs. There's just something that doesn't hit with me. They sound off. Getting Bruce is pretty cool, though.
  11. Sorry for your loss, Juan. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  12. The best part is that there are a bunch of "updated" versions of this song all over Youtube that do it way better than FOB did. I honestly love the original version of this song. I've had a soft part for it since junior year of high school, when our English teacher had us pick a topic from the song and write an essay on it. I'm pretty sure it was our final. I picked Punk Rock, and proceeded to write a 10 page paper about the mainly the Misfits. Aced it, too. 🤣

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