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  1. Oh, he's still at it. https://www.instagram.com/therealmichalegraves/
  2. This order was just the 7". Their release schedule is killing me with shipping haha. I think I have two or three more orders in.
  3. I wish everyone doing limited repressings took the same approach. It'll help curb the flipping... a little.
  4. Finally got shipping notice on my silver PTC from the Bad Brains store.
  5. I got shipping notice on mine the other day, looks like it should be here by Tuesday!
  6. Sell now for max profits before people figure out what's going on.
  7. That's exactly what is going on. Supply and demand, baby! You'll definitely see some irrationally high prices and attempts at gouging out there though. And if the FOMO is strong enough, some dummy will buy it and inflate the price for everyone.
  8. Snagged that RFL Punk Note real fast. Hoping that an Quickness would go up at the same time to avoid having a 4th package from the same store, but oh well!
  9. Just creeped your Discogs. So jealous of the yellow Horror Business and red Bullet. I've always considered those two variants to be the gold standards of Misfits records.
  10. I have a special filing cabinet in the kitchen for flexis. Mine is plastic and has a replaceable liner, but I've also seen some metal ones. Once the cabinet is full, I move them to a bigger cabinet on the side of the house. These nice gentlemen come pick up the cabinet contents once a week. I can only assume they are achieving them for me somewhere, hopefully in alphabetical order. But for real, I just keep them with my 7"s.
  11. It's normal now. Prices have been rising for years, but they have gone insane in the last year alone.
  12. Whoa. Remastering is a good sign... a box set of some sort would be rad.
  13. Ouch. I would really like a copy on color, but at that price, I'll stick with my $20 black pressing.

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