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  1. Sure, I probably would forget and be stoked too. But I'm still not going to give them an extra $25 for a worthless NFT.
  2. I ordered a red from Walmart for local same day delivery. After ordering it was then showing that none were available at that store anymore, and sat at "preparing order" for several days. I canceled it when I saw another local store had them in stock for curbside pickup. That second store apparently didn't have it in stock, but felt that a copy of Metallica's AJFA was a proper substitute and prepared that for pickup instead. So I canceled that order, and just ordered a copy online. The copy I ordered online shipped, no problem. Then the first canceled local delivery order shipped Fedex from across the country? Now i'm just waiting for that canceled Metallica substitution to ship, apparently? 😂
  3. Was the street date for the Walmart one 09/23? Kept missing the online sale, so I want to hit some local stores on release day to see if I get lucky.
  4. I almost overpaid for an old pressing last week, glad I didn't pull the trigger now. Grabbed the white/yellow swirl!
  5. Same. In the meantime, I had seen a different variant in a local store, months before I got my preorder. It was kind of painful haha. The EB version turned out pretty nice though. Worth the wait, I guess.
  6. The jade one looks pretty nice. Probably would have grabbed that had they dropped at the same time. The blue is a close second, so I'm not too upset.
  7. It has to be getting a wider release. Maybe the variant is exclusive to her site, and as nothing else has been announced, the indies are being give the blanket "no"? Because there's no way Target isn't getting in on this action. 🤣
  8. Yeah, it was $46 or something after tax and media mail shipping? More than I would typically want to spend on a 2xLP, but oh well, I guess. Grabbed the Brooklyn Vegan variant. Forgot about the drop and missed the variant I wanted from ETR. The BV one is easily my second favorite of the bunch, so I guess it worked out.
  9. Went with the indie. I think that's the coolest mockup, at least.
  10. Not surprised, considering he hasn't been touring for awhile now. Hope all is well.
  11. Hopefully I'll be able to snag one for you. These exclusives tend to keep showing up in stores randomly, long after they are sold out online.