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    Toplyn reacted to nevelsaynevels in Every Time I Die - Album 9   
    I saw a copy on recently for $45 on depop. i think it might still be up
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    Toplyn reacted to alwaysopenmouth in Every Time I Die - Album 9   
    Thanks, it’s one of my favorites too. I could swear that my local store has it for retail (~$22?) give Park Ave cds in Orlando a call and maybe you can scratch that off your list
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    Toplyn got a reaction from ethanpricington in Every Time I Die - Album 9   
    Surprisingly, yes, it's harder to find at a reasonable price these days.  I can only find it on Discogs now and for >$75 when it used to be about $30.  I want it, but hard to stomach at that price.   Maybe your local shop isn't doing as many sales online?  btw, great name, love that album.
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    Toplyn reacted to TheWindBlower in Every Time I Die - Album 9   
    Not looking to sell!

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