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  1. Damn it, I've already said to much - now go run an hide before you get us both killed!
  2. Sorry bud forgot another one: 4) 99.99999% of the comments/replies will be laced with sarcasm and passive aggressiveness. You should literally treat everything that is said as complete and utter bullshit
  3. Hey my man, meant to comment yesterday when I saw your comment, just to offer some advice: 1) Asking about pressing numbers is a big 'no-no' around here. If they're known, they'll be included in the OG post or updated once known (at least thats how it should be) 2) DO NOT even mention the word "flip" (includes "flipped", "flipping", "flippin", etc) Although the following is acceptable when selling records for profit: "Hey guys looking to purge the collection a bit to help with some unexpected bills." 👍 Really this is a great place and can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience if you simply abide by the following principle: Don't ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever.
  4. My body is so ready for this. Need a single now!!!!
  5. Every time I hear these bands like HUM, ETID, etc who are "older" yet they still have their same general heavy sound, it make me think about all the stupid bands who feel like just because they've "matured" that they no longer can make heavy music. That's the most moronic statement ever. At what point did heavier music get a "youth only" stigma? Or when people say - "Oh I used to listen to that stuff in high school, but now I don't like it." I get it, tastes evolve. There's a lot of more mellow music I wouldn't have touched back when I was 16-18 years old, but that doesn't mean for one second that I can't turn on something heavy and jam the fuck out now. And I hope that will always be the case. *steps off soapbox*
  6. Random memories about TDH: 2005 = TREOS is huge. Casey leaves and although Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi in 2007 was OK, it just wasn't same without him and his arrangements. Anyways, so 2007 rolls around and there's this buzz about Casey's new band. At the time, I'm at friends who is essentially 'music supplier'. I didn't have a laptop or internet, but could watch the FUSE channel and wirte down bands/songs in a spiral notebook next to my bed to give to him to download, burn to a CD and mail to me (what a time to be alive!) So I'm perusing the ZUNE music library (the above mentioned friend had a ZUNE and access to the online marketplace) and I stumble upon Act 1. Instantly I'm a fan and the rest is history. I agree with this a lot. Act 1 was musically amazing, fresh and interesting. Act 2 just went all out and included some really great storytelling to balance everything. Act 3 was hodgepodge and forgettable. Act 4 came back with a vengeance and still has one of my Top 5 TDH songs on it: Waves. Act V had it's moments, but I feel like the choice to have "Moon / Awake" as the albums opener of sorts, was poor choice and really ruined the sequencing for me. That song would've KILLED as a closer, and although "Beginnings" does it's best to do a call back to it, it's just not with the same energy. Imagine that as grand finale and then the applause to close it out...
  7. For those a part of the "Why in the hell hasn't the OST for That Thing You Do! been pressed yet" group: Couple weeks ago the cast reunited via Zoom, screen the movie and auctioned off....a TEST PRESSING for the movie OST! Here's a portion of the ebay listing description.... "Mondo music and Playtone have been hard at work to produce the premiere vinyl edition of the soundtrack to THAT THING YOU DO for several months. We still aren't ready to share the finished product..." 😲
  8. Got mine!! Really like the alt artwork for this and the variant. Will probably get the next one as well 👏🏻 Loving the vibe of the album so far.
  9. New song is great imo. Really looking forward to this album
  10. They confirmed this yet? nothing, nowhere. Is a bit of an oddball in that lineup. Hoping Heart Attack Man is gonna be at the Austin date ☺️
  11. Just announced, new Neck Deep album All Distortions Are Intentional being released July 24th, 2020. Few different variants available now for pre-order here: https://neckdeep.merchnow.com/ First single "Lowlife" :