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  1. Oh hellllllll yes. Also, every time I see a new post in the Mondo thread, my heart skips just a bit in hopes that it's a That Thing You Do! update...but alas...😪
  2. Man I read this and really went into it hoping for best...but yea it just didn't hit with me at all. Actually kinda hated it on first listen. Will let it simmer tho and revisit soon.
  3. Sorry dudes, been out of town. I updated the title, added the other couple single videos and a couple links to the bands webstore variants. What are the other variants available?
  4. I feel like this record could definitely be the bands attempt at meshing that raw guitar tone from PTTFYH with the more catchy melodic choruses of their earlier stuff, which is a bit exciting. Never pre-ordered, but looking forward to hearing the album as a whole.
  5. Lol i was thinking the same. Like, when did synthesizer and a lack of an acoustic guitar = "acoustic"/unplugged lol Gotta say I dont hate the rendition though
  6. That's true. I guess that's what all pop artists do anyways
  7. No Pressure (aka good The Story So Far) 😅
  8. I dont absolutely hate the song, but man do I hate that album art. Why is every Panic album just Brendon on the cover lol
  9. Yea I bet your right. TB Records is just the name their using as their now independent. I wanna say I recall it being mentioned that Terry was somehow involved in the music industry, I think ND even joked of it in some songs off LNOTGY. Terry passed away back in October 2015. He was inspiration behind "19 Seventy Sumthin" off The Peace and the Panic. So he's obviously no longer involved with anything but still a cool touching tribute to their dad using his initials
  10. New song/video dropped today. Its good. Real good. LNOTGU vibes all over
  11. There's not a whole lot that i can be proud of nowadays as an Oklahoman...Chat Pile though, is definitely on that list. Good dudes making great freakin music.
  12. My local posted around 10:30am that they'd gotten restock of both Mellon Collie and SD. Both were super limited stock and hitting the shelves at 11am. I live about 30 minutes from the store and work until around 4 each day. But there's a reason they're my favorite store, I was able to call and purchase over the phone (even was able to use a gift card over the phone which involved me writing "VOID" on the gc myself and texting the manager the picture of it lol). So now my copy is officially reserved!!! So excited to not have missed out on this.

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