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  1. Man thank you. Totally had forgot. Just coped the Green in Clear Haze. Pumped to finally have this on wax! Also - I wonder if this will include the new full band version of "Save Us" or the original piano only version. Personally, I enjoyed the piano version from the initial CD I had of this. But may be just me.
  2. The fact that this isn't a 180g with diecut gatefold jacket is really bumming me out...but will prolly still get this since I just can't seem to get my hands on that 2015 pressing
  3. Same. Also, this album needs an epic 15th Anniversary pressing and packaging. A-la the die-cut gatefold and maybe a rainbow splatter variant. Not...Poop green...
  4. I've always wanted to open a record shop here in my hometown. Since the closest is nearly an hour away. But all the points brought up here have always discouraged me. Mainly because I think the main reason I want to open one up is because I just want a shop close by hahahahaha
  5. Why can't there just be a "Rumor Mill" board and some type of functionality that lets the OG thread creator move the thread over to the 'main' board when PO is announced/confirmed/etc ? Instead of fighting, why dont we come up with solutions guys!??!?! lol 🤣✌️
  6. The standard retail black press is going for that???? Honestly my grail from them has always been an official pressing of Live in Texas. I wore that damn DVD out so much in 2003 on my Xbox..
  7. Road to Revolution on some type of red variant last year too, I believe.
  8. This. 100% this. I could've been a majority stock owner in Limewire with how much I was downloading stuff 🤣 Also was I the only one who had an entire folder dedicated to 'Album Art' and would have to manually add it for everything I was downloading? It would literally infuriate me being with my friends and seeing them playing something and it just had that stock/default symbol where the album art should go... #ocd Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss. 👏
  9. Yep. Although I get the delay with everything going on. Seems like more than that. I’ve gotten plenty of records in the past 5 months and although overall they take longer, none ever jus sat at any point without movement for 15 business days. And if “media is being delayed”, why are some of my records moving as normal from labels/distributors and this one not? That’s all I’m saying - the lack of consistency, although not necessarily surprising, is what has me AT LEAST wondering what’s happened with this specific batch. ok?!?! 😛