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  1. Had some big bills come up recently and needing to sell a few things to make some quick money. See below discogs store link. Hit me up here on VC if seriously interested in anything and I'll knock off 10%. Thanks in advance gents! https://www.discogs.com/seller/atomicrecordshop/profile
  2. Just announced. New LP coming out September 13th. Pre-order link below and new single "Gloria": Standard black White edition ( /??) https://store.thelumineers.com/
  3. My exact sentiment and what I wanted to do with it. But yea, this thing is definitely gonna break within a couple months I'm sure. And probably not a large amount of 3" going to be released. Heard theyre gonna be anywhere from $60-$80 depending on your local shop.
  4. The fact u felt the need to tell us why it was cluttered in the picture had me rolling dude. Goes to show the level of pettiness on these boards
  5. Good to hear. Seeing them next week in Tulsa. Also great bonus in getting to finally see Basement. How were they live?
  6. Jesus Christ. If the wife and I hadnt planned big vacation later this fall that we're saving for, I'd be on this in a heartbeat. Adulting sucks. Why couldn't I just be single and living at home with my mom still? I'd be so filthy rich.
  7. If this happens, either tour or box...or lord help my wallet both...
  8. Understatement of the decade. This video somehow left Ty Segall's 'Emotional Mugger' video in the dust for most fucked up video ever.
  9. THE BOYS ARE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! New single released today. No mention of album in the works or any details. But definitely a good sign and hopefully means more to come!
  10. Good lord thank you. Have literally been missing out on this every time it goes back until now!
  11. Ok, jus saw the thing about the 3" records and the player u can get. Think imma cave and get it for my desk at work.