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  1. It's a great feeling continuing to come here thinking the new album/pre-order has been dropped, just to find talk about an album from 9 years ago... hahahahahahah 😅😅
  2. Wholeheartedly agree! White album IMO was Rivers finally embracing Weezers past sound while still shaping that ‘quirky’ sound he’d been trying to perfect for over a decade on some of the tracks.
  3. Anyone else get shipping confirmation email from the web store Wednesday but it’s still shows in Pre-Shipment in Nashville?
  4. Same. Really enjoying it. They finally tried something new/experimented but in a good way (not in the Raditude, Pacific Daydream, Black Album kinda way)
  5. Just realized Jake Sinclair produced it with the band...Guess what other album Jake did with the boys? 2016's white album, the last truly great Weezer album IMO. So if OK Human is another great Weezer installment, I'm all for starting a petition for Rivers to work exclusively with Jake on Weezer projects 😅
  6. Just read the LA Times article/interview with Rivers concerning OK Human...and found this tidbit verrrryyyyy interesting lol: Besides, he’s got plenty to keep him busy, including a movie musical he’s working on about the life of the Buddha — it’s called, uh, “Buddha Superstar” — and two more Weezer albums after “Van Weezer.” The first, tentatively titled “Happy Chill,” is in the style of the band’s mellow 2001 single “Island in the Sun”; the other evokes Franz Ferdinand or the Clash, Cuomo says — “dance music, but it feels like a band.” Looking even further, he’s beginning to
  7. Take that bet @marc32137 dude hasn’t had his right nut since 1994!
  8. Subscribed too! Looking forward to your content man! Also this makes me wonder where @museummouth and his "Off The Record" channel went. Dude introduced me to same damn good tunes back in the day.
  9. Not that I can find yet. Here's the specific OK Human pre-order link to their webstore though in case anyone needs it: https://weezerwebstore.com/collections/ok-human
  10. New song's video for those who hadn't heard yet:
  11. Oh I know you were, I'm just mad at myself. I'm an old man and have to get up for work each day at 5:30 but was making sure to stay up for the pre-order. Only to not realize or remember the web address or where to go for the actual pre-order until 11:02 CST when I find out the /500 had already sold out lol Oh well. Personally I liked the "flesh" and "alien slime" variants better anyways. Also, in regard to the new song, I weirdly dig it. And although Rivers mentioned on Twitter this albums complete lack of electric guitar (which hurts my soul), if these are actual good songs and n
  12. Well I’m in the god damn fan club and don’t recall ever see an email about anything like that 😪
  13. How in gods green Earth did that /500 variant sell out in 2 minutes?!?!?!?!?!
  14. I was initially excited simply based on that artwork. But then realized how excited I was when I saw Pacific Daydreams artwork as well. Then i was not so excited, but more of horrified and skeptical. Please prove me wrong Rivers!!!!

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