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  1. Am I the only one blown away by "Out On My Feet"???? Jesus what a song. Don't see how that's embarrassing at all 🤔
  2. Seriously the one day/week I’m working in the field away from my desk and this drops and I miss it. F M L
  3. I think the possible point here is that artists typically take home the most revenue when touring/shows in addition to merch I would think. In contrast to physical media as well as digital downloads and streaming, where they only get a small fraction of that money. So in reality, these bands are trying to do stuff that will actually make them money/support themselves. Probably the main reason ETID has postponed the new album release until they can tour it and make money off of it.
  4. Repeating a few sentiments here as others have: in a year where bands have lost so much, especially financially, giving them a few extra bucks (that I would've more than likely spent on shows anyways) for an awesome boxset doesn't make me think twice, not even for one second. Also "Out On My Feet" is an epic song. That aint just some b-side - god damnnnnnnnn
  5. Damn dude! Couldn't justify that deluxe for $69, but i did end up getting the 2 splatter variants as well as the CD. The slight discounts for ordering more than one variant/type was nice touch. Only $49 for everything + shipping
  6. Thats true. I figured with them being on FBR now though, they may do like Urban Outfitters and/or Newbury Comics one on top of the FBR/band site exclusive ones
  7. Yea i like both of those variants, maybe the "pokeball" one more. Also preparing myself for the like 20 other variants and exclusives this will undoubtedly get... Idk man. My initial reaction was similar, but they really have grown on me.
  8. Underoath suck huge donkey dick, no offense. Nevermind that Pitchfork gave the first two albums 10s. I think they are 1.0s.
  9. Foo Fighters suck huge donkey dick, no offense. Nevermind that Pitchfork gave the first two albums 10s. I think they are 1.0s.
  10. Guys. I've seen a lot of this lately. And thought to myself : "Man, why are people just going to threads of bands they, to their own right, do not like at all, and commenting about how much they do not like said band? It must be super fun or satisfying in some way. So, as the natural born 'follower' or 'easily influenced' person that I am, will be conducting an experiment by going to as many threads as possible and dissing the band. Look forward to the experience! Wish me luck! ✌️

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