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  1. Love it. What can I say, i guess I'm a sucker for a good descending major chord progression hahahahaha
  2. Sounds like a good guess. And if so, I'm going for this purple swirl over the other two. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Wow! It does! I couldn't put a finger on it until you said that.
  4. Ummm..ok...i may have to backtrack a bit on my previous statement lol That purple swirl looks niiiiiiiiicccccccceee.
  5. Man, I've seen so many feeling the same! Maybe I just loved that cheesy pop/pop-rock from the 90s too much, cuz I'm loving the new song. I also seem to enjoy pretty much anything Antonoff touches, so I'm hopeful for the album.
  6. Yum! Am I the only one who just wants the standard retail black vinyl. Just to keep with that 80s classic look 😝
  7. My local did RSD by appointment only again from 9-12. 15 min slots with 5 customers allowed inside per slot. My appointment wasn’t until 10:05 but I was able to get: Linkin Park Rage Thrice Senses Fail Flaming Lips (Autographed by Wayne—one of the few perks of living in godforsaken Oklahoma) Tom Petty Twenty One Pilots as well as picked up the Marcus King Band reissue from yesterday and a copy of the Soft Bulletin since I didn’t have it in my 90s collection for whatever reason. All in all - a good haul!
  8. Howdy yall, You ever seen someone down on their luck on the side of the road with a sign that instead of saying - "Homeless, need food. No job. Hungry" etc etc...it says "Need money for weed" or "Not gonna lie - just want some beer"? Well I'm doing the equivalent of that -- just want some extra cash for RSD this Saturday, so help me out. All are in NM/NM unless stated otherwise. Prices are ppd (Multi-item orders will get a discount) A Day To Remember - You're We
  9. Welp! Limtied to 500 copies https://silversteinstore.com/collections/all-products/products/wbief-vinyl-yellow-marble
  10. New album from Leon Bridges out July 23rd called Gold-Diggers Sound. Recorded at Gold-Digger Studio in Hollywood: His webstore has an exclusive pressing on white as well as the standard retail black: https://shopgds.leonbridges.com/collections/music/products/gold-diggers-sound Looks like there's an Indie Excsluive with alternate cover up on bullmoose too, though no image of the alt cover yet: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35124819/leon-bridges-gold-diggers-sound-alternate-cover-indie-exclusive And Target has an exclusive gold variant: ht
  11. Went by Guestroom Records in OKC today and they had NONE. The manager said the 30 stores in their network (North Texas, Kansas, Arkansas) got nothing allocated of the indie exclusive. Just the standard black.
  12. Already down to 261 left. So no more signed lithos
  13. Was coming here to post the same this morning. If there aint repress in the works or some leftovers that'll be posted...im outtie 5000! ✌️

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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