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  1. 100% agree. I also feel like the whole "3 Acts - The Rise, The Fall & Recognition" thing totally didn't get a properly explored. Would've loved a true concept album where you actually split up the songs, and the storyline throughout details two lovers falling in and tragically out of love. Characters based on a reality but enough generality to allow for listener to interpret and apply to their own lives more. Some of the album was almost too personal and specific to the point it just didn't hit with me. But hey, it probably hit with others and that's just the way music is.
  2. Independent Record Stores who then lose thousands of dollars on aging stock they can't move..
  3. Yea I honestly just wanted a copy regardless. My local had one copy and it was just sitting behind the counter, I just happen to see it and get it. Stoked! Such an epic album - currently my AOTY. Now let's see what ETID brings with Radical next month 😁
  4. My thoughts too. Side A of Kid A is really close to that maximum, but at least Treefingers isnt a super loud one, maybe the inner groove distortion will be menial
  5. Research I did says at 33 1/3rpm that Optimal side length is 16-20 minutes. Maximum is 25 minutes. Kid A is 47 min 12 sec (Side A = 24 min 27 sec + Side B = 22 min 45 sec) Amnesiac is 43 min 57 sec (Side A = 20 min 59 sec + Side B = 22 min 53 sec)
  6. Same. Also, how is this a half-speed remaster but crammed on 1 disk each? Does "half-speed" cutting not always mean 45rpm? I'll admit I'm a bit ignorant on that kinda stuff...
  7. Does it make any sense? No. Is it pleasant to my brain/ears? No. But would Melonhead give it a dang 10/10 review if it was really a new Weezer album? 100% YES
  8. Bahahahaha exactly what I think of anytime I hear grape soda. “Whats juice!?!??”
  9. Man I could listen to her sing the damn phonebook. Single isn't earth shattering, but I also felt like, with the way she explained the album, that this would be a group of songs better suited as body of work instead of singles here and there. Will hold out for the indie exclusive. Our girl is back!!! 🥰
  10. Not many are talking about that new song, i freaking loved it. I actually got chills like I was listening to *Fin for the first time or something
  11. My personal list: 1. Life Is Not A Waiting Room 2. The Fire 3. ITILIWFY I was a bit late to the SF party - loved "Can't Be Saved" and "Calling All Cars" but had never really listened to anything off Let It Enfold You. LINAWR came out and I loved it front to back. Family Tradition still holds a really special place for me for personal reasons. For that time in my life, I just really related to that entire album and it made me fall in love with SF. Then The Fire came out and it was great. Didn't care for Renacer at all or anything on PTTFYH, but ITILIWFY blew me away (
  12. Was bummed about this too. Especially considering we have 16 songs to play with here, the fact the decided to go this route was a bit odd. Though, I'll admit, I dont have any idea the cost implications of going the half-speed 45RPM master route vs. typical 33 1/3 RPM with a side D etching. But here's how they could've easily, again taking financials out of the picture, went with the 45RPM config (below). A couple pros I get from going this route: A Colossal Wreck & Desperate Pleasures get together, as they were meant to be 3 of 4 sides are almost right at that 1
  13. Yo @ethereal you gonna update the thread title? My OCD is starting to kick in and bother me... lol 😅
  14. Went with the black alt cover. Dont need any of the other crap, but i really dont enjoy the regular cover, and the black alt cover was my fav

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