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  1. The videos are produced by Taylor, which to me, means anything I see is not from a typical major music industry sex appeal standpoint. As to why she's doing this, watch this, you should check out the recent interview she did with Zane Lowe. She spoke a lot about why this project happened.
  2. This times 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  3. I'm really not about sob stories on here, but to say the least, the wife and I have to had to deal with some really big unexpected changes to our lives recently and it's essentially made me give up record collecting temporarily; as well as doing a honest sweep of the ole collection. This list is my first go around, so look out for updates in future. All prices are ppd and I only accept PayPal. DM if interested. Thanks everyone, Use the below link to access the excel file with the list: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1SPf6riEv_uDrVqSvBl342iHuQrR2LW
  4. Matt. Squire. Freakin hate that dude. Oh and guess what?! He's producing the new Neck Deep album as well! Great! 😑
  5. *rushes to google to see whether I should start performing Beatles songs as my own and become filthy rich and famous* ^This should be a movie...
  6. So funny, this was my same thought. I dont hate it, but I really enjoyed Imbue, so this album has big shoes to fill in my eyes (ears?) whatever. Also that triplet vocal line really threw me for a loop. Especially since I hate its overuse in todays hip-hop, or mumble rap, or whatever the crap that the kids call it these days.
  7. Band of Skulls is celebrating 10 year anniversary of baby darling doll face honey by releasing a deluxe edition of the album on what seems to be a vinyl+CD set. Very excited for this. My favorite album by them and had been OOP for so long (until recently when random represses started showing up in stores).
  8. Lol - the cheapest shipping option is almost $20 for Ground shipping, even when ordering just the vinyl. Welp guess there goes that. How stupid
  9. I know! I saw them on that tour in OKC and wondered why it didnt get released sooner. I think they were in some type of legal battle with Universal or something over some of those songs. Plus there was "Sweat" and "Close Your Eyes" from 2017 that are absent from this which is weird.
  10. Oklahoma's own The All-American Rejects are back! Been a long 7 years since Kids in the Street. AAR just released a new 3 song EP - Send Her To Heaven. Title track and lead single music video below plus audio of the other 2 tracks. Pre-order is live now through Epitaph on Kings Road Merch site: https://kingsroadmerch.com/the-all-american-rejects/ Red Vinyl /500 available only with tshirt bundle for $33.99 Orange Vinyl /1000 for $13.99
  11. Ordered the clear pressing of the original album (i have black promo copy already) + the demos press. One of my all time favorite albums. Wore this CD out on my orange sony walkman on the bus to and from band events and contests in middle school...after typing that out I feel super insecure about it now hahahaha
  12. Random: The fact my above comment/quote fell on deaf ears is disturbing. Ya'll need to watch more Chappelle Show
  13. Sign-up for TBK's new Lonely Boys & Girl Club and you can listen to new album NOW: https://www.thelonelyboysandgirlsclub.com/ Opening jam is great. So far I'm really liking Dan bringing more of his guitar sound back Also got shipping confirmation email this morning for the pink edition. Shows it'll be hear Friday