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  1. So glad this thread is getting a reset, always loved seeing peoples collections/setups. Always inspiring Damn! Classy as fuck. Me likey Have you always had your collection 'flip-through' style? How do you like it? That organization method has always intrigued me...
  2. Agreed. In fact, I'm not sure if it was just timing and coincidence that it lined up with some pretty big/shitty moments in my life, but I consider it my favorite, front-to-back, of their discography so far...
  3. Cmon man, all you gotta do is imagine you're listening to an inferior version of Pink Floyd and it makes it all better...
  4. Dude! I was literally telling someone this yesterday lol. I love that song. "Circus Circus" and "Lord Slug" are my favorites too. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Gotta love a good fight over misunderstanding/interpretation/poor wording. VC at it's best! But also, I never knew there was no resolution for those who funded the kickstarter. That is sooooo messed up. Literally no one has ever rec'd a response from the band? They just don't seem like the type of dudes to do that. Very disappointing
  6. Same here. We must be about the same age because my connection to 3EB was purely off the radio hits/singles too. And beginning in 2001 with my discovery of Linkin Park and 'heavier' music, my listening to anything my mom listened to in the 90s was immediately "boring" lol. Which is ironic (pun intended) as I'm in love with all that stuff from the 90s now and have a specific section of my collection dedicated to it. Anyways, it wasn't until like 2004/2005 when He Is Legend covered "Wounded" did I discover Blue. And similarly, it wasn't until 2010+ before I started exploring S/T & Blue in their entirety. We saw them live in OKC in 2017 for 30th Anniversary Tour of S/T. It was a magical night and Stephen and the band actually sounded great (I was a bit worried lol) I do remember listening to Ursa Major right after it's release in 2009 (probably because I was downloading anything new from LimeWire at the time). I enjoyed a few songs - checkout "Don't Believe a Word", "Bonfire" and "Dao of St. Paul". They're your typical 3EB stuff.
  7. Also, you can count me in the minority who liked Out of the Vein in '03. I also liked a few songs from Ursa Major & Dopamine. And they're cover of Happy Diving's "10" on Thanks For Everything was the most 3EB they've sounded in a while.
  8. Man I loved that first Daylight/Superheaven album. "Around the Railing" is such a fun song to play on drums. Easy, yes. But just an absolute banger and full of energy.
  9. Ok ok, it's not a guilty pleasure for me either. I simply said that because I'm self-conscious, a bit vapid and need a bunch of stranger's validation when it comes to the god damn records I wanna buy, ok?!?! 😜
  10. God, yes please. This is one of those guilty pleasure albums for me. 'My Way' chorus comes on I'm 100% jumping up and moshing in my living room lol
  11. I wonder if it was mastered so poorly because the entire thing was tracked live. Not saying live tracking cant sound good...but maybe not this genre of music translates well? Just a thought