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  1. Shame that this is another great Ferret release that is long overdue for a repress, though I know that the rights holders are just dragging their feet at releasing such albums from legal hell. Usually I’d buy this in a heartbeat since anything mis sigs is great but thankfully I have the box set from a few years back so I’m good on the studio album front (though I’d love a 2xLP version of Mirrors so that all the songs could be included.) i hope this does well, it’s been great seeing them get back out there and write new music too.
  2. I’m still waiting for any news whatsoever about that Tales of Symphonia 2xLP that I ordered August of last year. Hope to get that soon.
  3. Anyone received Easter yet? I ordered both but only received Oxeneers so far. Very excited to have these both soon!
  4. Keeping my Rise copy, I wanted to double dip but I have to be more selective with my purchases 😕
  5. I’ve been to three shows this past month and every act had records but they were all $30+ (Even Godspeed was selling F#A# for $30 and that was a record that you could routinely get for like $18 pre-pandemic) these prices suck but I guess that’s the new normal, got the clear oxeneers and the pink Easter
  6. Went to my local store today, all of their RSD titles were online only, not a single one was anywhere in sight. They had a copy of Siamese Dream (2011) though, that was cool to see
  7. Yeah I’d bought Aurora from their merchstore, thanks for the help!