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  1. Holy shit that new track is awesome, literally can't wait to blast this in my car at an ungodly volume.
  2. I like that SL had a bundle for this record and for the remixed and improved version of Forever Becoming, got them both.
  3. I don't mind the artwork too much, though I do agree it is a departure from their previous art direction. I'm jealous of you guys that get access to the studio version of "arluck." The live version was great and as usual Dave killed it on the drums.
  4. Cannot wait for this, it's always great when it's time for a new RC record and a run of tour dates
  5. I want that split release so much, it's perfect.
  6. My body is ready for this release, will be blasting "psalm of the city of the dead"
  7. Yeah I need to pick those up, I only have the spilt with Junius (another excellent and underrated band.)
  8. I've been listening to a lot of Rosetta over the past couple of days, I think they might be my favorite band right now. I saw them last year and was so incredibly pumped up for the show and felt kind of bad when there must have been no more than 25 people there, (to be fair it was a Tuesday.) They still killed it, but they should be selling out every tour date :/ Anyway, I welcome all represses with open arms
  9. Word. I think only my copy of Nothing's DOTB is as cool looking. That being said I trust TLR, every record of theirs I have looks and sounds great.
  10. Got that /100, I've been missing this from my collection for a while
  11. Hmm yeah it's strange. Though as I've stated before, I really want to order through SL.
  12. One year ago today we all threw money at our computer screens... Won't be long now I hope.
  13. I found that very odd as well, I mean we're still months away from the actual release date.
  14. Man that Piglet EP is just so good, I'm always going back to that YouTube video of a random house show where their drummer was playing with a lit cigarette in his mouth. I wish lava land was on Spotify :/