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  1. Great band without a single dud in their discography, this will be a no-brained buy for me.
  2. This is just incredible news, can’t wait to buy it all and then rationalize it to myself.
  3. I need to be fiscally responsible during this shift to full blown clown world but I can’t pass up the opportunity to get more zao stuff and help the band. Guess I’ll just have rice and beans with the occasional spam meal to cut costs.
  4. Got that FOHxNothing tee, I feel like I would have been kicking myself for not getting it
  5. I’d just like to add that I’m in no way some kind of prude or evangelical Christian. I brought up that The Faceless tee I saw for sale and just marveled that they went for the triple whammy. I have no actual problem with this release, I wish them well, it was just that the cover art is Raditude-tier bad in my eyes. thanks for reading my blogpost
  6. Yeah I’ve never understood that whole vulgar/gross aesthetic that some artists seem to go for. Or, rather as a consumer of music and merch I’ve never ever wanted to pick up a tee with swear words or gross stuff on them. I one saw The Faceless live and they had a tee for sale that was blasphemous, vulgar, and gross. Do people just buy these tees to wear to shows only?
  7. There were some guitar lines on the opening track that I’d never heard before, drum fills were cleaner, the opening to “stargazers and gravediggers “ sounded different too, and I feel like maybe some of the archival recordings were a bit clearer. Upon first listen I picked up on details I’d not heard before and this is an album that I’ve had on pretty consistent rotation since its initial release. Felt like a breath of fresh air. Also I think they removed the original version from Spotify because only the remasters is there now, you could spin the record to hear the difference.
  8. The remaster of Martyrdom sounds amazing. Ok, please proceed with your shit-flinging
  9. This whole chasing after super rare variants is really becoming so tiresome, man. I’ll just get a variant when I get home and support the band (ideally I’d buy directly at the merch table but who knows when that’ll happen again )
  10. Hmm I’m kind of underwhelmed by the song, though I don’t think it was bad by any means. It just didn’t grab me like the untouchable first three albums, though I’m very sure the album as a whole will slap because that lineup can do no wrong. also I think that a remix/remaster of Mirrors would be amazing and would buy that in a heartbeat.
  11. Ok thanks, I’ll blast “10 year librarian” and see how they could possibly make it sound better
  12. Hmm I don’t know if I need more copies of those records but damn that’s very tempting... oh yeah and I’m hyped about the news of a new lineup and a new record and possible tour plans
  13. It really does sound horrible. While the copper pressing looks very pretty and the packaging is great, the LPs themselves are full of surface noise. Also the New Others pressings are bad 😕
  14. Glad I snagged that tennis system release. I’m curious to see what the packaging feels and looks like in my hands, also to hear some great tunes.
  15. Where was the demand for this EP years ago? I bought a standard black version from metal blade on sale at a heavily reduced price five years ago. Anyway, I hope this means they play some of these songs live since they just sold about 1,500 units of this in like two days.