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  1. They knew damn well that they could charge almost any price and that this will sell out. An almost perfect OST like that doesn't come along too often either.
  2. I love that one single bell/ride hit in the beginning of "Arluck". Dave is such a creative drummer, it's a pleasure to see him play.
  3. Will pick this up, I've dug this band for a while, plus they sent me a free tee when I ordered a record back in the day, they didn't have to do that and I appreciated that very much.
  4. Arluck has been part of their set list for a while now. They played it when I saw them back in February, it sounded great back then and the crowd was into it. I do remember a few years ago when Mike injured his left thumb they announced that instead of cancelling shows that they would play songs that were less taxing on his thumb as it healed.
  5. Got my copy today. The gold/black looks amazing, it really does match the art so well. Record sounds well too, some surface noise but that's just after a cursory brush cleaning. Now to sit back and try to figure out what ASFM meant with that passage...
  6. Got mine in today, once again TLR hits it out of the park with the presentation, look, and feel of this release. The spot-gloss looks great and the huge lyric booklet is reminiscent of the huge booklet the mylene sheath (RIP) sent out with Junius' MOAC 2xLP. As for the records, I got the pinwheel/gray/colored splatter /100. They sound great, as all Rosetta albums do. Very little surface noise and very flat LPs. TL;DR: slaps/10
  7. Just got a shipping notification from TLR, so this might come in hand sooner than expected.
  8. Hmm I see, I doubt the record world be very long. Maybe we can hope it'll be 45rpm.
  9. I want to get a better feel for what the mockup is supposed to be, all we have is that small thumbnail to go with. But if it is /500 then they're selling them well enough.
  10. Yes he's capable. I saw him live playing with Downfall of Gaia and thought he was great, so when he was announced as the new drummer I knew he could play any of their back catalogue. What I meant about Jon is that he was so versatile and tight, a true master of his craft. Aside from opening a bar in Buffalo, NY I don't know what else he's been up to since the last iteration of the band.
  11. Song is cool, though I just really miss Jon Karel, he was an amazing drummer. Might preorder closer to release date.
  12. Yeah this sounds awesome, I gave it a spin and listened wearing my headphones. Very little surface noise that I could tell and no pops. Also I have to say that it's very cool to hear something new in an album that you've listened to continuously for about 15 years. I was blown away when I heard some snare ghost notes I hadn't heard before. I had a big dumb grin on my face. I'm so glad this project came to fruition.
  13. Thanks for the continued insight into "how the sausage gets made" Jeff. Overall I think we're all glad that this is behind us now and though faint, there is still a glimmer of hope that the next releases after FoG (and new material of course) will see pressings because I really cannot be the only one that doesn't want to blast "Reveal" at an ungodly volume when that arrives
  14. I got my copy yesterday, haven't spun it yet but the overall package is pretty nice. Also I never received an email from TH. I could have sworn the clear/gold splatter would look better but it's just kind of meh (though that's just the colorway and what's most important is the sound) I hope it sounds good when I can sit down in my comfy chair and give it a good listen.
  15. It's been over a week since these arrived. Aside from pics from Jeff and a random guy on instagram showing his off, has anyone heard anything or gotten an email? Not that I'm doubting I'll get mine, just wondering that's all.