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  1. I was thinking about that recently as well. I last saw them live in 2008 or so and already the vocals were kind of rough. Johnny’s vocals couldn’t really match the highs from the recorded material. Actually all the times that I saw them they didn’t go up that high. Still would love to go to one of these shows though, they were just so ahead of their time.
  2. Anyone get this yet? There’s been almost total radio silence. I’ve seen one man bedroom label operations handle things better.
  3. Yeesh those prices, I’ll keep my copy that I bought back in the day from a local store. Will these have that CD or DVD that the RFC version had?
  4. Damn seems like every band that was a Ferret alum has had such a crappy time getting these much needed records out to the fans. I want this release really bad and the last two PTW Ferret releases too. Should have bought all those 7”s when they were practically giving them away back in the day ;_;
  5. That sucks to hear, I hate this race to the bottom so many companies seem to be part of
  6. Big Dirty and LNIT are huge gets and I will buy both with no hesitation
  7. The song was cool, though I might be in the minority when I say that I don’t like when some of Keith’s vocals are sung. For example I really dislike “The New Black” but I know it was a staple of their set. Not trying to be like those weirdos picking sides on Instagram contents, but I’m liking this more than the Better Lovers output. Either way I’m excited to get more Buckley bros. music.
  8. I’d hoped they would collaborate after they released those tees in 2020, but after that last troll “”””album“””” Nothing released I can’t buy this without hearing it first, though I guess we all really should be doing more of that huh? Just listened, yeah I’m gonna need to hear the whole thing first lol
  9. Man I seem to remember the last time MC was released (like 4 or 5 years ago) it sounded terrible, full of surface noise. Anyone else feel underwhelmed by it?
  10. Kicking myself for not picking this up like ten years ago at a good price. I did pick up Young Machetes and that 180g black pressing is so so good

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