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  1. Gave the album a listen yesterday, it's pretty good. All of my personal reservations about it have been assuaged and I will be ordering. It slaps!
  2. I'll hold off on ordering this until I can hear it first. The album sounds great to me and back in its release I liked it a lot so it'll have to be pretty noticeable for me to plunk down cash for this.
  3. Thanks! I grabbed that without hesitation and was pleasantly surprised it wasn't like $50.
  4. I actually don't mind the intro and the song is pretty good, it's fun to sing along to at least.
  5. Thanks for the tip about noon, I grabbed my copy.
  6. Finally! I never picked up that picture disc version and was starting to regret it. This came out of left field and was picked up with no hesitation. Also I need the self titled to get a pressing asap too.
  7. I'll be checking in on this as soon as possible
  8. I finally picked up part two the other day at my LRS and I was glad that it wasn't that blob color variant. Spun it today and was pretty underwhelmed, the drums sound muffled like others have said and I really feel like I prefer the digital version of the album. As an entity I like the album but this vinyl version was kind of a dud, hopefully future spins help me change my mind.
  9. Great band, incredible live show. Might pick this up (though probably just the standard black)
  10. They knew damn well that they could charge almost any price and that this will sell out. An almost perfect OST like that doesn't come along too often either.
  11. I love that one single bell/ride hit in the beginning of "Arluck". Dave is such a creative drummer, it's a pleasure to see him play.
  12. Will pick this up, I've dug this band for a while, plus they sent me a free tee when I ordered a record back in the day, they didn't have to do that and I appreciated that very much.
  13. Arluck has been part of their set list for a while now. They played it when I saw them back in February, it sounded great back then and the crowd was into it. I do remember a few years ago when Mike injured his left thumb they announced that instead of cancelling shows that they would play songs that were less taxing on his thumb as it healed.