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  1. Looking for Botch - American Nervoso LP on bright blue of 15 copies. Would also like to see a picture of this record if anyone has it. -Chris
  2. I'm looking for anything by Electric Wizard on vinyl. Willing to buy or trade. Message me with what you have.
  3. There's also a green vinyl version of Punk Fiction. I've only ever seen the copy I used to own. -Chris
  4. Looking to trade for any color of the Give up the Ghost LP on reflections. Also looking for American Nightmare Background Music Bloody X color LP. PM me with wha you're interested in trading for. -Chris
  5. I'm looking for any Electric Wizard LP/2xLP's on colored vinyl. Let me know what you've got, and how much you want for it. Especially interested in dopethrone. -Chris
  6. I'm looking for the following relapse lp's on clear vinyl: Mastodon - Blood Mountain - clear Mastodon - Remission - clear High on Fire - Surrounded by thieves - clear High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings - clear High on Fire - Death is this communion - clear Baroness - RED - clear Soilent Green - any LP's on clear Let me know what you have, and check my trade list, or let me know how much cash you're looking to get. Thaks, -Chris
  7. I have a first press with the rare insert I'd let go for $200.
  8. I'm looking for Skeletonwitch "Beyond the Permafrost" LP on blue vinyl. Check my trade list and let me know if you see anything you want to trade for. -Chris
  9. Looking for either cash or trade offers on this one. I like lot's of stuff, but am particularly interested in a copy of None More Black - File under Black on orange. Let me know what else you have that I may be interested in getting in trade. -Chris
  10. Just got the repressing in for these on Saturday, so I thought I would post them here to see if there's any interest. Here's some info on the record: Loose Change was a band from Ukiah California, and was active during the 1990's. The band included Jade Puget from AFI on guitar, and Chon Travis of Love Equals Death on Bass and Vocals. This record was the last thing put out by the band, and was originally pressed in 2003 on clear vinyl at 500 copies. The first press sold out the same year, and the record has been out of print since. I just did a limited repressing(200 copies on gold vinyl) of the record, and it's in hand and ready to ship. Pricing is as follows, and SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the price. $5 US/$7 Canada/$8World To order, send the total to the following paypal address: [email protected] To check out an mp3 from Loose Change, and see some of the other Phantom Sound bands, follow this link: www.phantom-sound.com Thanks, -Chris
  11. Why don't you just take all my fuk'n money Virgil. I'll set my paycheck up to direct deposit into your bank account, who needs to pay rent! -Chris
  12. Picked this little gem up in S.F. at Amoeba last night before the Slackers + Deal's Gone Bad show. -Chris
  13. Can you take a picture of the evilive cover and vinyl?
  14. Not Sure if that's acceptable or not. If it is, I suppose I could upload it. What say the Mods? -Chris
  15. They were selling lots of awesome stuff, but some of it was overpriced, like shirts for $25. They had some cool posters, postcards, grocery bags, cd's, and vinyl copies of So Jealous and The Con. The CD was definitely the coolest thing in my opinion. I would say, if they didn't run out of the CD last night, they will probably be gone by tomorrow night. Looks like they're already going for $50+ on e-bay. I wonder how much I could get for #1 -Chris
  16. So I saw Tegan and Sara last night in Davis, CA. Awesome show. They're selling a cd limited to 1500 copies, and hand numbered, that includes home demos for all the songs on "the Con". They mentioned they have only played 5 shows, and have sold through nearly 1,000 of them already, this being prior to the horde that bought them after the show. I got really lucky, and picked this one up before their set from their merch table: Yep, number 1/1500. The merch girl said Sara hand numbered all the copies. -Chris
  17. I have the shark attack demo 7" if you're interested. Feel free to make an offer on it. -Chris
  18. I bought Propagandhi's "How to clean a couple o' things" 7" from fat when I was a freshman in high school (1995). I didn't really understand what it was when I saw it in the fat catalog, but it was propagandhi(My favorite band back then), so i had to have it. I remember trying to find the I'd rather be flag burning shirt back then, but it was always sold out. I finally got one from a friends cousin a year later. I sure got some funny looks from the teachers. -Chris