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  1. more will probably be released when the next one is issued, or possibly before also these will be available on upcoming melvins tour
  2. you might wanna mention that those are prints
  3. Looking for the first Blood Ceremony Album....any help is Appreciated!
  4. i think if yr patient yll get one for cheap on ebay
  5. did the regular vinyl come with the bonus track or was that only the pic disc?
  6. totomashi fucking am - gold skitsystem witchcraft - alchemist - red vinyl
  7. the rsd is limited to 700..i would think it would be pretty easy to get.
  8. i read on blabbermouth last week that it was from the original recordings
  9. great news...wondering if the bonus songs on the american version will be included
  10. i have been collecting dunnys since like 2002
  11. just heard from the end that they will be doing a vinyl release! no other info yet
  12. insound has it up for sale..great price, rise above records..for release on march 8th? but i see no info on this anywhere else...not even the rise above site? does this seem strange to anyone else?
  13. i am sure they did. not that i like this practice, but i have had this happen to me before, mostly dealing with hard to get items. part of the logic is, right or wrong, is that when you buy another item you more likely a fan rather than a person just buying to flip. i dont know if it is right or wrong, i am getting the kickstarter one with alternate cover
  14. "Holy terror" is an etching by gustave dore, that was in paradise lost
  15. Just got a note from the end records, they will not be doing a NA pressing...which totally sucks
  16. The end will not be doing a American vinyl release

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