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  1. Is there a list yet of all of these coming out? I just pre ordered Pri ce among Theives and Cap/Nore war report on Amazon. Also saw lord fineness - awakening up for pre-order too. They are solid repress, have HBMS and House of pain so far.
  2. Pm me if you have a line on one. Not partial to color, fair offers only.
  3. Anyone know where I can find a copy of The Big Dirty?
  4. Any chance you want to sell or trade yr vmp De la soul is dead ?
  5. You can pick up most of the scac catalog on their website. All reissued by them.
  6. http://pesanta.bigcartel.com/product/munly-the-lee-lewis-harlots-double-lp
  7. Looking to pick this up the VMP version or other. Thanks
  8. That is still a 100 bucks, kinda a big gamble if you don't know what the next 2 albums are.
  9. I was wondering what happened, I went to a Newbury the other day to get one and there was none, and it was off the website.
  10. If any current member would get me the Feb. Hip hop selection ...De La Soul I would really appreciate it!
  11. What is the regular Feb release? Maybe if that is something I like it makes sense . I assume I would get 2 releases then for Feb?
  12. Anyone who is a current member and would like to help me get the Feb. Hip hop sub? Signing up for a 53 dollar record seems cray.
  13. How much extra is the hip hop sub? I thought you paid for one membership and chose a preference? Not 30 a month and then another charge?
  14. What is the frequency of VMP releases being re issued after they come out, like a Newbury comics or some other place exclusive? I really want Feb. De La Soul release but hate subscriptions.
  15. I would love to get a today is the day willpower if anyone else wants to get rid of one!
  16. Anbody looking for a friends & Family edition of night crepper let me know!
  17. I wonder how much of the money from this goes to the original composers of the songs?
  18. People are stupid....and if this re release is missing a song than it is super disappointing too, there are plenty euro versions on discogs for what will be the same price. FWWM is a different story though.
  19. Thats super lame, considering side 2 is less than 22 min...and side one is closer to 26 i cant see them adding it....and that sucks..... Watch them drop Sycamore Trees from Fwwm.

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