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  1. and also should have internet again soon. My phone kind of sucks at getting into this site. But im doing the best i can do at the moment.
  2. Alright finally got my boxes and shit in, my next day off is Wednesday but im packing up stuff slowly in my free time until then, i think i got everyone who is missing there stuff. So wednesday ask me fore your tracking number and you shall receive. packing stuff took a while to come in guess because i ordered in bulk for my label idk. Just glad its here. So everyones stuff will be there soon. Life is still going kind of shitty but getting better by the day. Im finally starting to feel a little better about life in general. Hope to be to my normal self in the next couple of weeks. sorry to everyone i have let down.
  3. Alright everyone another up date if you have messages.me your stuff is sepearted and ready to be packed and shipped just waiting on my.boxes and mailers. Hope everyone's having a good new year so far.
  4. Hey everyone got a lot of packages out the only internet I have at the moment is my phone. I'm going through the unread messages today and writing everyone's stuff down. I ran out of mailers but.they should.be in soon can't wait to get everyone's stuff out so I don't have to be embarrassed about posting here anymore. To all the supportive comments and compliments thank you. I will say this again I love this place.
  5. Over the past couple months now, I have been dealing with some shit at home. Signed my girls well ex girls name off the lease due to her having a child from a previous relationship and didnt want to be proven she lived with someone else without being married. Anyways, besides the point later on she decided to move out out of nowhere and I am stuck in the apt I can barely afford, Things are getting better since this second job I took on. She packed her shit moved out without any sort of notice. My lease will not let me break it until April. If I have forgot your order or somehow your order has not got there, Let me know now. I have a day off tomorrow and have made great money this week so I will pack everything up in every box/ mailer I can find and send it out to you immediately. With a tracking number tomorrow. My Stress, and personal life should not have came between the deals I have made here. I love this place and alot of the people here. I used to have a good rep. And now my life and this seems to be just turning to shit. I do feel as if things are getting better with the extra money I have been making this week. Im sorry to all of those who I have let down. My intentions were never to rip anyone off. I became overwhelmed and stressed out and other bullshit. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GOT FROM ME, and where it needs to go so i can send out tomorrow. Like I said, I love this place and have made alot of friends here. I am truly sorry to those who have had to suffer due to the rough patch in my life at the moment. I want to fix it and will do everything I can to do so. Thanks, Adam
  6. From what I hear the break up was pretty bad terms, I dont see it happening. Plus Jim is working on a Sparta album.
  7. fourfourtwo had one for sale for 45 bucks not that long ago i think.
  8. Primo and epico is like otunga and mcgilicuty noone seems to really care. I almost feel like air boom are heading to that noone cares direction with the no explanation of Evan bourne and being gone that long. I think the tag team days are gone for a little while unless something drastic happens.
  9. Got mine today. Loved ones t shirt and chuck ragan / Austin Lucas bristle ridge on clear. Thank u secret Santa.
  10. MY Secret Santa Pmd me! Gave me a tracking number, So it should be here TODAY! at least says the tracking number but the bad thing is I live in an apt where there front office consultant will be leaving at 3 today so I have to catch the mail Lady ASAP when she gets out to drop off the mail.
  11. Jericho Is still my main guess. BUT at the same time, Maybe Taker Is coming back for some sort of vengious over Kane about helping throughout his career of being His brother. Maybe Taker is the Girl in the video. Idk everything is kind of weird now. Kane taking Cenas shirt, probably setting it on fire or something this coming monday. Goldberg said something about coming back, But honestly where would his place be right now? He would just be lost. So Im just going to assume Jericho for the time.
  12. Certainly Hope I get mine tomorrow, If the mail runs on Christmas Eve, Otherwise, A Big Christmas Letdown, Was more curious about the gift I would receive on here than anyone else.