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  1. idreamofpunk

    PO: Steve Perry - Traces (10/5/18)

    ....... Holy shit yes. It's actually just a minute long, but has a really cool runout groove etching that'll be nigh indecipherable to every poor soul who attempts to make the discogs entry for this release.
  2. Nope! I’ve got #7/30. Thank you for checking on that, though.
  3. Okay, fuckos, I'm back. This is my open letter requesting test pressings from the world's leading Punk Rock Celebrity and all around Perfect Person, Chris Farren, and his old band, Fake Problems, and his other band, Antarctigo Vespucci. I do not have: Spurs and Spokes 7" How Far Our Bodies Go It's Great To Be Alive The Dream Team 7" Cursive/Fake Problems Daytrotter Presents (or whatever it's called) Songs for Teenagers 7" Chris Farren/Tim Kasher split Soulmate Stuff LEavin' La Vida Loca It's Like a gift From God or Whatever (also looking for the red copy of this) Can't Die You blew it split Also, if you have any of these, you and I need to talk: Too Much Like Home (2001, For Documentation Only Records) From a Fashion Standpoint (2004, For Documentation Only Records) Oh No! (2005, Self Released) Fake Problems/Any Day Now split (2005, Self Released) get at me
  4. idreamofpunk

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    I have a bunch. Kriss Stress gave me an OG Riddler, and he's sitting' pretty on my shelf with Jessica Rabbit and Chun-Li.
  5. I AM!!!!!!!! I finally have some stability, and for a while didn't want to get tempted with preorders. Seemed a bit dramatic to make a "farewell for now" post.
  6. Wouldn't Island be the label to bug about that?
  7. idreamofpunk

    Steven Universe 4x10" OST + SDCC 7"

    Ah. Shit. yeah, I got nothin. Sorry.
  8. idreamofpunk

    Steven Universe 4x10" OST + SDCC 7"

    It's limited to 3000, but with the fan base as large as it is, that's not much. again, did anyone grab a spare?
  9. idreamofpunk

    Steven Universe 4x10" OST + SDCC 7"

    Did anyone pick up a spare 7"?
  10. idreamofpunk

    PO: Good Charlotte - Young Authority

    Well, if people want to spend $70-80 to get the record, whatever. They can.
  11. I asked on Twitter if it was a typo, they said they only had the 30 left.
  12. If you want it, I'm having buyers remorse. I'll sell for cost plus shipping, $24.
  13. idreamofpunk

    I am dumb and got my license suspended sale

    I was involved in an accident back in July. It was a minor fender bender, but my insurance had lapsed that day. I thought I had until the next day to pay it. As I had no insurance coverage during that time, I had to pay back the other party's insurance company. I finally was able to get my parents' help in settling with the collection agency that Allstate went through to get paid, but unfortunately, they had already filed the paperwork with the state of Ohio to have my license suspended. The conditions of my suspension being lifted are: My insurance needs to be reinstated, I have to pay a $150 reinstatement fee, and I need to settle my financial responsibility with the other party involved in the accident. While I have done that, and had my insurance reinstated, I need to wait for the collection agency to send me their letter of release, and they will not fax it, they will not do anything to expedite it, so I am stuck waiting for this to show up whenever the hell they feel like sending it out. Go me.