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  1. Bumping this back up. Got a few good records from people and this is working well. Please hit me up with anything you got.
  2. I have an extensive collection of AFI and I am looking to fill some gaps. If you have something and can't tell which pressing I am looking for, message me and I will let you know. https://www.discogs.com/user/DerekYakimchuk I have post images of my list here:
  3. Issue some limited Weird Al vinyl and you got a deal. He only released his first 6 and most recent on vinyl. I have a big gap missing for the other albums. Or even a nice box set would be awesome.
  4. Hey Canadians, I got a question. I ordered 2 Moneen Lps for me and a friend, and when the credit card failed I paid with Paypal. It said my payment was authorized to Shop Radio Cast. My question is, wasn't Dine Alone the Canadian company it should have been paid to and Shop Radio Cast was for the US and international? I'm just wondering because I ended up paying $17 for shipping on two LPs, and paying it to the US supplier. I thought I read earlier that it was supposed to be Dine Alone?
  5. Yeah mine says Page is temporarily unavailable. I guess it's sheer volume that knocked it down
  6. Least I wasn't the only one having trouble with credit card. Guess I had to charge my purchase for me and my friend right through paypal and my bank account. Gotta get the guy to pay up ASAP now. Regardless, got the Red Tree and I'm happy. Now I own both editions
  7. Hey, I'm looking to get as much of the Energy vinyl I can get my hands on. I think my collection is nearly complete (I have the DID/Secrets singles on route), but I believe I am missing two different Record Release 7" and test pressings. If you have anything that's not on this list and are willing to part with it, please send me a message. Thanks Energy - Invasions Of The Mind (Blue) /500 Energy - Invasions Of The Mind (Orange) /800 Energy - Invasions Of The Mind (Teal) /200 Energy - Children Of The Night (Black Test Pressing) 7/25 Energy - Children Of The Night (Orange/Red) /165 Energy - Children Of The Night (Transition Black/Red) /35 Energy - Race The Sun (Black) /300 Energy - Race The Sun (Translucent Purple) /700 Energy - Walk Into The Fire (Translucent Orange) Energy - Walk Into The Fire (Translucent Purple)
  8. Awesome! We might do a little give away of a test press. You could just give it to me, no?
  9. Daniel does excellent work with his releases. Definitely support him and his releases
  10. Ordered all 3. Gotta keep up with my Energy collection. Only missing the record release covered 7" and any possible test pressings I could get my hands on.
  11. Ordered. So glad they did a repress. Now I just need Ruiner for my collection! I'd love a silk screen poster. Doubt I'll get it though