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  1. exclusive colour / merch available on his webstore too: https://shop.owenmusic.com/ this covers the announced variants so far: Cloudy Clear w/ Light Blue & Gold Splatter /300 (Owen Webstore) TP /50 (PV) Colour in Colour /1000 (PV. Early Bird) Cloudy Clear (PV. Standard Retail) Cream / Green Splatter /200 (BSM) Black /800 (BSM)
  2. didn't want to split the segue between tracks 2/3 also, who wants to flip a record?
  3. 10am EST. there will likely only be ~30 gold available the rest will be available in-store.
  4. thanks guys.. this is the new damage retail variant - Lava /200. https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/counterparts-nothing-left-to-love-lava-lp
  5. depending on which variant you got it should be shipping.. there was a delay at the plant for the galaxy pressing and those are shipping late unfortunately!
  6. There are definitely more copies. Pls do not buy these aftermarket.
  7. that being said, i always felt like the people bootlegging Yeezus fucked up by not doing a clear record in a PVC sleeve with a big sticker.
  8. also sounds like def jam is gonna have his friend fired right in time for christmas.
  9. list is out: https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases
  10. self-released, still hoping to bring copies in for sale but we won't be involved in the release! something i haven't seen addressed yet, this feels like it should be 2LP? i don't see that mentioned but its 20 songs
  11. a separate company handles his official store so i'd email them asking about that... i can only speak to the DA store, ours ships combined once the album arrives