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  1. we'll likely have leftovers of the Wintersleep 7" and AOF tapes, i cant imagine the nil vinyl will last the day. the AOF tapes are /300, we'll have ~150 for sale and the band will be selling the others next week.
  2. received our copies and updated the product listing to reflect the actual colour vs. mockup
  3. AND YOU GUYS WERE WORRIED YOU WOULDN'T GET A GLOW COPY!! a special tip for my vc-ers who missed out and shouldn't pay aftermarket prices: these will be hitting retail soon and they are in open top polybags...... just don't buy them up and flip them like a dingus
  4. exactly this! the records for the deluxe were manufactured separately and we had a handful of leftovers so i thought people might be interested in it as a separate release. not trying to piss off collectors, just putting the overs to a good use
  5. a few orders were cancelled because of people buying too many so 3 more were just added to inventory.
  6. new black mountain! Dine Alone Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear /1000 https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/black-mountain/products/black-mountain-destroyer-lp
  7. my wallet doesn't agree but i hope they keep doing this for all their releases. im stoked to see the screen printed jacket!
  8. to clarify for the detailed collectors - our "pale blue" is the same colour as polyvinyl's "light blue". they're being pressed at the same time, the only difference we're only pressing /400 that will have dine alone labels, jackets, etc.
  9. its supposed to but who knows! it'll probably turn out looking like purple splatter and everyone will want a refund
  10. Dine Alone! https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/the-get-up-kids