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  1. Justin runs Underground Communiqué Records, a rad record label that has released records from bands like Methadones, Break Anchor, Shot Baker and a ton more. We chat about his history putting together the label, what it’s like to be a one man label, and how the times have changed in the industry. Take a listen here: http://whoacast.com/2013/06/17/episo...ustin-schwier/
  2. Ian is THE DIY dude in Chicago. His band,Voice of Addiction, has toured the US numerous times, and Ian has an interesting background, not so different from my own. He tells me his tricks for keeping it cheap on the road, the camaraderie of the punk scene, and we chat about everything from outdoor festivals to the state of rust belt. iTunes, Web -- Mizzi
  3. Here’s the first show! Dan Vapid is my guest and we chatted about his metal roots and how it led to punk rock, his vast history of bands, and what’s going on with Dan Vapid and The Cheats. If you are in a band, go to the page to submit your band for inclusion in the show! http://whoacast.com/2013/06/03/episode-1-dan-vapid/ Thanks! -- Mizzi
  4. Whoa! Records is giving away a pair of tickets to Black Christmas 2012 in Detroit! We will also be present at the show with all of our records for sale, including some discounts on package deals! Check it out! http://www.whoarecords.net/2012/12/20/black-christmas-2012-ticket-giveaway/
  5. The Few and Far Between / Cruise Italy Split 7" is now available! Also, because of a shipping error at the plant, they sent us some extra test pressings to compensate. You can stream the tunes and buy here: http://whoarecords.limitedrun.com/products/504348. We are having a sale through Sunday. $2 off every order, and free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the support! Joe Whoa! Records
  6. We have announced the winners of the Whoa! Records Turntable Frenzy!!! Check them out at the link before... http://www.whoarecords.net/september-october-2012-subscriber-drive/ Thanks to everyone who entered!
  7. Thanks for all the entries everyone! Still a few weeks left!
  8. Sometimes two things that are amazing on their own come together through some twist of fate, and a legendary team is formed. Continuing the tradition of great collaborations, veteran Detroit (and Brooklyn) indie rockers Few and Far Between join Cruise Italy on a new 7″ split from Whoa! Records. The split is available for preorder now at the Whoa! Records store and features a new track from both bands. The record is a study in contrast. While Cruise Italy takes a carefully wrought, melodic approach on their track, Young Villains, Few and Far Between take a more aggressive tack. On one side, Few and Far Between’s track Left for Dead is a hawkish missive about trying to find the inspiration to break out of the routine of our workaday lives. Its anthemic choruses are made truly powerful with help from Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines/Break Anchor/Hellmouth) On the other side, Cruise Italy charts a more measured and poetic approach with their contribution to the record. The warm and somber tone of Young Villains weaves a tale of someone taking a leap and starting a new life. The contrasting tones of each track make for a perfect combination. This is a record you’re not going to want to miss out on. So, head over to the Whoa! Records store and order your copy of the Few and Far Between/Cruise Italy split. This is a limited edition release, only 500 copies will be pressed. If you would like to reserve your copy to pick up at the release show, and not be charged for shipping, please use the code PICKUP at checkout. Few and Far Between and Cruise Italy along with Old Mission, will play a release show Nov. 21 at Small’s in Hamtramck. Doors are at 8 p.m., tickets are $7, 18 and up are welcome. RSVP on Facebook.
  9. Don't miss out! Thanks everyone for supporting us. We have new release and show announcements coming soon!
  10. Lots of traffic from vinyl collective! Thanks everyone!
  11. This record came out over the summer on Whoa! Records. You can grab a copy direct from us here. It's a fantastic record by an all female band. Here's a better description:
  12. Day 5! Thanks again to everyone who has signed up. If you haven't, please do! I'm planning to do more of these, and some other cool giveaways as soon as this one finishes, so you don't want to miss the updates!
  13. Thanks everyone! Good to hear I did this thing right! We are a small but growing label, so taking listens to our stuff is much much much appreciated.