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  1. Dudes: For the love of god, start your own threads.
  2. Dude, you should start your own ISO post rather than hijacking this one.
  3. Sorry, I searched “ISO” and didn’t turn anything up, I hadn’t thought to also search “sales” - thank you for the correction and the link.
  4. Hello all, I’ve been hunting a good used copy of this particular album on what I believe was the Hot Topic exclusive color but I haven’t been able to turn anything up. Does anyone have a copy they’d be willing to sell that’s in VG+ or better condition? If so, slide on into my DMs! EDIT: Victory-exclusive color, not Hot Topic! Also, my apologies for not searching “sales” - I just searched “ISO” before posting this and didn’t turn anything up.
  5. 2017 has been a great year for good music. Looks like 2018 will keep the train rolling.
  6. Ah man, I can picture them but I don't have them. Can't remember the artists name but I remember they were very bright and with a lot of black ink on 'em!
  7. Bumping! Buff - I was actually at that show and managed to snag one of those already!
  8. Also, here's a link of the ones I'm *really really* looking for, if anyone has any leads! https://imgur.com/gallery/BxoRv
  9. Hey! Can you PM me some photos? Not familiar with this one.
  10. Bump action - still looking for any not referenced above