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  1. It might have to be Mothership for me
  2. DBM was the first record I had heard so when I went back to listen to the ep, I just couldn't get into it
  3. Happiness and DBMII are at the bottom for me, along with the ep.
  4. Really got into the last album but the new song just doesn’t really grab me. I’ll wait for a second single before I preorder.
  5. dgdarti20 for 20% off edit: guess they fixed it so it no longer applies.
  6. Should have been box set v2. At least give me a cool container for 250$
  7. I did that same. I’m convinced it’s just the original files.
  8. I got a shipping notification yesterday.
  9. Nateisgame

    PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    My book is currently making my table level. I live on the side of a hill.
  10. Guess they figured out it’s a 2x lp
  11. Nateisgame

    Want: Vanna/Therefore I Am - Split 7"

    Epic bump bro. Fuck. Now I bumped too.
  12. Nateisgame

    WTB- Dance Gavin Dance-Mothership

    I wish you luck in your findings. I cant unsee your name as anal bum cover.
  13. Nateisgame

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    Oh fuck patience is rewarded