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  1. Nateisgame

    PO: Copeland - Blushing 2/14/19

    I'll preorder soon. I've got time until Feb. I don't want to be rushed.
  2. Nateisgame

    PO: Emarosa - Peach Club (2/6/2019)

    New song is great. A natural progression for the last album.
  3. There's vinyl at merchnow
  4. Nateisgame

    PO: Emarosa - Peach Club

    Almost jumped on the bundle but all I need is the record. So I’ll wait.
  5. It’s funny, with Coheed the songs I end up skipping tend to become real growers for me.
  6. New song is fantastic
  7. It might have to be Mothership for me
  8. DBM was the first record I had heard so when I went back to listen to the ep, I just couldn't get into it
  9. Happiness and DBMII are at the bottom for me, along with the ep.
  10. Really got into the last album but the new song just doesn’t really grab me. I’ll wait for a second single before I preorder.
  11. dgdarti20 for 20% off edit: guess they fixed it so it no longer applies.
  12. Should have been box set v2. At least give me a cool container for 250$