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  1. My bundle is delayed cause of the face mask. Sighhhh
  2. Keep getting an error trying to add the black splatter to cart. Sold out?
  3. Got fucked. Oh well. Congrats to those who could nab anything.
  4. I ordered the original 6 pack with the /100. My order has no black on the sheet. So I’m missing the half orange half red with mustard splatter
  5. Well got pretty screwed by MerchNow. They sent me a black in my 6 pack instead of the half orange and red.
  6. I still can’t get in. Is the password wrong or what? edit: yup. The password in my email was wrong.
  7. Hmm it looks like the 40 might be a typo. Merchnow has the same mockup as a 400
  8. It’s a drop down menu when you click on the vinyl
  9. Hey mon! Now's there's variant #47, the rasta tri-color on merchnow.
  10. I got shipping notice from merchnow weeks ago.. but they closed their warehouse, so there it sits.