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  1. warhenrecords

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Last three copies of The True Loves - Famous Last Words LP going up at 12Noon Eastern TODAY. After this, it's gone forever. Not being repressed. Or at least, not any time soon. Act quick & good luck! https://warhenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warhen024-famous-last-words-lp
  2. warhenrecords

    PO: Diarrhea Planet - Turn To Gold

    It was only a matter of time. Last record was a dud IMO.
  3. warhenrecords

    The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'

    Need to grab Joy and still need to pick up Freedom's Goblin. Been slackin' on Ty releases.
  4. Alright goddammit. The records finally showed up and I've been getting them ready for the past two nights. All pre-orders from me are going in the mail tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience. If anyone is curious why this took so long, I suggest you do a search for Merchant Vinyl on FB and read what you find. The MV page has been conveniently deactivated, but there are some public posts that will shed some light on why it took forever.
  5. warhenrecords

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    It was a long time coming but finally got them and shipped all pre-orders. Didn't even have them in my possession for 24hrs before they went back out the door. Enjoy. Also for anyone who was wondering what took so long, I suggest doing a search for Merchant Vinyl on FB and reading what you find. Their page has been conveniently deactivated, but there are some public posts that will shed some light on why this whole thing took forever.
  6. warhenrecords

    PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Middle Cyclone is among her best IMO.
  7. They can keep reissuing all of these Chop records and I'll happily purchase every last one. Oh(Ohio) is the record that got me into them. The Live at XX Merge release is a top 3 live record of the last 15 years IMO.
  8. warhenrecords

    PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    I probably need to spend more time with it, but I was not impressed.
  9. Goddammit yes. Incredible band. Criminally underrated in the states.
  10. easy pass on that bakers dozen box. anyone have a lead on where to find a reasonably priced Billy Breathes? lol at the $70 price tag on discogs. or better to just wait for the wider release?
  11. warhenrecords

    Malkmus & Jicks- Sparkle Hard- May 18

    Record rules hard. Took a few listens to grow on me but I dig it for sure. Can't wait for the show in DC!
  12. warhenrecords

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Oh man. Is there ever. This whole process has been nothing short of a disaster. So sorry to everyone who has been waiting so patiently during this whole thing. I'm right on the cusp of pulling the plug and giving everyone a refund. As of mid-May, production at GZ ceased (who, I think, initially are the ones who fucked everything up in the first place) and was moved to an operation in Florida that was local to Merchant Vinyl, with the understanding that this was going to be a "rush job, 2.5 weeks, 911-style turnaround, with a significant discount." We said great, you have until June 1 (which was exactly 3 weeks). MV said great too and that everything was rolling. Well here we are on June 5 with no records, and despite their promise, they whiffed. Again. I'm currently in the web of getting a refund for the initial pressing, so I can re-submit payment. The last email I got from MV that explained all of this, finished with the line "let me be very clear, you will get your records by July 1." I thought it was a typo, so I inquired and got the response "June 1 ain't happening." Like those were legit the words used. WTF. Band is pissed obviously (not at me thankfully) because they've missed out on several opportunities to sell their record. So now I'm waiting for this refund to transfer from MV and then was gonna see if the band wanted to make a clean break. Planning on doing a mass update here in the next few days when I get an answer. There is part of me that is like "well we've waited this long, may as well see it through" but then there is a much bigger part of me that has been losing sleep and having anxiety attacks about this and just wants it all to be over. This mess has killed dead any forward momentum this little label had. It's been tough to stay positive. Of course I'd rather give the customer the record and not a refund, but at this point I'm just tired of thinking about it and want to focus on future records and leave this shit in the past. Wish I had better news, but I don't. So maybe records July 1? Or maybe a refund in the next few days. Really could go either way at this point. I would recommend, if there are any folks in this thread paying attention to this whole deal who also run a small label, to never, ever use Merchant. Total disaster all the way across the board - from communication, to customer service, to pricing, to timeline... everything. What is most strange about it is that I had GREAT experiences with them on two prior releases. But man, total 180. I have a friend in Richmond who went to them for his record and he is in the same boat. And I guess if I were to take comfort in anything, it is that I'm not the only one dealing with this shit, but it's hard to take comfort in that because it fucking sucks.
  13. warhenrecords

    Oh Sees- Smote Reverser- Aug 17

    You should check out Zack Mexico. This song rips. Super excited to see Oh Sees in Richmond later this year.
  14. warhenrecords

    Malkmus & Jicks- Sparkle Hard- May 18

    Radical, thank you Sunshine!