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  1. My copy arrived the other day and I absolutely love the packaging and the records look fantastic (the non-grey rainbow splatter). I haven't spun it yet (listening to it later), but I can see a few mild handling/scuffs on it, no scratches, just hope this doesn't affect the playback.
  2. HOT math-rock/jazz/instrumental jangle from these boys https://alarmist.bandcamp.com/album/sequesterer
  3. This comment is nearly vapour it's that outdated.
  4. Amazon.ca revealed their tiny bollocks and have cancelled my order for the FF VII vinyl. Anyone else? Let's cry together.
  5. Captured Tracks and Temporary Residence have $7-10 shipping via DHL which is far more digestible than the $18-25 range a lot of labels ship with. But I guess this always has and will be an issue... That's just the cost of liking stuff from far away!
  6. AGHH https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/collections/box-sets/products/volume-1-2004-2012 EDIT: Alas, the $75.56 shipping is a killer for me so I'm a noooopey.
  7. MGS info https://mashable.com/article/metal-gear-solid-sdcc-exclusives-how-to-get/ That SDCC exclusive looks peng. Oooo.
  8. This is personal preference, but after having got to know an album in its original release tracklisting, I just prefer it. I feel the additional track just ruins the flow. Also, reason why I say "clunked"... is this just digital only or is it also on the vinyl copies: Oh, Hello ends > feedback wailing > track ends. Then Suspending Disbelief starts with the end of Oh, Hello's final drum hit > feedback > then into the track. The flow you talk about is completely lost, really lazy master if this is the case.
  9. FF7 LP for EU folk https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07TNVWQB2/ €55/shipped is GOOOOOOD. AND shiptoshore have 50% off VGM vinyl https://www.shiptoshoremedia.com/store Use code: VIDEOGAMEDAY19
  10. It's disgusting, but I need something that's an improvement in sound quality over the picture disc I have of Juturna, which isn't that anniversary edition (I actually preferred the track listing without suspending disbelief clunked in there).
  11. Sweet revive. The new Snooze album is super fun https://wearesnooze.bandcamp.com/album/familiaris
  12. Really rreeeaaally love this but anyone know of any EU distros picking it up so I don't get spanked by shipping?
  13. Thanks for sharing this, it's fantastic. I weeded the allotment to this and it made a shit job a really happy one. Buying this up if I can find a distro/group-buy.
  14. Maybeshewill's I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone is being reissued. This currently goes for £50+ on discogs so look forward to owning a copy finally (they were sold out when I saw them touring this) https://www.banquetrecords.com/maybeshewill/i-was-here-for-a-moment%2C-then-i-was-gone/FUNC041LP https://www.normanrecords.com/records/125286-maybeshewill-i-was-here-for-a-moment-then-i-was-gone