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  1. IKR. Just press You And Me and everyone will love real hard.
  2. Appreciate you. You're my deal king.
  3. My friend received his picture disc and can confirm it sounds like shit.
  4. Work's been dry for months here and anything that was in the pipeline just vanished understandably, so really am out of the job and broke. But I'm not going to let that get me down! I've made a video with comedian/actor Matt Lucas to help raise awareness for the Feed NHS campaign here in the UK. It's a silly song from, like, a 90s TV show and Matt asked me to put some visuals to it and a few sleepless nights later and we just released it a few hours ago. You don't have to donate, just hope it can bring some joy. Stay healthy.
  5. Received mine today and have spun twice and it's equal chill and lovely, but it's not as immediate as the previous two LPs PROBABLY BECAUSE I've had it playing in the background when I need to concentrate on stuff... it's seeping and creeping on me though, getting some melodies caught up in here.
  6. Bump from behind (because I'm a power top) LAC LAC LAC LAC. This shit grooves under my skin like hookworm being treated with antibiotics. Vinyl and digital here: https://lacband.bandcamp.com/album/yolanda
  7. I've been really looking forward to this. Never had a band grow on me quite like them and always find myself spinning Life In Cycles when I need some catchy jams. Just waiting for EU store to get updated and I'll be all over this.
  8. I am fully here for the Spice Girls vinyl and absolutely chuffed to be able to have this slice from my childhood in my collection, and I'll remember back to the days I would hide my Spice Girls cassettes inside Oasis and Blur cases so no one would know about my amazing tastes in music!
  9. Here's the cool variant you've been waiting for. https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/The-Greatest-Hits-Limited-Edition-Picture-Disc-Vinyl/65490000000 A picture disc. A real tragedy for such iconic music.
  10. This is looooking very likely. Just found this recent live set with some new stuff in there AND MISSING THIRD GUITARIST *gasp* [PS: how nice is that boxset?! I must've spun Goodbye Melody Mountain a million times now]
  11. Just looked at the line-up for Arctangent this year and super pumped that The Samuel Jackson Five are apart of the lineup so hoping that means new album time! (Also Totorro appear to be touring again so maybe new material there but wrong thread)
  12. I think it's code for "not the best math-rock album". Which hurts my feelings because we still haven't found the answer to the thread and it's 2020 already.
  13. More revival, this one's HOT in my jimjams. Two guys making this much noise gets me off. https://aimingforenrike.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-working-out
  14. One school boy error I made was using those large plastic tubs. They get heavy real quick, buckle and bend under the weight and eventually the bottom breaks and handles snap. I was lucky to get mine in the house as one of mine broke. Besides cardboard being a bit more sturdy (and smaller, so you don't overload them and easier for removals), they have the power bonus of becoming mulch once all the tape was removed!