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  1. Ah, I believe it's a service you need an account for, DHL eCommerce (not DHL Express) or so I gather from Omnian's FAQs. Not sure how financially viable this is for labels though, but hope it's something worth considering, especially since USPS international shipping hike.
  2. Captured Tracks (and Temporary Residence use to) use DHL International which is $8. They get really special kisses from me.
  3. There are options outside of USPS that are far cheaper and don't require proxies/distributers. But really hope either option is easy on him; I want more records from him.
  4. I read on his story the preorder might go up on Monday.
  5. Good lord, Skeletal Lightning are putting out some good shit like this whole album is just insane and I love it. Like emo mixed with some 80s elements or something. https://movershaker.bandcamp.com/
  6. Also 40% off some more stuff here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sme/rival-records/Save-up-to-40/so.html?_soffType=SaleEvent&_soffid=5681607200
  7. Have to agree the green var was a bit meh, but thankfully this album is too fantastic and don't care about the colour, too busy jamming this.
  8. I missed the Amazon uk window of opportunity, but I see them on eBay for £25ish a pop. So I'm going to wait for this incredibly low key release to come out and see what comes of it then (famous last words)
  9. Brilliant. They just need to reissue incubus branded flesh tunnels plugs for full effect.
  10. Wow, this is so sudden but hugely welcome, I need all of these. I'll wait to see if Insideout update their site tomorrow as I want to order the new Leprous all in one hit.
  11. TL;DW? Here's 40mins condensed into a handy list: 1) clean your Thin Lizzy LP using a brush or windex 2) hook your turntable's audio prongs up to a soundcard (ground to pre-amp/paper clip if your turntable is ancient) 3) download audacity and change audio preferences to use said soundcard. 4) slap record in audacity and play your record. Don't forget to flip it. Make sure to walk really heaviliy nearby. (Optional step: add "vinyl noise" SFX onto recording for extra authenticity then use EQ to crank the treble) 5) export recording to a high quality 128kbps MP3 and put it on your Zune. I'll do another 40 minute tutorial soon on how to put this MP3 on your Zune.
  12. The Mega Man 1-11 Collection boxset. Set your wallet on fire. UK/EU https://www.lacedrecords.co/collections/mega-man/products/mega-man-1-11-the-collection US: https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/mega-man/products/mega-man-1-11-the-collection
  13. Whilst this sucks, this is also back in stock in all the links posted in this thread so you shan't miss out. International orders might want to try that Udiscover or Sound of Vinyl stores as they have US/EU stores (I think/hope - not sure if they're distros or not, but hopefully might be cheaper for postage).