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  1. whoa

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Spacelab9 have announced they're doing a repress of the Skyrim ambient noises (dragon fart SFX) LP AND Fallout 4 boxset.
  2. whoa

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Resident Evil 1 & 2 OSTs up on Laced Records https://www.lacedrecords.co/collections/resident-evil RE1 is the 2002 Gamecube music and RE2 is the original 1998 music.
  3. whoa

    PO NOW: Idlewild - Interview Music

    I wished they'd reissue The Remote Part.
  4. HA! Love that comparison. Really do recommend the Max Payne 3 OST if you just want instrumentals. That OST bangs and is criminal there's no vinyl of that.
  5. That shipping kills it for me. Nearly. I'm trying to justify it myself as I really like this; the jangles-to-doomy-wall-of-sound ratio is just right this time of year!
  6. Been listening to this Be Forest - Knocturne today, think this sits in with this thread and needs some love. https://wwnbb.bandcamp.com/album/wwnbb-099-knocturne
  7. Yeah it is. Tbh, totally cool with the delay (got the standard editions to keep me going) and glad they're not rushing out something that the band wouldn't be happy with.
  8. Uh oh I am just emailing regarding the order you placed with mewithoutYou. Unfortunately there is a delay with this as there has been some issues with the pressing. This delay means the release for this has been pushed back until Spring 2019. I'm really sorry about this.
  9. Nice, love this band. Drift have an Indies green variant up.
  10. whoa

    Athletics - BFRSD

    I haven't received mine, it shipped in December, tracking went quiet mid-Dec. Then I received another, fresh shipping notification early Jan :S
  11. Finally! UK customers can grab this for £21: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GZSVG8W?tag=upcomingvinyl-20# On mobile, there's a banner that says "Get £5 promo code" when looking at this on a mobile browser. Login and add it to your basket (so it carries over - couldn't find this in the app). Install the Amazon app, login, scroll down the homepage and there should be the £5 promo banner. Click it, click redeem. Checkout and it should auto apply itself when you get to the card details page.
  12. Really REALLY love this album hard and is up there for me for AOTY. Even my husband loves it. Wished we were in the UK when they toured here, just missed them by a day.
  13. http://www.pinegroveband.com/products/632340-skylight Not sure what merch site they're using but it's super broken on mobile. Also yay, this is great album.