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  1. Flat packed as a letter with cute little instructions in mwY font how to put it together.
  2. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/130644-po-now-mewithoutyou-collectors-editionseverything-else-thread/?do=findComment&comment=2950949
  3. Wow, gotta appreciate how boring this gif makes the game seem 😂
  4. The Outer Worlds https://store.privatedivision.com/en/merchandise/buy-the-outer-worlds-original-soundtrack-vinyl-edition
  5. A replacement belly band showed up today with a note inside: --- THIS IS A REPLACEMENT BELLYBAND Due to a proofing error, the bellyband sent with your collector's edition for It's All Crazy… was missing its designated LP number on the spine. This design element is crucial not only to the release, but to the others like it, as they are meant to be numerically grouped together in a collection. So for the posterity of this album and the other albums in the series you have been sent a new version of the bellyband to replace the one you initially received. Please feel fr
  6. Whilst we're in a brutal limbo between singles and the release, Charlie put out a solo album the other month which is lovely. https://charliemartin.bandcamp.com/album/imaginary-people
  7. QR code front cover is a very pandemic vibe. In case people missed it from the other thread, here's a single
  8. One of life's many joys is discovering an artist and realising they have a whole back catalogue waiting for you to dive in. EDIT: Also… Peeling an orange all in one go, no breakages. That's satisfying af VMP variant looks the best. But can't be arsed with importing it and all that faff, so will grab the pink from a store here. Link in my post above appear to work apart from the Austin stores' exclusives.
  9. Actually thought Cranberry was the debut, until I saw it lurking on Spotify a couple hours ago. Bought it. It's damn great.
  10. Title track is fantastic From the label. Waiting on stores linked here for POs to post Indies pink (Rough Trade: UK / USA , other stores click link above) /??? Blue (Austin record stores exclusive to Waterloo, End of an Ear, Antones) /??? VMP Marble /300
  11. LOVE TSR copped this. Anyone looking to bulk out their order with some hotties, definitely grab that Addy LP along with Mid Air Thief. Also really liked Bellows and new Field Mouse LPs too.
  12. It's one of the logged calls from the game, so, you're spot on the money with your guess.
  13. Exact same, it feels a bit disjointed on first listen and nothing really was standing out, but need to dig deeper into it I think, there's something there that's lodging some riffs into my brain already.
  14. Same. It haunts me. Really hope there's a restock as I cringe at the time I added it to basket, forgot to check out and went to the pub, came home to find it sold out.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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