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  1. I'm on the fence a little with this one, so going to wait for another single/full stream before going in. I liked their last LP, but it's not something I spin at all now.
  2. Aw his voice sounds all cuddly like he's reading me a bedtime story and I like that.
  3. For EU folk wanting this, Bleep have an exclusive variant https://bleep.com/release/194929-c418-minecraft-vol-beta ChipFreq is awaiting on Ghostly's lenticular and colour LP stock to finalise if you want that version. Else most UK/EU stores are stocking black vinyl+lenticular cover variants only (and some will have normal cover and colour vinyl for some odd reason).
  4. On will definitely play it on the strength of that soundtrack. Max Payne is great, you'll probably find 1 and 2 frustrating by today's standards (controls are wonk now), but I really got stuck in with those games. I bleet on about how criminial it is that the HEALTH ost to Max Payne 3 never saw wax. It's one of the few games that get a unique OST and it's a shame that labels have overlooked it in lieu for something more generic/bland. Like, I don't think anyone needed that Shadow Of The Tomb Raider OST; The most forgettable ost ever.
  5. Haven't played Control, but the OST is fantastic.
  6. So I imagine this album would have me excited when being sat at my table. Not quite listening in on the music yet as I'm talking to the waiting staff, they're nice people, a bit robotic and we share a laugh. Maybe a bit flirty? I can't read this guy, but would take him out for a drink. Oh yeah, the album is on now, I think. So I'll have one of those tiny starters that cost $20-40 a piece because it contains some foraged pubes and ants and that pie please. Sounds lovely. Gin and tonic to start with and a bottle of your second cheapest house white please. Hope my partner doesn't mind me flirting with the waiter again but he just has those "Go to bed" eyes that years of staring a 1000 yards does to a man. Did the track change? Can't tell. Anyway, my starter is out and it's just great, wow, taking one for the gram, nice gin? It's cheap Gordon's gin for fuck sake, but I won't fight. Here's comes our main and the waiter is walking like John Wayne and good lord I could go for some of that right now, but I can't make it too obvious as my partner is really starting to notice I'm laughing at everything he says and does HAHAHAH yes please more second cheap wine please HAHAHAHAH. This is NOT A PIE it's a LIDDED STEW FUCK THIS PLACE FUCK THEM but I will eat all of this and not complain one bit but will leave a polarising 1 star review even though we otherwise had a nice time. No dessert, bill please. Fuck was this music on a loop or was that the album? Okay then.
  7. This does it for me. Just a shame there aren't any EU distros for this.
  8. Aw man, gonna suck not having Farewell on this LP; a track that embodies what a good closer should be called and sound like!
  9. Dish On Ore... D https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/dishonored?mc_cid=cb3ff20556&mc_eid=32079f6438
  10. Just on my first listen of the Combo Qazam and it's tickling some math vibes I needed right now. https://tinyroomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/flight-music
  11. More in the indie twinkle rock area, but OG math rock roots (OR JAZZ IDK), Kraken Quartet have put a release out with Adobo providing vocals. I love Naïve https://thekrakenquartet.bandcamp.com/ TWO DRUMMERS FOR SOME REASON
  12. Don't shell out huge bucks for it. It's not the best sounding record, there's the typical roar sound which is quiet after the first initial needle hit which is typical, but it's far better than some other picture discs I've had the pleasure of hearing (Dua Lipa's latest is the worst offender). I haven't played the remake yet, but the remake OST is absolutely fantastic, far better than the original I'd say. The battle music is next level. I hope someone gives that a full fat press.