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  1. Updated the thread and snagged both boxset splatter and solitude galaxy haze. Any ideas on numbers? I saw /500 for each for the box and another 500 for solitude, but not sure of the split per variant. This has been a spendy week between this and a surfboard so no one tell my husband!
  2. https://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/solitude 1st pressing /500 Black and Royal Blue Galaxy Haze /??? Coke bottle in clear on clear splatter /??? Boxset /500 https://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/beacons Opaque splatter /200 Milky clear /300
  3. Hype is unreal right now. Since there's new music, think we should have another thread
  4. Now this is out fully, how's everyone feeling about this one? I feel like the drip feeding of the tracks was a bad idea, they work together well as an album but not individually which did this album no favours in creating hype for itself. I've had a change of opinion since having the full thing to listen through and, whilst it's a step away from the catchy song writing, there's plenty of melodies to get caught up in along with some solid instrumental work. It's a welcome step forward from We Will All Be Gone whilt not completely wrecking the Good Tiger sound I love.
  5. Both my Morning View and Make Yourself LPs sound absolutely crystal clear and fantastic. I had a previous Make Yourself 2013 repress and they're both the same in terms of quality I'd say, the colour LP doesn't affect the playback quality and was a welcome replacement to my tired out 2013 pressing. I only had Morning View on CD previously and would happily say it sounds much better than my CD copy in that it sounds huge and far more open. Like, MV was already a fantastic recording anyway, but this LP does it so much justice.
  6. Completely agree with this. I've spun IHTHH the other day and the lyrics aren't exactly creative. I felt their first lp, one day…, just rung a bell with me and loved that LP. But IHTHH, I never really listened that deeply to it, but it jarred on this listen. If the topics were from experience then it should speak for that some more, and not read like a wiki definition of a Twitter tending topic.
  7. Actually thought the shipping was going to be hideous given it's in USD, but guessing there's a UK/EU distro getting that shipping down to $5, which is damn fine by me.
  8. If you're ordering anything from iam8bit, use code MinnMax for 10% off.
  9. Fuuuccckkkaanng 'ell but okay. They were the first bands I ever saw live, playing a cute little venue in Plymouth. I just about got in as it was an 18+ gig (think I was 13/14 at the time) and I celebrated by drinking one big boys plastic sippy cup of larger!
  10. I'm on the fence a little with this one, so going to wait for another single/full stream before going in. I liked their last LP, but it's not something I spin at all now.
  11. Aw his voice sounds all cuddly like he's reading me a bedtime story and I like that.