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  1. Not sure if this has been posted already, but I really enjoyed A Burial At Sea's debut LP. A little ASIWYFA vibe in places I guess, maybe a little Tortorro, I dunno. They go from having some fun riffs to opening up into some bigger moments. Sadly missed out on the /100 var. This is a pretty neat label too, some good stuff to check out here. https://momentofcollapserecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-burial-at-sea
  2. Up in the EU store for those who don't want to be hurt anymore (by shipping fees) https://mewithoutyou.awesomedistro.com/
  3. Yeah I'm in for this, they can do no wrong. Close To The Glass is up there as one of the most inventive albums.
  4. BITCH FALCON https://bitchfalcon.bandcamp.com/album/staring-at-clocks Yes that's a band name. And it's a bloody neato album for a trio with such a huge sound. I sometimes got a bit of Marriages vibes from the singer, but less gloom more bloom in its more upbeat, yet somber approach.
  5. Firewatch repress (Kickstarter, already funded). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisremo/firewatch-original-soundtrack-on-vinyl
  6. https://www.banquetrecords.com/deftones/white-pony-(20th-anniversary)/WPONY20 Indies exclusive appears to be an art print? Okay…
  7. I've ordered stuff from Indonesia that's arrived in the UK within a week via DHL. Hope you get the goods in quick.
  8. Niiiceeee. Love that album too. Slowly creeping towards a Remote Part reissue hopefully.
  9. Shocking! That's the only one I'm ordering due to it being wall to wall bangers.
  10. Direct info from Blacktop Records, pre-orders will open for You & Me and The Dream on the 2nd of October, so that's going to be an expensive day. I guess keep an eye out here: https://blacktoprecords.bandcamp.com/merch Some info direct copy and paste. The Dream 300 - Opaque Hellfire 20 - Wax Mage You And Me 300 - Orange Creamsicle 20 - Wax Mage Rarities and B-Sides Final tracklisting, pressing numbers and colour variants TBD.
  11. Updated the thread and snagged both boxset splatter and solitude galaxy haze. Any ideas on numbers? I saw /500 for each for the box and another 500 for solitude, but not sure of the split per variant. This has been a spendy week between this and a surfboard so no one tell my husband!
  12. https://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/solitude 1st pressing /500 Black and Royal Blue Galaxy Haze /??? Coke bottle in clear on clear splatter /??? Boxset /500 https://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/beacons Opaque splatter /200 Milky clear /300
  13. Hype is unreal right now. Since there's new music, think we should have another thread
  14. Now this is out fully, how's everyone feeling about this one? I feel like the drip feeding of the tracks was a bad idea, they work together well as an album but not individually which did this album no favours in creating hype for itself. I've had a change of opinion since having the full thing to listen through and, whilst it's a step away from the catchy song writing, there's plenty of melodies to get caught up in along with some solid instrumental work. It's a welcome step forward from We Will All Be Gone whilt not completely wrecking the Good Tiger sound I love.

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