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  1. Lakeshore's on this, so we're getting closer to a physical release (I hope late summer).
  2. *bump* Think this sits in well here; My friends' band, Quiet Lions, have released their debut LP on Lonely Voyage (Lost in the Riots) which is damn good. https://quietlions.bandcamp.com/album/absenteeism-debut-album
  3. There's a 2xLP picture disc (vom) set for the FFVII remake. It's not clear but I think first lp is FFVIIR ost and the second is original ost. Or could be a mix through out. It's weird. Anyway, pre-orders go up go up July 7th and release January 31, 2020. Pricing is apparently 7777yen. Also, useless to me, but for folks in the US wanting a copy of 60DOS's great OST to No Man's Sky for CHEEAAAPP $21shipped, then look no further https://lightintheattic.net/releases/4935-no-man-s-sky-music-for-an-infinite-universe-4xlp-edition?fbclid=IwAR2AsYpyWovx5APm1sOdC3XZCKx3ZSFrZpQjhEwghZcmtsgm_tHwR9IDuAc
  4. We need answers. Did we figure out what the best ever math rock album is?
  5. The remaster is a bit flatter sounding (possibly quieter, but this could be bandcamps volume cap), ITCs master is on the brighter side. You could argue one sounds better than the other depending what kind of master you like, but I'm guessing this remaster is more true to how it should sound. Not major enough to need another version of this (as I quite like ITCs more energetic, brighter sounding master).
  6. https://skeletallightning.com/collections/latest-releases/products/vasudeva-life-in-cycles?variant=33856071758 Remastered and repressed. Will listen to the remaster tomorrow but not sure if I need to double dip on this.
  7. This album completely restored my post-rock mojo. Highly recommend it.
  8. Not much left but thinkgeek have an additional 75% off remaining clearance stock using code DOORBUSTER Borderlands: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/josi/ Last Guardian: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/kmrh/ And not vgm but Resident Evil Vendetta https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/knqo/
  9. I am LOVING this Pillars album, thanks for the recommendation. And finally gives me an excuse to order that Tides of Man repress too. Anyone else leaning towards these shorter instrumental/post-rock albums? They pack a lot more into a song or album and the length is easily digestible for return listens during rotation in a day/week. No hate on longer albums, I just eat a balance of smaller or normal sized meals, but occasionally one huge fucking lunch that ruins me for the day is nice too!
  10. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Weather-Signed-Limited-Edition-Clear-Vinyl/65AA0000000 CLEAR
  11. This is great, totally buying the LP of this. Thanks for sharing.
  12. <3 to the people who are skipping through the Skyrim Atmospheres to their favourite part; This release is literally just random piano hits in a reverb chamber whilst a thunderstorm oozes in and out. Srsly, I listen to a few OSTs to break up the other stuff mostly when working/masking the heavy breathing of my dog.
  13. Not sure just how MATH these guys are but Physics House Band have a new EP out soon. From their last album, because this song still shreds my insides like a cheesy baked potato.
  14. Super happy this got repressed. This album really got me into Rosetta and the genre as a whole, so got a lot of love to give*. *rip my wallet when it gets through customs
  15. Thanks @pmlevine, think I'll just hold out. I see Norman and, duh, Transmission pick up a lot of these releases so hopefully they'll get this too.