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  1. Whoa, that is nuts. I had a $5 (somehow) and $28 option. I guess with that shipping price hike I'm expecting my order to be cancelled (and fair enough).
  2. Leave a note and tell them to value the stuff on the label as $14 or less to scoop in on under that limit. They've done it with Pale Horses deluxe.
  3. BSM is up http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/625149-mewithoutyou-untitled-album-untitled-e-p-vinyl-bundle-preorder EDIT: But dropped dollar on the space bundle already so... whoops. International shipping was insanely cheap tho,
  4. New song bangs. UK Rough Trade also states it's /200, and we're getting a "handful". Hype! https://roughtrade.com/gb/music/cloud-nothings-last-building-burning
  5. This song is as soothing as an aloe vera kleenex <3
  6. From what I've read on their Insta, EU distro is being sorted after release. They might have copies on their tour though, so maybe try and catch them this month if you're close.
  7. Yup and still cleaning up for how great this was. Seriously, really into this album, and then Mosaic came on and knocked my drink over my desk. This is good shit.
  8. He keeps popping up on my twitter and he can't be doing that bad since he's holidaying in Vienna, Singapore, Disneyland Paris () and eating at The Gherkin Restaurant.
  9. whoa

    The Weezer Thread

    That vanishing Pinkerton is back, in snowy marbled white vinyl at UDiscover/Recordstore/Sound Of Vinyl
  10. Backing this. I'm on the south east coast, smack bang between there or Brighton. London is a mission to get to for gigs and getting back or staying there is insane. Really hope this works out and happy to be in on the ride.
  11. Mine's arrived and no download card. Do they send this stuff digitally on the release day though?
  12. On that /80 hype (ouch shipping). Finished my second listen through of the last album, love that, and got a feeling this'll be party times.
  13. GOOD. Dreamhouse had some fiddly diddly riffs on it, but the vocals made it sound samey and run of the mill post-hardcore. I'm waaay into this more now.
  14. I'm playing catch up here - I've only ever heard Dreamhouse - and now need to listen to Young And Courageous: did they drop the singer (wasn't really into his vocals) or has he melded into the band and decided no singing? What year is it?
  15. I too hold hopes for more K-Fly on vinyl.