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  1. Stoked for this album. Anyone know why "When The Pawn" never saw a vinyl release? That album had some killer production. Would love to hear it on vinyl.
  2. dude. Mew. that band... I have the "Why Are You Looking Grave" promo 7", but that's the closest I've gotten to Frengers. anyone know why they never released Glass Handed Kites on vinyl?
  3. goddamnit you guys. i just spent the last 45 minutes in a youtube rabbit hole of terrible music, ultimately ending in a rebecca black interview.
  4. Just dropped $60 on Pedro The Lion's Control, even though it's getting repressed. Great album. Been working up the balls to bid whatever it takes to own either You'd Prefer An Astronaut or Downward Is Heavenward.
  5. Grail material. I've been looking for a copy of YPAA for years. They typically go for $200+ Holding out for an eventual repress.
  6. I'm not sure how rare it is, but I have Poor Old Lu's Sin LP on white vinyl. Had it since like 96.