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  1. http://store.relapse.com/item/43738 1700 x Black Standard Gram 300 x Orange and Brown Merge with Bone White Splatter *Relapse.com Exclusive* 200 x Orange Krush Standard Gram *Indie Retailer Exclusive* (Not available through Relapse.com) Necrophagist's seminal, tech-death masterpiece Epitaph is once again available on vinyl for the first time since it's release in 2004! Uniting head-spinning musicianship, elaborate arrangements and an acute sense of dynamics within composition, Epitaph reset the bar for complexity and technique in modern-day death metal! Quote from Muhammed Suiçmez on Epitaph LP Reissue: "Epitap is such an important album to me as it had a big impact on my life and it still does. I am really happy to see it released in vinyl format again after being out of print for so long and am especially excited about the vinyl colors of the limited editions, as they turned out beautifully."
  2. Hi there, I'm looking to purchase this for a friend. Please let me know if you have it. Any variant will do. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for Curve of the Earth by Attack in Black on vinyl. Variant doesn't matter. Please let me know if you have it. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, You can get Safe to Say's 'With Everything in Between' LP for $13 shipped (within the US) here: http://sorrowcarrier.bigcartel.com/product/safe-to-say-with-everything-in-between Check the album out before buying it here: http://safetosayband.bandcamp.com/
  5. https://scontent-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/10713011_10152448416700954_6211068115544571799_n.jpg?oh=07463fa18d6d89e7a3167b86ea57e4c3&oe=54B2C473 Wayfarer picked up all the records! They're in hand. As mentioned above, order through http://sorrowcarrier.bigcartel.com/ for $4 media mail (shipping might be delayed until the next time I get to the USA, but I'll keep you up to date). I still have a bunch of the coloured vinyl.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the interest in this great record. I'm from Sorrow Carrier Records. USA friends, order through our store (http://sorrowcarrier.bigcartel.com/) to get $4 media mail, as I have a lovely USA distro guy (whom I actually met on VC!). Show your friends! Thanks for your interest!
  7. Hi there, I'm interested in buying the Brand New Fingerprint Crewneck in a small size. It looks like this. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/358388082818037323/ Please message me if you have it for sale. Thanks!
  8. What size are the shirts/post pics whenever you get home?
  9. I need the ATG/Decapitated! Does anyone know if that will be in stores or only online or...?
  10. Tried to post this earlier but it didn't work! I'm really interested in the Killswitch Engage Camo Flight Jacket pictured here: http://pear-lj.livejournal.com/53175.html Just let me know if you have it/what size (I'm down with pretty much everything). I'm also interested in old KSE merch in general, such as the other stuff at that link or stuff from TEOH-era or before (maybe even As Daylight Dies). Thanks all!
  11. Still some of both variants left! These would make perfect Christmas gifts for fans of Title Fight, Daylight, Basement, Citizen, Balance and Composure, Turnover, etc. Only $16 shipped within the USA! Anyone elsewhere, you can order them from the band http://safetosay.bigcartel.com Stream the album here so you know you won't be disappointed: http://safetosayband.bandcamp.com/album/with-everything-in-between Also, Sorrow Carrier shirts coming soon. Not sure if any of you would be into that, but these are going to be them (discharge print, so no dumb design cracking): 1472827_10151747660361017_1259075258_n.jpg