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  1. I got one of those mails about yellow being oversold too. Kind of weird since I ordered pretty much the minute it went up. They can't have gone through 500 yellow copies in that short time frame.
  2. The o sound is shorter, and the d would be close to silent - can be heard here by clicking the little speaker-symbol http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=undskyld
  3. Undskyld is the Danish word for 'sorry'. Not sure how to spell out the pronunciation, but it is not like 'unskilled'.
  4. My red version from the European print run doesn't pop or skip. The printed catalog number on the spine of that one is 081227933975.
  5. powerbytrust & throughbeingcruel: Søren here. Thanks for the kind words! The image above is mine, and for anyone needing to see what the live record looks like, I did actually post a picture of that earlier today. My package with the TWIABP stuff was shipped about three weeks back, so all of you still waiting should most likely get yours soon.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Where did you find the info about 'An Empty Bliss...' getting a repress?
  7. Am I missing something or is there no deluxe version up in the Kingsroad Merch EU store?
  8. I ordered when it went up at Northern Silence and got an email with payment info earlier today. I can imagine they are a bit busier than normal with the Ghost Bath orders ticking in, but they are usually quick about it.
  9. No Pears here either. I thought I had gotten it when a package from Fat Wreck showed up a few days back, but that one turned out to be the Joey Cape album instead.
  10. Kingsroad Merch confirmed that there is no insert for the European version. So if you need that, go for the US one instead.
  11. That sounds likely. Others have alerted me to their copies containing the CD-booklet, but all of those were from the US pressing. I haven't heard back yet from Kingsroad Merch EU, but they are usually quick to reply so it should be cleared up soon.
  12. Orange vinyl - http://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/defeater/view/?id=9034&cid=1332
  13. Ordered it at Kingsroad Merch EU. Epitaph Europe credentials on the back of the jacket. The record is done at the same Dutch plant they usually work with.

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