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  1. Ok done with price reductions. Make me a offer and I'll bulk sell these cheap. Greatly reduced from my last offer. Giving this one more shot and then sorting them. Thanks guys.
  2. I agree. A whole lot is a big chunk of cash to throw around. But the prices are greatly reduced, to the degree of saving over 50% if you were to bid/purchase each item. So I think the concept is good in theory, but we'll see how it turns out. If all else fails I'll just single them out and give a few away. I'd like to keep a few as they aren't worth shit and sonically, mean a lot. But whatever that cheesy line is, "my loss your gain," I'm using that one. I wish I could just give some away and keep some, but landlords don't do collateral loans for records, yet. Thanks for the interest guys. And I appreciate the compliments. Hit me up when you figure out your situation.
  3. Makes me wish Leo would have kept Man Alive going. It would have been such a cool label.
  4. I actually only have one copy. Album is so cool though. I believe it's the Birthday Cake variant. Pretty sure. First record I ever bought. And you got a steal on it for $10. That's awesome dude.
  5. Bulk price, $900 for every single thing. Please hurt my feelings and buy it all. Come at me with a realistic offer and I'll consider it. Thanks guys.
  6. Getting rid of everything. And it's sad, but it's time to go. My desire is to bulk sell everything. So buy everything and I'll cut you a deal. Or be choosey. It all just needs to go. Here's my Discogs account so I don't have to type it all out. If interested, message me here as my Discogs account likes to choose when it's going to notify me. http://www.discogs.com/user/A_Conventional_Death/collection
  7. Lemme know if interested in anything in my discogs account. http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=A_Conventional_Death
  8. the dude is some 29 year old, acting like he's got generations upon generations under his belt. a child in men's clothing. nothin' like a fake mentality, pretentious hair and sleeves like a tru [email protected] a total winner.
  9. guy takes hypothetical and fictitious story to heart, attempts to justify life in lieu of it. a person making minimum wage can create a 401k, you're lame. a claim that being elderly is awesome, you're lame again. being one of those people that talks up drinking, even at the tender age of 40, to being "the coolest thing ever, bro." god, need I say it again? you're lame. c'mon dawg, you can do better than that. oh and, ax7 ruuulllessssss.
  10. you better chill out, Freshmen Year. you need to go through a beating and an entire show of verbal abuse while four members poke your tiny dick with sticks. you don't just get to join THE crew. you need to prove that you're down. the final step is either a Lionheart or Hoods tattoo. you aren't even close, Freshman Year. you've gotta prove that you can take the heat of four Hardcore dudes straddling your bare and defenseless, naked body first. that's just how you earn your "H" tatt. you still gotta earn your "X" and "C" tatts, brosef. now get on your knees.
  11. see that kind of bullshit is exactly why I need to get my crew together. band needs a group of real, hard men to show them what true hardcore is.
  12. it was a joke. yall can get ya asses fucked and if you actually thought me and my "crew" were going to pay anyone back. clowns are clowns for believing a guy on the internet has a complete strangers back because his friends were loud.

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