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  1. It's been quite awhile since I've posted. I've based these prices on Discogs so I apologize if they seem wack. I'm not up on the market these days. Shipping is included in prices. I currently only have two mailers, but more on the way, so any sales after the first two will be slightly delayed until they arrive. Thanks! A Ghost Story OST (White, glow in the dark cover, signed by Daniel Hart) - $55 The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Clear with blue/red smoke, in body bag) - $60 Beetlejuice OST (White w/ green/purple swirl, Waxwork) - $45 Black Mirror: San Junipero OST (Turquoise) - $25 From Beyond OST (Blue w/ pink splatter, Waxwork) - $25 The Darjeeling Limited OST (green, gatefold) - $55 Goosebumps OST (white/grey w/ red splatter, pink w/ red splatter, Waxwork) - $23 Goosebumps OST (white/grey w/ red splatter, pink w/ red splatter, Waxwork) - $23 Halloween 2018 OST (LE cover, clear w/orange inset, Sacred Bones) - $25 The Iron Giant - (black, Mondo) - $20 John Carpenter: Anthology Movie Themes (Anti-God green, with Starman print) - $40 Jurassic World OST (trans green with blue stripe) - $25 La La Land (Trans blue, signed by Justin Hurwitz) - $75 Mad Monster Party OST (pink/yellow swirl, Waxwork) - $20 Nightbreed OST (Blue w/ cream swirl) - $36 ParaNorman OST (black, Mondo) - $15 Salem's Lot OST (Blue/Yellow/Black swirl, Waxwork) - $35 Shaun of the Dead Zed Disc (Mondo) - Make Offer? Starry Eyes OST (metallic gold, Waxwork) - $18 Trick 'r Treat OST (Orange/ Black swirl, Waxwork) - $55 True Romance OST (Cocaine splatter w/ purple 7", Enjoy The Ride) - $70
  2. Damn, no idea it'd go that high. Well thanks for the info!
  3. Oh I know. Just still way pricier than I would have imagined. I've followed them since Topanga and had a full variant collection at one point but have slowly sold pretty much all of it off.
  4. Damn that seems excessive haha.
  5. I haven't posted in a long time and can't remember if I'm required to include a price or not. I do not have a price in mind and am open to offers, so DM me if interested. Do not ask me how much I want for it because I won't have an answer haha.
  6. Ughhhh late discovery. Anyone selling that black/grey swirl? PM me please, thanks.
  7. Added some more of the PUP collection and some others.

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