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  1. Hell I even sent out records to people i Refunded money to because it took longer than 4 days to send out. I will not ask for them to return the money I just wanted them to have what they paid for to begin with. Because Yeah When things go wrong or takes a little longer to go out then expected i do somewhat feel bad.
  2. I understand this and for that i apologized, Im suppose to be off work by 4:30 but most of the time i end up being there until 5 or 5:30 and get an hour break, It was my fault for not letting you know i was getting off work late and for tha i do apologize. But i dont always have access on here so Im sorry. But I did not lie My attentions were to send your shit out on certain days and it just wasnt able to happen. I told my boss to let me leave early today to be able to get everyones things out because yeah i did feel bad that it was close to two weeks before i got everything i had to send out to everyone.
  3. I understand this, But i dont always have access to this site, Yeah My fault for not giving them a heads up on Hey I do work alot and it may take me a little bit to pack up everything and head to the post. But Everyones stuff always arrives to them. Just not in the 3 to 5 day period they wanted. As for a trade that i personally set up. Dont send me your shit until I HAVE given you a tracking number and then bitch at me for it. If I set Up a trade for a record that I wanted I would think that person would wait for there tracking number to send theres out. Although the guy i made a trade with is well known and respected on these boards, I didnt ask for him to send first. I was expecting a tracking number as soon as i did, when my day off from work is usually Sunday it makes it kind of hard to make it to the post when i usually dont get off till 5 So In not telling people my work schedule that i do apologize for, But I refuse to apologize for being a thief, scammer, criminal or any of that nonsense.
  4. As for this shit Those tapes were given to a friend who really wanted them i lost interests in keeping tapes so i gave them to him. Everyone likes to jump to Conclusions, But i always make sure people get there Fucking records or whatever it is they want. Even if it takes longer than expected. People need to learn to relax, Yeah I have been ripped off before it fucking blows, I Just work alot Not a fucking thief, or criminal.
  5. Goddamn Man, Everyones shit is out, I work 6 doubles a week, Sorry if it takes longer than a week to send out. Im not a scammer, and i dont rip people off, I get busy and shit takes longer to send out then i think, I dont ignore people, I dont steal peoples money, Im just busy. No need to start a fucking witch hunt. GODDAMNIT! If I havent Given you a tracking number Just Fucking ask for it. Because all your shit is out.
  6. yeah man totally bummed. the guy in front of me ask for one and i saw em get on the stool to take down the one off the wall i got upset. i did score a setlist but really wanted this print
  7. sold out of the tour prints last night to the guy in front of me i was pretty bummed so niw im lookong for one as well
  8. can someone pick me up a souls poster ? they wont be with them in charlotte so im sure they wpnt have them
  9. gotcha billy. whoever wants one pm me im going with a few friends so if they only sell one per person it will be fine and im drovong ti raleogh the next night so i will be able to pick up a total of six. so everyone who wants one pm me so i can get a list of addresses and what not. first 6 will get one. mike and billy are on my lost just let me know of u get one before hand. i dont want to be that asshole with extra multiple prints
  10. i told billy i would get him one as well. seeing all the new ones on ebay i dont really want to get multiples for people. but i can help out whoever
  11. im going next friday. whoever wants one contact me on here ill get as many as they will let me.

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