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  1. So it's basically an exclusive variant of the already-existing vinyl moon club. You can get a good idea of what the records contained by checking that out. https://vinylmoon.co/
  2. this album is severely underrated. i already have the cherry tree exclusive, but i was holding out for a good price on the deluxe.
  3. as much as i dislike joe biden and kamala harris, fucking with the USPS is a pretty good reason to vote against Trump that we can all agree on.
  4. USPS is literally holding first class, parcel, and media mail from being sorted to slow down the mail to prove the USPS is inefficient. Friends who are postal workers told me they are being directed to not sort certain types of mail. So items are sitting for days or weeks all over the country. It's a crapshoot. Some stuff gets delivered in a normal time-frame, others not. It's a fucking mess. The GOP is doing everything they can to sabotage the election and they want to privatize the postal service like everything else they've fucked up over the last few decades.
  5. ya'll upset about not getting your dashboard confessional records fast, while the real problem is that the last fragments of our democracy are being stripped away.
  6. Keep in mind Tooth & Nail has to license all of their back catalog from Capitol. It's likely close to an additional $10/unit extra.
  7. Ships in December and is still being recorded. The preorders will probably influence the pressing numbers.
  8. This just arrived yesterday. Happy to ship it out today to anyone who wants it. $30 shipped. SOLD
  9. The drum playing? That's the great James McAlister. Sufjan Steven's drummer and touring drummer for The National among others. He's one of my favorite drummers.
  10. Goldenwest is finally getting a vinyl release! Available in 2 variants or a mix of both. From burnt toast vinyl and Clestory AV https://btv.foxhole.info/btvstore/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&keyword=btv120 https://burnttoastvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/goldenwest https://www.clerestoryav.com/store/cav018
  11. You don’t have to purchase a ticket. You can just buy the vinyl. I highly doubt they’ll make a fortune off this. There’s 6 members in the band, plus the crew. They don’t all live in the same area. Some have to travel. Do you know how difficult it is to produce a good-sounding live stream? I never thought I’d be on the internet in 2020 defending Underoath. But here I am. Quality live-streams are ridiculously difficult to pull off. I’m skeptical myself. But artists need to be creative to create new revenue streams right now. I’m sure they’d rather tour if they could.
  12. judging by the promo images, i'm guessing "original recording + packaging" means the original CD art/track listing, not the original vinyl art/track listing.