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  1. pretty sure blindside sold every copy they made and there won't be leftovers.
  2. just got my two copies in the mail. both yellow. i think the plant screwed up and more of the 600 are yellow than they said. it looks like they only meant to press 500 and they were supposed to be orange. but an initial batch of copies showed up and they were yellow. when unoriginal complained about the color the plant said they'd fix it but some of the yellows got mixed in the order but they underestimated how many were yellow. that's just my guess of how it went down. i could be way wrong.
  3. i've pretty much only seen people receive yellow. strange.
  4. totally forgot about this yesterday and remembered around 10 pm. i panicked cause i couldn't find it in the BTV store so i bought it from T&N. Glad I was able to pick it up. This album is a classic.
  5. Same. listened to it on friday while tidying the house and was feeling pretty disappointed. But remembered how much Widows Weeds grew on me, so gave it another chance on sunday while we were playing a game and I enjoyed it much more.
  6. y'all, @satoshiis right. Switch to brave. It looks like chrome, you can use chrome extensions, and it automatically blocks pop up's but isn't detectible. Switched from Chrome last week. the iPhone version is great too.
  7. damn. missed the blue. still stoked this is getting pressed. this record was ahead of it's time.
  8. that'd be great. don't care about the variant. would just like a copy.
  9. anyone want to trade a full collapse live for a WATT live? (i have a WATT and would like full collapse, in case it wasn't clear).
  10. I haven't used Smashed Plastic (Chicago) but I know people who work there and the quality of the stuff i've seen come out of there's been good. Not sure on what wait times are like. I've used Gotta Groove (Cleveland) the most and was always happy with the product. The one time there was an issue, they were quick to address it and replace all the records. Both also do jackets/packaging. The first record I pressed, I used Pirates Press. I was mostly happy with the product, but would've gone elsewhere if I had known better. One of the reasons they get a bad rap is because audio quality on their releases is sometimes not great. A big reason this is the case is that they will use whatever you give them and you'd be surprised how many people have given them 128 kbps mp3s and things not properly mixed for vinyl. Most other plants will have higher standards because they don't want to have to deal with pissed off people when the record sounds like shit. The record I had was properly mastered for DMM and sounds really good. Unfortunately, some of the jackets were printed off center and had a thick line on one of the borders that wasn't present in the proofs. Their single pocket standard jackets have super thin spines which is kind of a bummer. Also, the hidden shipping costs are definitely higher because they ship from GZ in Czech Republic. As @smailtronicsaid, pressing domestically makes a ton of sense, just from a shipping cost standpoint.