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  1. Attention Brandtson fans! Over the last few months, Steadfast records has reissued two more Brandtson records never before released on vinyl and cassette. 2003's Death & Taxes EP with two bonus tracks as well as their 1997 debut, Letterbox. Also, check out the new LP from Golden Streets of Paradise (Former Brandtson members Myk Porter and Adam Boose), "Throes". You can also pick up a few other Brandtson releases including the final copies of Send Us A Signal. http://www.steadfastrecords.net Golden Streets of Paradise (ex-Brandtson) - 'Throes' Vinyl: h
  2. Mine sounds great. Listen to it all the time.
  3. Man, I kinda envy those of you that are enjoying it. I honestly have no problem with the folks that want to listen to him. I guarantee you we all support much more evil and horrible people than Ryan. But I've just lost so much respect for him because he had a chance to show he was a mature adult and show some sort of empathy or (at least) understanding. I just see him as the immature narcissist that he has always been, now. His music strikes more like sad, destructive loser than hopeless romantic now. Toxic defensive personalities really just turn me off,
  4. I'm listening to it now on my Shure in-ears and I think it sounds great. Now I wish they had released this on vinyl instead.
  5. i went to both the Chicago shows and the united center was 99% full on night one and 90% full on night two. though, in his announcement, he specifically mentioned the large scale production that would be too large for theaters.
  6. On Instagram, Billy just made a bunch of announcements. -The MACHINA release is currently being mixed and sits at around 50 songs. -The band is currently recording a sequel record to MCIS/MACHINA which would be the third part. It will have 33 songs. -The band is also currently recording the third part of the Shiny series which would be the third part. -The band plans on doing a Mellon Collie arena tour as soon as it's safe to do so. They won't be playing the album in full, but the night would be themed around Mellon Collie and songs written around that time.
  7. They could've easily done a 12" with so impossible on one side, summers kiss on the other. put each cover on one side of the jacket. do a blue/orange split LP. $20. Knowing Chris, the spiderman thing was the bridge for it to make since for mondo to press these. Isn't vindicated on LP3? i assume that'll get a reissue at some point.
  8. USPS seems to be running much smoother lately. I got a package from denmark in 8 days and everything else seems to be arriving at regular speeds. but i've heard several gripes with fedex lately.

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