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  1. woof. comes out to about $50 shipping for deluxe in the US. Dig the first single, not sure about the second yet.
  2. i highly recommend Sleeve City. Their sleeves are the super clear sleeves. They have resealable, but I prefer the non-resealable ones. Their innersleeves are great also. Sign up for their mailing list and they have a 15% of sale that lasts a weekend at least once a month. Usually around holidays.
  3. What Mike said. Do you want a DJ setup or a listening setup? What kind of needle/cart do you have? I assume it's a DJ cart which can wreak havoc on your records.
  4. I traded my OG copy probably about 8 years ago because I heard there was a reissue coming. But the reissue fell through. No regrets. Doubt I'd have played it much since then anyway. Might pick up Places if the price is reasonable, but I honestly don't know how much I'll spin it. Moon Is Down is really the only Chris record I revisit these days.
  5. These will be easily available and announced officially since he's releasing them on his own imprint. Just like the weird best of collection that was released earlier this year. There will probably be multiple variants. Buy direct or buy from a store you know/trust. The record will either exist or it won't.
  6. yeah. it sucks. Mail volume is actually increasing but funding and staffing is decreasing. I imagine, in most post offices and sorting facilities, express gets sorted before priority, priority before first class, media mail absolute last. So that's why Media Mail is sitting without scans for days at a time. On top of that, volume is so high and staff is so low, that mistakes are more frequent. All it takes is a package going into the wrong bin. I highly recommend, if you're buying something that is high value or really important to you, try to upgrade to Priority. Especially because it includes $50 of insurance. It's also super annoying from a seller standpoint, because although I let all of my buyers know that Media Mail is significantly delayed, I've had a few buyers freak out when their package is scanned twice and then no scans for two weeks. As if I drove to Michigan, retrieved the package and kept it or something. After selling on discogs for the better part of a decade, I've received less than positive feedback for the first time, twice, in the last two months. Both buyers received their records without damage within a month with $4 media mail shipping, but they left negative feedback because it "never took that long before".
  7. I've had priority taking 2-3 times longer than it should as well. And I've had quite a few packages get routed in the wrong direction. I had a package go from Virginia to Michigan to Washington State in two weeks. Then no scans for a week, then slowly made its way to Chicago as if it had shipped from Seattle.
  8. I’ve probably shipped out 20 or so media mail packages in the last two months. Pretty much every single one took at least a week to get from the initial scan (pickup from my building’s mailroom) to the Chicago sorting facility. I’d say media mail is taking 3-4 weeks since March. Some weird scans too. But everything has arrived. Some post offices are running with skeleton crews still. And media mail is definitely lowest priority. We’ve just gotta be patient.
  9. just received a record in the mail from UO. They stuck it inbetween an unfolded box with the edges taped. . Shipped flat. Unfolded, the box was about 28" x 18". Of course it arrived destroyed. I'm wondering if I return it to have it replaced, what are the odds, the replacement will be sent the same way. Has anyone else received records shipped this way?
  10. I've always preferred Japandroids live to studio. Maybe that's because my introduction to them was at a show. But I feel like, at this price, it should include a blu-ray since it was beautifully shot anyway. It's also amazing to me that this band can go radio silent for 3 years in between releases. And this release is a live album recorded three years ago. Good for them, I guess.
  11. Does anyone have this and want to let it go?I totally forgot about it back when it came out and I don't think it''s available anymore.