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  1. dreamover

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    The RRS usually just sells leftover exclusives. I’m sure it’s the regular green.
  2. dreamover

    The Third Man Records Thread

    i think i have one somewhere. probably in my storage unit. next time i'm out there i'll look for it.
  3. dreamover

    Starflyer 59 vinyl

    Anyone compare the new pressing to the XRA pressing from 2009? That one sounds pretty damn good.
  4. dreamover

    The Third Man Records Thread

    it's a triple LP, some photos, and a flag. the photos fit in the jacket. you need a box to keep your flag together with the LP?
  5. dreamover

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    So there’s a split color and green variant? I happened to be at third man in detroit on release day and picked up the green/black split.
  6. dreamover

    Record Store Day 2018

    FYI - anyone in cincinatti, on monday there were still a bunch of national LPs and all the Taylor Swift LPs at shake it records. Sorry I forgot to post about it earlier.
  7. dreamover

    Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone has any of the following to get rid of, I'm looking for: Run The Jewels The National The Kills Daughter Send me a PM
  8. The website is missing the (included with membership) part. Where is this pasted from?
  9. Does it say anywhere that the membership fee includes the exclusive vinyl? Or will there just be exclusive vinyl in the store?
  10. Musically, this is their most Christian sounding record yet. But it’s pretty cool they say fuck now.
  11. dreamover

    Chicago suggestions?

    Vegan Food: Chicago Diner Kitchen 17 Handlebar Urban Vegan/Vegan Plate Ka'lish Paulie Gee's Pizza (Lots of Vegan options) Ground Control Breweries: We have tons of breweries. Some are well known, these are my favorites to visit lately. Mouse Trap (Off-Color) Metropolitan Begyle Revolution (Go to the taproom, skip the brewpub) Whiner (if you have a car, worth the trek)