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  1. any word on how this sounds? The few T&N reissues of late that i've heard have sounded pretty awful.
  2. They usually announce the secretly society exclusive a month beforehand. So they'll probably announce it next week.
  3. Looks like Pikul is being reissued on blue marble the same day as well. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31030138/silversun-pickups-pikul-blue-vinyl-blue-marble-colored-vinyl
  4. The Hives new 7" is up for preorder on TMR now. In stores on Friday. https://thirdmanstore.com/records/7-inch-releases/i-m-alive-b-w-good-samaritan
  5. Saw the Hives at Third Man in Nashville on Thursday. Still one of my favorite live bands, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them there. During the set, before they played their (new, 4 year old) song "I'm Alive", they said they had new music coming out on Third Man. Besides the live album, all I'm aware of so far is a 7" that will come out some time this summer. Hopefully there's a new LP coming out. Doubly awesome if it's out on Third Man.
  6. Also, for what it's worth, during the EL VY tour, an inside source told me that The National was working on their final album and planned to do a year of touring after and then hang it up "at least for a long time". It seems like this project may have reinvigorated the band. They weren't ever going to just make a 'typical National record' just to make it. I have no idea what's next now, but listening to this record in the right setting has been a great experience. I can't get enough.
  7. Can anyone post a tracklist with the guest vocalists? Can’t find it anywhere. I think i can guess a few but I’m really digging the record.
  8. They’re playing large venues this summer. I think it’s a honest to god LP
  9. Was it $60 or less? If it was less, than you signed up for the online-only access which doesn’t include a physical package.