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Found 103 results

  1. I wanted to start using Vinyl Collective to show current in stock items at www.unholyanarchy.com. I pull in quite a bit of imported vinyl, so if you are looking for something in the extreme metal, hardcore, punk, doom, grind, etc., be sure to check in with us. After this, I will only post the updates...if you want to see us stock something particular, don't hesitate to post in this forum or send me an email at [email protected] Here is a list of the complete stock of vinyl... 12” Vinyl AFGRUND – The Age of Dumb (Deep Six Records) AMAROK / PYRAMIDO Split (At War With False Noise) ANTIGAMA – Stop the Chaos (Selfmadegod Records) – White and Red Vinyl available BIRDS IN ROW – You, Me & The Violence (Deathwish Inc.) CAULDRON BLACK RAM – The Poisoner (Parasitic Records) CODE ORANGE KIDS – Love Is Love//Return To Dust (Deathwish Inc.) CONVERGE – All We Love We Leave Behind (Deathwish Inc.) COWARDS – Shooting Blanks & Pills (Throatruiner Records) D.I.S. – Critical Failure (Deep Six Records) DECREPIT BIRTH – Diminished Between Worlds (Osmose Productions) DIREWOLVES – Me From Myself, To Banish (Throatruiner Records) DRONE THRONE / TOAD – Split (Transcendental Creations) – White and Black Vinyl available FAST ASLEEP – S/T (Deep Six Records) FAUSTCOVEN – Hellfire and Funeral Bells (NWN! Productions) – Gold and Black Vinyl available GALLOW GOD – False Mystical Prose (psycheDOOMelic Records) HELLBASTARD / DRESDEN – Split (Unleash Hell Records) HUMUS – S/T (At War With False Noise) IMPURITY – Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis (NWN! Productions) KICKER – Not You (Tankcrimes) KNELT ROTE – Trespass (NWN! Productions) LANDMINE MARATHON – Gallows (Deep Six Records) LANDMINE MARATHON – Wounded (Deep Six Records) LECHEROUS GAZE – On the Skids (Tee Pee Records) LOST BREED – Wino Daze (At War With False Noise) MANPIG – The Grand Negative (Deep Six Records) MARTIRE – Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse (NWN! Productions) – Red and Black Vinyl available MASAKARI – The Prophet Feeds (Halo of Flies) MIDDAY VEIL – Eyes All Around (Translinguistic Other) MOMENTUM – Whetting Occam’s Razor (Halo of Flies) NEGATIVE STANDARDS – VI-XI (Vendetta Records) NOISEAR – Turbulent Resurgence (Deep Six Records) NORTHLESS / LIGHT BEARER – Split (Halo of Flies) – Black, Grey and Red Vinyl all available PELIGRO SOCIAL – No Religion (Tankcrimes) PHOBIA – Remnants of Filth (Deep Six Records) PORTABLE SHRINES – Magic Sound Theatre, Vol. 1 (Tranlinguistic Other] PROTESTANT – Reclamation (Halo of Flies) RESURGENCY – False Enlightenment (Hellthrasher Productions) SKYPROJECTION – S/T (Sygil Records) SWAHILI – S/T (Translinguistic Other) THE GUILT OF… - S/T (At War With False Noise) THE HOWLING WIND – Pestilence & Peril (Parasitic Records) THE SHRINE – Primitive Blast (Tee Pee Records) TRAGEDY – Darker Days Ahead (Tragedy Records) VASSAFOR – Obsidian Codex (Parasitic Records) WITCH CROSS – Fit For Fight (Hells Headbangers Records) – Blue, Green and Silver Vinyl all available WRATHPRAYER – The Sun of Moloch (NWN! Productions) 10” Vinyl BASTARD NOISE – The Progression of Sickness (Deep Six Records) LOSS – Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason (Parasitic Records) NORTHLESS – Valley of Lead (Halo of Flies) PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND / CORTEZ – Split (Throatruiner Records) 7” Vinyl DEER CREEK / LEATHER NUN AMERICA – Split (psycheDOOMelic Records) ENABLER / DRAINLAND – Split (Halo of Flies) Black and White Vinyl available SEPPUKU / NECROCUM Split (At War With False Noise) SERPENTINE PATH – Erebus/Depravity (Parasitic Records) STRONG INTENTION – Razorblade Express Tour Edition (PATAC Records) SUFFERINFUCK / MANGLE Split (At War With False Noise) TO THE POINT – Success In Failure (Deep Six Records) Support your scene and the underground!!! Ryan (UAD)
  2. Both the Author & Punisher "Ursus Americanus" and Stoneburner "Sickness Will Pass" PREORDERS are now up and available at Seventh Rule. The first 100 of each are available in a marbled colored vinyl configuration only available through us! Seventh Rule Online Shop Both of these releases can also be streamed in their entirety at http://releases.seventhrule.com. Cheers and keep it heavy, Seventh Rule
  3. The auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TORCHE-In-Return-10-1st-pressing-melvins-converge-stoner-isis-mogwai-mastodon-/290768162764?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item43b3220fcc This is an auction for a FIRST PRESSING of "In Return" 10" by TORCHE. This record is in NM++ condition with no wear, dings, seam splits or any noticeable damage whatsoever to the LP itself or jacket. Comes with CD. Vinyl has NEVER BEEN PLAYED. This version is long sold out! DESCRIPTION OF RECORD: This monstrous, seven-song, 20-minute EP pushes TORCHE's musical extremes even further as the "poppy" songs are far more catchy, and the "heavy" songs are infinitely more crushing. The band continues to explore every side of their multi-faceted personas, presenting their darkest, heaviest and most infectious work to date! "In Return" is also Robotic Empire's most obsessively ridiculous packaging yet; a beautiful full-color John Baizley design as a gatefold 10" jacket with a printed innersleeve and a die-cut that holds the companion CD in place, all housed in a thick mylar bag with a two-color sticker. Yep, this deluxe colored vinyl comes with a musically-identical CD counterpart so you don't have to deal with any digital download hassles if you simply want this thing on your computer. However, you'll definitely appreciate the physical nature of this true beast once you see and hear TORCHE's absolutely mammoth new release, as this truly is the most over the top packaging we've done to date! I will ship outside the USA but additional postage is required. Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.