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Found 6 results

  1. I'm selling records for a friend. Taking offers on here before I hit other websites. These records have NEVER been played and have always been kept in the original packaging. Literally brand new, mint, unplayed with no signs of damage. UPDATE: s/t and enema sold. Will do free shipping if last 2 purchased together blink-182 - self-titled -- pink/green swirl SOLD blink-182 - enema of the state -- clear blue SOLD blink-182 - dude ranch -- clear orange (Mightier Than Sword) --- 2nd press? /500 asking $50 blink-182 - buddha -- orange? (Kung Fu Records) --- 2nd press? /300? asking $30 I'm not certain what color Buddha is but can confirm it was purchased around the time of the other blink-182 records in this post. By process of elimination, it is more than likely the orange variant. For sale only, no trades. Can upload pics if requested.
  2. Really been looking hard for the Blue/Sun split variant of Separation. PM me if you are interested in selling your copy please.
  3. I am new to collecting vinyl. And please excuse my naivety and my, probably very elementary, question. But when I am record shopping how do I: 1) Tell the difference between a limited edition pressing 2) Tell the difference between a first run pressing if they don't say anything on the package or sleeve? The reason I ask is because I recently was shopping and bough a couple of albums I really wanted on vinyl. So I didn't care if they were limited/first run or not. But, to my delight when I got home I found that they were. I am aware of the Discogs.com database. But I am wondering if there is a quicker way to find out just by looking at the record itself while I am searching the bins? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you everyone!! - John
  4. Mint copy of Harvard's "The Inevitable and I" This is the re-press of the record, the last of which before their name change. Only 200 copies of the Seafoam Green were pressed. Mint condition. Never played. I got a HRVRD copy too and listen to it, but not this one, ever!!! Below are the bands I am looking for in trades. Sasoin-The SRC Pressing is cool Dashboard Confessional-Anything but the most recent release. New Found Glory (Kill It LIve Only Looking for the rare pressing sent to Bridge 9 members) Ataris (So Long Astoria, Welcome The Night) Motion City Soundtrack (I am The Move, Commit This To Memory) Will also accept Paypal payments
  5. Does anyone know how many presses there are of Blink-182's Cheshire Cat 1st pressing? I'm talking about the one with the red-eyed cat.
  6. Ok, there was a problem with my last thread, so here is a corrected one that is also updated. Thanks all. Ok here we go. Prices are PPD in the US and will be pro-rated $5 for everywhere else. You know shipping costs. Yes I will haggle. Yes I will combine (does better for haggling). I will consider trades more easily now and especially for Boris The Sprinkler vinyl, Sub Pop Singles Club 7"s an OMM Store Exclusive or The Slackers Wasted Days. Because I have a new PayPal account, you must agree to gift the payment to me. Otherwise I have to wait like 21 days for funds which I cannot do. I you don't want to, I understand but will not be flexible. All US orders get tracking for peace of mind. Euros will have to include it if wanted. Again, I'm open to dealing, especially on multiples and especially if we've dealt before. Please ask all questions you have. If you need more photos, PM. Thanks wiki doods! Here they are: Maximum Rock & Roll - Grey 2nd Press - $30 S&M Airlines - Black 1st Press - $20 This looks rough but it's not bad. Just dusty. I will clean it before sending it. Ribbed - Red/500 - $35 I'm also on the fence about my Longest Line (white) and Self Entitled (180 gram). If you're interested in these, PM me an offer.

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