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Found 15 results

  1. so i just picked this up from someone. http://www.popsike.com/Queens-Of-The-Stone-Age-Songs-For-The-DeafV-RARE/150221975340.html (^used for picture reference) anyone have pressing info? ive heard that its a boot but ive also heard from discogs and that auction that its a misprint. I sent ipecac an email today and im awaiting reply.
  2. SOLID MFG: A vinyl, cassette, CD, print and merch broker based in Long Island and New York City Hey all, Wells and David from SOLID Mfg here. Just wanted to drop a line about our new specials. Did you know you could make a fully assembled record for only $1000? Now you can. Check out some of our new April specials below and peep the full details on our blog post. Visit our website at solidmfg.co for automated quote builders and email us for custom quotes on anything you might need that you don't see listed: [email protected] SOLID MFG APRIL VINYL SPECIALS NEW! Bare Bones Vinyl Special • 250 7”s - $1000 • 250 12”s - $1400 Prices include plating, vinyl record pressing, center labels, plain inner sleeves, printed outer sleeves, and full assembly. Full details on our our blog post and email for other quantities: [email protected] Full Service April Vinyl Specials NEW: Get Mixed, Non-Virgin, Random Color Vinyl For the Same Price as Black Vinyl And our most popular March Specials ride again: 250 12” Color Vinyl LPS - $1850 (Add splatter for $150!) 300 12” Color Vinyl LPs - $2100 (Add Splatter for $150!) Prices include plating, test presses, vinyl record pressing, center labels, plain inner sleeves, printed outer sleeves, and full assembly. Full details on our our blog post. SOLID MFG PRINT SPECIALS $50 Off - All 12" LP Jackets With This Special Get: • 500 B/W LP Jackets for $395 • 500 Full Color LP Jackets for $495 • 1000 B/W Jackets for $500 • 1000 Full Color LP Jackets for $595 Prices include all shipping and setup charges. Full details on our our blog post. April T-Shirt Specials • 50 T-Shirts - White Tees for $350 / Color Tees for $375 • 100 T-Shirts - White Tees for $625 / Color Tees for $675 Prices include all shipping and setup charges. Full details on our our blog post. April Cassette Specials • 100 Cassettes - $340 • 200 Cassettes - $470 • 300 Cassettes - $605 • 400 Cassettes - $728 • 500 Cassettes - $865 Prices include all shipping and setup charges. Full details on our our blog post. April Compact Disc Special - 500 Digipaks for $1100 Full details on our our blog post. Email me for any questions: [email protected]
  3. Calling all musicians and music lovers. Do not work with Byron Mitchell formerly of Unit 8 Studios now trading as The Vinyl Lab. He Promised to deliver our single in time for our launch, confirmed verbally and via email and invoice that he could do so, since then he has been unreachable other than sending a few sent scant dismissive emails stating "I did not promise any dates" and "there is no contract" even though I have email proof to the contrary. He has now dissolved Unit 8 claiming that "Unit 8 Studios is no longer trading and has no assets" and that I would be "wasting my time and money" taking him to court. Seven months (and a few strongly worded legal letters) after placing the order he is now claiming to have pressed the vinyl and asking for my address (which he already has) with no offer of the test pressings which were detailed in the invoice. I do not believe for one second that he has actually pressed the vinyl. We have missed our single launch and all the publicity and tour dates surrounding the single therefore I have asked for a full refund of the £832 we payed up front. so we can pay back all those beautiful people who have pre ordered the single and put some money into the next project. It is very clear that he has dissolved unit 8 and immediately started trading as The Vinyl Lab London and a quick google search shows he has done the same thing to other bands. This man has damaged our reputation and credibility, cost me an enormous amount of time and stress and lost us the profit we could have made from the single which we would have been putting into our debut album. Until now I have refrained from sharing his details as damaging someone's business is the last thing I want to do. At this point I feel I have no other choice.
  4. Hello I have been collecting DGD vinyl and cassette tapes for a year and a half and I am extremely close to the complete collection. However, I still need the 2nd pressing of the Acceptance Speech cassettes. If you have these and are willing to sell or trade for them definitely let me know!
  5. If there's already a thread for this, a link would be appreciated, I couldn't find one. I know this is kind of a dumb question, but I can't seem to get information anywhere else. All of the results are for getting your music pressed. I was wondering how one can request that an OOP (or never pressed at all) album gets released, or, at least how one can show that there's demand for it. Who do you attempt to come into contact with? The label? Whoever owns the rights? The artist? I know you can do it on the MOV website, but is there a more direct way to show the demand? Edit: Changed the title for clarification
  6. So I don't know if this topic belongs in this thread, but anyway... I recently bought the Skipping Stone 7" by Transit through MerchNow, which seems to be where Rise Records sells all their releases. There were two options: Clear or Burgundy. I went with Burgundy. So I waited until today for my order to come in. Everything looked perfect. The tracklist for this record goes as follows: A Side: 1. Skipping Stone B Side: 2. I Told You So 3. Forgive Forget Space (For Future Reference) This tracklist was stated on the MerchNow website, and can be found on various other websites. The tracklist is listed as this on the back of the sleeve. A lyric sheet is included and has these three song titles on it, accompanied by their lyrics. And on the record itself it has what songs are on each side. Everything matched up... Until I spun the record. Side A was correct. I flipped to Side B. "I Told You So" finished playing, and then I was met with a surprise. Instead of the correct track (Forgive Forget Space) playing, "I've Never Told That to Anyone" played, a song from Promise Nothing, a different release from the band Transit. I know Transit isn't that popular of a band, but someone on here must also have this release. So my question is, is your third track also messed up, or do you have the correct one? I'd love to get some feedback! Thanks, Matt
  7. Looking for the following 7" 2008 tour pressing - Tigers Jaw 1000 Pressed Black Chemicals - Tigers Jaw 500 Pressed Clear Flexi (CMJ Showcase) Gypsy - Tigers Jaw 200 Pressed Pink (RFC Subscription Series #1 Exclusive) Hum/cool - Tigers Jaw 200 Pressed Black W/ Gray Splatter (Run For Cover Records CMJ Showcase Exclusive) Split - Tigers Jaw/The Sidekicks 500 Pressed Recycled Black Vinyl 12" Sports - Modern Baseball 300 Pressed Random Colors
  8. I don't really want to sell them, but if the offer is good enough I'll contemplate it. The Story So Far | While You Were Sleeping | Test Press | Animal Style Records | [12/20] A Day To Remember | Homesick | Test Press | Victory Records | [/10 or /20 - not entirely sure] I'm based in the UK and will ship worldwide, but it will be signed delivery or nothing, so you'll have to cover it wherever you're based. Inbox me with legit offers. [tried to attach a photo, but apparently Photobucket URL extensions aren't allowed or something - any help there?] Thanks
  9. I am new to collecting vinyl. And please excuse my naivety and my, probably very elementary, question. But when I am record shopping how do I: 1) Tell the difference between a limited edition pressing 2) Tell the difference between a first run pressing if they don't say anything on the package or sleeve? The reason I ask is because I recently was shopping and bough a couple of albums I really wanted on vinyl. So I didn't care if they were limited/first run or not. But, to my delight when I got home I found that they were. I am aware of the Discogs.com database. But I am wondering if there is a quicker way to find out just by looking at the record itself while I am searching the bins? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you everyone!! - John
  10. This album is available for preorder on no sleep records website at http://www.nosleeprecords.com/release/152/revolt 200 Army Green 800 Opaque Grey there are also 20 black test presses 200 coke bottle clear presses (available to the no sleep vinyl subscription peeps only) Awesome dudes, awesome music, cool limited press. There is also a poster/vinyl package limited to 100 available exclusively at http://www.merchlimited.com
  11. Does anyone know the pressing information on this? No, it's not out of 500. I tried messaging Geffen Records, but no response, ever. Pressing: 1st / Black / out of ? | Cat # B0002818-01
  12. How do I find From Under the Cork Tree (the original 2005 black/gold pressing) from Fall Out Boy unopened?
  13. anyone know how many were pressed. these are impossible to find and i just happened to snag one. figure they must be limited in some way.
  14. selling a copy of deja entendu on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-DEJA-ENTENDU-VINYL-2xLP-Second-Pressing-NEAR-MINT-CONDITION-/251195399594?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item3a7c699daa
  15. ok so i have searched far and wide for pressing info for the 2 lp on 1 white 1 clear red and can find nothing. and these were obviously pressed in small numbers otherwise they wouldnt go for as much as they do. anyone know anything?