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Found 6 results

  1. Having a baby, need to get rid of some records! I have a TON of stuff to list, but I'm probably gonna section it out for now, starting with some HWM / Ragan stuff. PM me with offers / questions! Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago 7" set (selling as a set) Hot Water Music - Alachua (black vinyl, handmade red cover with black logo) Hot Water Music - Moments Pass (green mix, pink screened cover) Hot Water Music - Where We Belong (grey mix, pink screened cover) Hot Water Music / Rydell - split (1st press, color cover) Hot Water Music / Rydell - split (black, house cover) Hot Water Music - You Can Take The Boy Out Of Bradenton (black, gatefold cover) Hot Water Music - Eating The Filler (black, Toybox) Chuck Ragan - 7" series (selling as a set, hit me up with any questions about vinyl color) Chuck Ragan - Between The Lines (signed cover, #525/600) Chuck Ragan - Rotterdam (pic disc) Chuck Ragan / Muff Potter split Chuck Ragan / The Loved Ones split (black) Chuck Ragan & Nagel - Snapshot (clear) Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas - split (black) Chuck Ragan & Brian Fallon - Gospel Songs (brown, VC edition) Rumbleseat - Trestles Rumbleseat - Picker Rumbleseat - Saturn In Crosshairs
  2. CHRIS WOLLARD & The Ship Thieves "s/t" LP on PURPLE-SPLIT 300 pressed. Out now: http://store.noidearecords.com/potatopartyhampster Hot Water Music, etc.
  3. Looking to clear the shelves.... Shoot me offers, and i will be pricing all these shortly. Anything not sold on the boards will head to ebay in a week or two. I could be down for trades as well. - More being added soon - Photos/Pressing info available upon request LPs: Black Wine - S/T LP - Black Vinyl (Ex Ergs/Hunchback) Chixdiggit! - From Scene to Shinning Scene LP - Blue Vinyl Chixdiggit! - Born on the First of July LP - Gold Vinyl Lemuria - First Collection LP - Bright Green Vinyl Lemuria - Get Better LP - Pink Vinyl Radio Faces - Party at Bushwick Hotel LP - Black Vinyl (Ex Ergs/Bent Outta Shape... Shot Baker - Take Control LP - Blue Vinyl Teenage Bottlerocket - Freak Out LP - Fat pressing / Pink Vinyl Comps: V/A - Children in Heat LP - Black Vinyl - Misfits tribute with the Refused... Long out of print V/A - The Eagle has Lands 2x LP - Black Vinyl - Cover made out of a map. Comp includes At the Drive In V/A - Marc's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk Comp LP - Black Vinyl - Includes the traitors, Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, No Empathy.... Super awesome, and rare comp. V/A - Dr Strange 20 Years LP - Pic Disc - Rhythm Collision, Freeze, Bollweevils, Government Issue... EPs: At the Drive In - One Armed Scissors 7" Black Vinyl American Steel - Every New Morning 7" Black vinyl Bad Religion - Covers Bootleg 7" Black vinyl - Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, REO Speedwagon covers Latterman - Better Halves 7" Black vinyl / 1 sided No Use for A Name / Soda - Split 7" Black vinyl Off with their Heads / Morning Glory - always Alone 7" red vinyl / OWTH tour color Plow United / Weston - Split 7" - Black vinyl Scream - Mardi Gras 7" Black vinyl - Dave Grohl on drums! SOA - 1980 Demo / I was a Teenage Pencil Neck Geek 7" - Purple vinyl Swingin Utters - Stuck in a Circle 7" Green/Black Splatter Comps: V/A - Gerbil Assault Comp - Rumbleseat, Dolomites, Ding Dang... 7" Black Vinyl V/A - Trouble in Mind Comp 7" White Wires, Charlie & the Moonhearts, Ty Segall... 7" White vinyl #829/1000 Used Kids/Pop Punk lot of 3 7"s = $6ppd V/A - 4 way split - Pretty Boy Thorson, Used Kids, Ninja Gun, Tim Version 7" Black/Pink Vinyl Used Kids - S/T 7" Black vinyl - Mikey Erg! Sinkhole / New Sweet Breath - Split 7" Black Vinyl Rumspringer 7" lot = $7ppd Rumspringer / Sleep Like A Log - Split 7" Gray Vinyl Rumspringer / Dude Jams - Split 7" - Bright Blue Vinyl Art of the Underground 7" Subscription Series - 18x 7" Lot for $65ppd Failures' Union, The - Art of the Underground Vol. 1 7” Robert Blake - Art of the Underground Vol. 4 7" Kitty Little - Art of the Underground Vol. 5 7" Sloane Peterson - Art of the Underground Vol. 41 7" [subscription Series 180/350] Stymie - Art of the Underground Vol. 42 7" [subscription Series 191/350] Noise By Numbers - Art of the Underground Vol. 43 7” [subscription Series 283/350] Bangers - Art of the Underground Vol. 44 7" [subscription Series 6/350] Besties, The - Art of the Underground Vol. 47 7" [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Classics of Love - Art of the Underground Vol. 49 7" [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Full Of Fancy - Art of the Underground Vol. 50 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Black Wine - Art of the Underground Vol. 51 7" [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Dead Mechanical - Art of the Underground Vol. 52 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Young Leaves, The - Art of the Underground Vol. 53 7" [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Plates - Art of the Underground Vol. 54 7" [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Creeps, The - Art of the Underground Vol. 56 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] American War - Art of the Underground Vol. 57 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] So Adults - Art of the Underground Vol. 58 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350] Deep Pockets - Art of the Underground Vol 59 7” [subscription Series Unnumbered/350]
  4. A few records got dropped off with me to sell. If you need any of these, drop me a PM and we'll see what we can work out. These are still up for grabs: HWM no div on Some / black HWM no div on Some / purple CROWS LP / white HWM live 7" #3, 4, 6 / test presses HWM live 7"+6" / set These are gone: CROWS LP / test pressing the blacktop cadence chemistry LP / test press / wollard's writting on the blank label HWM / leatherface / test press rumbleseat restless 7" / test press
  5. For Sale is here my Collection of Hot Water Music and releated Bands - Sampler Compilations etc. The CD´s are in a good condition. If you need more pictures or information, let me know. I stored the things very carefully. I am a nonsmoker and I have no pets ..... Some of the Samplers are pretty rare and not very easy to get. I am selling this as a complete package! Feel free to make offers....If there are no offers at all or way to low, I will put the whole package on ebay.... Shipping is from Germany. The whole package is nearly 10kg! So I just checked for the Shipping form here to the US with DHL - insured 47€. If you have a better idea to ship this, let me know. Shipping within Germany is cheaper something less than 10€ I am happy to ship to every country , but the risk is up to you! Do not hate me, if your postman steals your package....... Payment via Paypal Here is the list: The Blacktop Cadence: A Million Miles Away - The Emo Diaries Chapter Two Hot Water Music: My Mom likes these Songs Unite for Peta No Idea 100 : Redefiling Music No-Fi Trash Very Small Records - Faux pas Potpourri Punk-O-Rama 6 Punk-O-Rama 7 Punk-O-Rama 8 Punk-O-Rama 9 Warped Tour 2005 Compilation Back to Donut Unite! Atticus...dragging the lake II Over Exposed Rock against Bush Vol 2 Don´t forget to breathe Vans of the Wall Volume 5 Vans of the Wall Volume 4 Punk-O-Rama 10 Capitol Radio Double Exposure You can zasze that something "Special - No Idea / Fueled by Ramen Alpha Motherfuckers Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler Doghouse fifty City Rockers ...A Tribute to the Clash Invasion of the Indie Snatchers Kerrang Life is Loud-The Best of 2001 Living tomorrow today - a benifit for ty campra Liberation - Songs to beneift the Peta Blindspot Mailorder / Distro Plea for Peace Take Action Attaining the Supreme Under the influence - A tribute to the Smith, the Clash & the Cure Totally fucking the 80´s Blood Sweat & Tears: A Compilation Return of the Read Menace Epitaph - Extreme Sounds Sampler Greenhell Cd Compilation # 2 Greenhell Cd Compilation # 4 BYO Records Compilation Epitaph Summer Sampler & Catalog 2005 Hot Water Music - Epitaph Tour Sampler 2004 Epitaph Showcase 2002 Spex CD # 23 Visions All Areas Volume 32 Extreme Sound Sampler - Epitaph Extend Fanzine Silver - Five Inch Collection Ox Compilation # 43 Visions All Areas Volume 54 AMP Sampler Volume 11 The Draft: Unsound Epitaph Records US VERSION We´ll inherit the earth...a tribute to the Replacments Unsound Epitaph Records EU VERSION No Idea : The Fest 6 Visions All Areas Volume 77 CHUCK RAGAN: Plea for Peace Volume 2 The Streets we walk All Aboard- A tribute to Johnny Cash Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume one The Cutting Edge Culture - Volume 1 The Crows: Leitwerk der modernen Idiomatik Chris Wollard & The Shipthieves: No Idea Fest 7 No Idea Fest 8 Rumbleseat: Floriduh- A collection of Live Recordings 1992-2002 No Idea: The Shape of Flakes to come DVD´s : Backbeat-Punk Rock Video Magazine Volume 1 Punk-O-Rama Volume 1 the Videos Warped Tour Live No Idea The Fest 3 Xtreme Snowboard Trax Extra: Against Me We´re never going home Epitaph DVD Video Mix MAGAZINES: Extent # 8 Amp # 12 Dec 2004/ Jan 2005 Ox Fanzine # 43 II/2001 Amp #7 Feb/Mar 2004 Spex # 259 10/2002 Visions # 163 Oct 2006 Visions # 139 Oct 2004 2x Visions 115 Oct 2002 Wonkavision # 34
  6. Selling these bad boys. Shoot me an offer. Will sell individually or all four together. California Burritos - First Press - Opaque Brown Picker - First Press - Root Beer Saturn in Crosshairs - First Press - Root Beer Trestles - First Press - Root Beer