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  1. Surprise! The first wave of mailorders shipped yesterday! Surprise! All the mailorders received a special opaque blue variant /100. Anyone that ordered two copies also got the translucent blue /200 variant. One time pressing! Note: same set up for the WORTHWHILE WAY 7" too!
  2. The pressing plant has deemed this record worthy of, well, actually pressing. Hooray! Pre-orders ship May 15, 2017. This record is a one-time pressing, limited to 300 on blue vinyl. When it's gone, it's gone.
  3. Test Pressings mailed in the first round of orders have included: Dead Bars "Dream Gig" Ghost Mice "Europe" (totally randomly this went to someone who ordered a GM shirt too... that's some neat fate for you!) CW & Ship Thieves "Canyons" This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb "Three Way Tie..." Tubers "Anachronous" While we don't take requests for what goes in "Grab Bags", you can always email a separate "want list" for anything you are seeking to: orders [at] noidearecords [dot] com and we will help you if we can. (Like older pressings on odd colors, tests, po
  4. https://store.noidearecords.com/collections/new-on-no-idea/products/vinyl-grab-bag-frenzy-12-test-pressing-for-25
  5. Absolutely. For the record, I have NEVER had anyone take me up on the FedEx option. Not once. I have only ONCE had anyone take me up on the option I offer below: *** NOTE TO OVERSEAS HUMANS: Overseas postage costs a fortune, either way it crosses the Atlantic. If you get together with a couple friends, you may well be able to have 3-4 sets shipped together via FedEx for a massive savings. (If interested in this option, please write to: [email protected]) As well, if you place an order and ASK in the NOTES section: we can make sure to leave out any heavier records (gatefolds, etc) a
  6. https://store.noidearecords.com/products/grab-bag-of-ten-12-records -- Hooray! -- Overseas humans: as much as we love you, the fact remains that this is an eight-pound box. That's expensive to ship for you. End of story. --
  7. https://store.noidearecords.com/products/4ad-friends-lp-grab-bag-five-lps-for-35-00 Get FIVE mystery LP's for a mere $35.00! This is a fun, random selection chosen, well, randomly, of five 12" records from 4AD, Jagjaguwar, Drag City, Thrill Jockey, Joyful Noise, Katorga Works, Don Giovanni, & Captured Tracks! Bands include Sebadoh, Red House Painters, Bonnie Prince Billy, Grimes, Bon Iver, Merchandise, Liima, Thou/The Body, Ty Segall, The Soft Moon, Tune-Yards, & many more! • Five fully-packaged 12" records! • IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN ONE SET, WE'LL SEND A DIFF
  8. Addendum / actual numbers received! SMALL BROWN BIKE "Dead Reckoning" • 16th ANNIVERSARY PRESSING! March 10, 2017: • 160 on FRENCH BROWN• 185 on COKE BOTTLE Clear!
  9. SMALL BROWN BIKE "Dead Reckoning" 16th Anniversary Pressing! • 100 on Opaque BROWN vinyl! • 200 on COKE-BOTTLE CLEAR vinyl! www.noidearecords.com
  10. https://store.noidearecords.com/products/side-one-dummy-friends-lp-grab-bag-five-lps-for-35-00
  11. To the lovers and the haters, thanks for taking two walls worth of shelves and reducing them to a mere 18" of space on a single shelf! This was a one-time occurrence, not to be repeated. Thank you for playing a part. The assortment varied as the titles evaporated, one by one. Records came and went. Big ones, little ones, and all things in between! "This is a CRAZY grab bag box of 35 different 7" records, pulled from all the various records and labels on our site. You're going to get a nutty assortment of stuff, from big bands you know to complete unknowns. Japanese imports, fancy r
  12. -- 30 shipped today, already picked up by the super friendly USPS fellow! -- Another 30 are already ready for pickup tomorrow, with another 160 being assembled now... all shipping this week.
  13. Trivia: -- These can weight 6.5 to 7 pounds. That nixes FCMI for overseas. * -- There are likely no repeats from previous grab bags, or only the occasional repeat. * If you are that concerned / interested, get together with a couple friends. Order a few grab bags. Ask us to ship via Fed Ex. That will save $ and we can refund the difference. (Not sure how they are with customs fees.) ... or just wait and they will all sell out and you won't have to worry about it
  14. Any future Grab Bags would be a completely different assortment with a low percentage of No Idea releases (one or two per bag, tops). If canvas LP bags were cheap to print, I'd literally put them all in a bag! -- I think I will also research listing a new option for overseas shipping if people wanted to join with friends and order together. Then we could ship 5-to-10 Grab Bags in one box via FedEx. It would risk a higher customs duty, but would be a fraction of the shipping cost, overall. Thoughts?--

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