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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone,Not sure if anyone might be interested or not but I am looking to sell the rest of my comic book collection. Prices do not include shipping but I can add that after I know how many books are being purchased. If interested in anything please send me a message. ThanksComic BooksAction Comics #45 Monster Month Variant $3.00Archie #1 J Scott Campbell Variant $3.50Batgirl #35 (New Costume) $3.00Batman #40 Joker Mask Movie Variant $4.00Chrononauts #1 $3.00Civil War #3 $6.00Civil War #6 $6.00Civil War II #1 Gwenpool Black & White Party Variant $30.00Convergence Shazam #1 $2.00Convergence Shazam #2 $2.00DC Comics Bombshells #1 $5.00Minutemen #1 Jim Lee Variant $30.00New Avengers #14 $2.00New Avengers #16 $2.00Original Sin #1 $3.00Red One #1 $5.00Red One #2 $3.00Silk Spectre #1 Jim Lee Variant $50.00Spider-Gwen #2 $2.50Spider-Gwen #2 Comic Xposure $12.00Spider-Gwen #2 Dynamic Forces Variant $10.00Spider-Gwen #3 Hastings Variant $12.00Spider-Gwen #4 NYC (Mark Brooks) Variant $5.00Spider-Gwen #5 $2.50The Amazing Spider-Man #532 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #535 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #536 $3.00The Amazing Spider-Man #537 $2.50The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1st Appearance of Silk) $15.00The Amazing Spider-Man #17 Hastings Variant $10.00The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Hip-Hop Variant $5.00Thor #8 (Jane Foster ) $4.00We Can Never Go Home #1 Hot Topic Variant $5.00Wildcats #1 $2.00Winter Soldier #1 $5.00World War Hulk #1 $4.00Wytches #1 Hastings Variant $8.00Let me know if interested,Thanks,Brian
  2. Okay so I am putting together a two channel system in my living room. Right now all I have is a denon dp-300f hooked up to two Samson 5A's ($200 active speakers i got from my job). I have pretty much made up my mind on the Yamaha AS-500 which is an integrated amp for 399.99. It just seems like the best deal for my money right now. Now onto where I need your help....the speakers. Trying to stick to bookshelves as space is somewhat limited. I have narrowed it down to a few models, if there are any others you'd like to recommend feel free, just know that I am trying to stay within $400-$600 range. The models so far that have caught my eye: 1. Wharfedale 10.2 $449.00 2. Focal Chorus 706V ( I really like the look and the front port ) $499.99 3. PSB Image B6 $549.99 Also, a dark horse was the B&W 685's but they are a bit over my budget at $649 a pair and the price doesnt seem to justify the quality from what I've seen in reviews online, but I could be totally wrong here I would appreciate and and all input, especially from owners/previous owners of these models. I listen to alot of rock, indie and some hip hop so I would like some bass but not too boomy. I could always get a sub later down the road. For now, I just need something that would work well with my TV, PS3, and record player. Now GO.....

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