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  1. Just saw that Billy Rymer of DEP actually played drums on this record.
  2. Oh wow. Did not know that. Interesting.
  3. Man this album rips IMO. Some of the phrases remind me of Dillinger Escape Plan. They seemed to incorporate all their influences/styles into one record. Manny kills the bass throughout the album as well. Yeah the mix could have definitely been more vocal friendly but I guarantee this is how they wanted it to sound.
  4. SaviorSelf

    PO Now Run The Jewels 3

    I have a couple extra tickets for tonights show at terminal 5. Good chance to snag the 4LP
  5. damn I disappear from these boards for like a year and miss out on one of my favorite albums. oh well, at least I still have El Cielo
  6. Just grabbed a 1210 off craigslist for 300 about a month back. In the city people ask for like 500 but you just gotta make an offer.
  7. Ill give you tree fiddy
  8. SaviorSelf

    FS: Denon DP-300F Automatic Belt Driven Turntable

    bump 175 shipped for TT and cart
  9. No, Id say the closest thing you can buy brand new like a 1200, is the PLX 1000. Even that is over priced though. Better off just getting the real thing.
  10. Sorry man, but the Mrs wants to make a spontaneous trip to Sesame Place this weekend with the little one. Thats probably ganna eat up all my spending cash for the month.
  11. Interested. Will get back to you this weekend when I get paid. Would I be able to use my own fedex account?
  12. Man youre giving up on it before Zelda U???
  13. Or you could grab something like a Numark PT-01. It has built in speakers with volume control and comes in a carrying case.