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  1. Sorry to bring up such an old topic but does anyone have any current Hot Cash codes you would be willing to share or know where I can find some?
  2. Might be interested, any chance you could send me a pic? Thanks!
  3. If someone ended up picking this up in the hopes of the limited but gets the regular I would be interested in it. Just want one of the Tour Presses
  4. Have the following listed on my Discogs store right now. I would rather sell outside Discogs to avoid fees and the new tax laws so if you see anything you're interested in let me know. https://www.discogs.com/seller/Kjm2323/profile?q=Title+Fight Thanks, Brian
  5. Have a copy of this in my personal collection I might let go of. Bought it brand new and never been played. If interested PM me an offer. Thanks, Brian
  6. Hey Everyone, I just updated my Discogs Marketplace and have added a decent amount of 7" records along with a bunch of other stuff I had already listed. I also have a ton of stuff not listed on there so if there is anything in particular you might be looking for let me know as I may have it (sitting at over 1,200 records right now). If there is anything you're interested in on there and want to do the deal outside of Discogs I can take off 8% of the price thats listed. Any questions let me know. https://www.discogs.com/seller/Kjm2323/profile… Thanks, Brian
  7. So the place I ordered Weezer - The Teal Album cancelled my order so I am looking for both Weezer albums still for close to retail from a U.S. seller if anyone has any leads. Also I ended up with an extra copy of Soccer Mommy - For Young Hearts that I am looking to sell for cost so if anyone is interested I am looking for $23.00 ppd (within the U.S.). If interested let me know, thanks!
  8. Hate to bring this topic back from the dead but does anyone have any Hot Cash Coupon codes?
  9. Was hopefully able to get the Teal album thanks to @bridgesii. Appreciate your help more than you know. If anyone had a lead to a decent priced US based copy of Dusty Gems please let me know.
  10. Still looking for the two Weezer LP’s from a US distro. If anyone has any leads let me know.