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  1. Clear Red, there are pictures on Instagram if you search #whenbrokeniseasilyfixed
  2. Still looking for a tour copy. If you are able to grab one let me know.
  3. Kjm23

    FS: Spitalfield - Pizza Box Set

    Put out more records, miss picking up the majority of the stuff you put out!
  4. There are a bunch of records (including this one) that are on sale for Black Friday most likely why you can’t get them yet as they want that stock available for that day
  5. Kjm23

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I would be interested in the Say Anything Free 7" Flexi that will be available at the Dine Alone Store if anyone is able to grab me one. Would obviously give you some money and pay for shipping for it.
  6. Giving this one more shot. Looking for a copy of When Broken is Easily Fixed Tour Press (Out of 300) that they are selling on tour right now. Will buy outright or I can trade a Tour Press of Turnover - Good Nature (Out of 300) or Circa Survive - The Amulet: B-Sides 7" Tour Version on Red (Out of 500), and also have the Citizen - Open Your Heart Tour Only Red Cassette. If interested in working out a deal hit me up.
  7. Anyone get the subscriber variant for the 5 year Anniversary Edition of Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back and want to sell it? If so let me know.
  8. Also looking for a copy of the WBIEF 15 Tour Press. Have a copy of Turnover - Good Nature Tour Press Numbered out of 300 to trade for it. If anybody's interested in that deal hit me up.
  9. Not sure if any of these have even been sent out yet but I will be looking for the following when available. If anyone bought the sub and is not into the following and just want to make some of their money back hit me up. Here is what I am looking for so far: Charmer - S/T Forest Green - Nothing Is Special No Better - It Felt Like Glass Thanks, Brian
  10. Toki, I am seeing them on the 3rd. If you need one of these for the collection I can try and pick one up for you. Just let me know.
  11. Bump, have 50 of these at the moment to sell. Send me a message if interested.
  12. Kjm23

    Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    Anyone have any of the HT Hot Cash codes?