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  1. Was hopefully able to get the Teal album thanks to @bridgesii. Appreciate your help more than you know. If anyone had a lead to a decent priced US based copy of Dusty Gems please let me know.
  2. Still looking for the two Weezer LP’s from a US distro. If anyone has any leads let me know.
  3. Anybody get their March Limited order yet? I looked at the product page and it said they would be shipping out mid March but I haven't received anything yet.
  4. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=15309&cid=17 Last 150 of the colored copies up
  5. The sad thing is that a lot of the damage that happens during transit could be avoided with better packaging or just using frustration free mailers. A lot of the times I receive records in the old vinyl mailers they are usually packaged terribly. No cardboard stiffeners just the record thrown in a mailer. Even when there is some sort of protection 9 times out of 10 there is some type of damage. In 15 years or so of collecting and selling I have never once had a record get damaged in transit. A lot of these labels could avoid these problems if they just learned how to package their releases better
  6. http://www.hawthorneheights.limitedrun.com/ a couple on their site, almost $40.00 after shipping though
  7. Got one, thanks! Now, does anyone wanna buy this slipmat from me?????
  8. IanRees, are we going to see something go up on MerchLimited for this record?
  9. Got mine in today, came with a Black Spork
  10. Bottom right corner had a huge bend in it. The record was from No Sleep which looks like just re-opened their own site again. I may just reach out to them for a new sleeve.
  11. And so it begins.... Also this order was from November and just received it like a week ago. Kairi replied: Hello, I’m sorry to hear your order was damaged in transit. As stated on the site during checkout MerchNow does not hold any responsibility for items damaged in transit and highly suggests choosing an insured shipping method. Unfortunately because you did not choose an insured shipping method you will likely not be able to file a claim and there is nothing more we can do on our end. You may attempt to contact your shipping carrier to see if there are any options for a claim, but we cannot guarantee the results will be favorable. You can find the contact information for each carrier here: https://merchnow.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2965280-my-item-arrived-damaged-what-do-i-do- We apologize for the inconvenience. - Kairi Needless to say my response was telling them that wasn't going to work for me as the original e-mail I sent asked for pictures of the damage and they would replace. I told them if they didn't want to resolve it with me I would go through PayPal or my Credit Card company. Interested to see how this goes.
  12. Had no clue, bought the Black when it originally came out. Awesome, sending a message now. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone with a Vault membership know if this is still available? I didn't even know it existed on Green vinyl. https://thirdmanstore.com/dangerously-delicious-limited-edition-12-vinyl If it is available anyone want to order it for me and I can send you the money via PayPal?