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  1. https://imgur.com/a/b51MmDZ Uploaded on Imgur App real quick. Hopefully that works
  2. No record stores in my town or nearby got these so I am still on the hunt for one for my sister for her birthday. If anyone can grab one or has a lead to a shop selling these online I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. The Iridescent EP is perfect front to back, glad those songs made the full length. Also the download the label sent out was only 192, hopefully they’ll send out 320 when it actually comes out but we will see.
  4. If anyone has a line on getting an autographed CD I would appreciate it. My sister is a huge fan and her Birthday is coming up. None of my two locals got any in.
  5. I got mine in a couple of days ago. It looks like MerchNow isn’t using Frustration Free mailers anymore as the last two packages I received from them were in old vinyl mailers. Needless to say my State Champs record came in damaged. I have had nothing but trouble with MerchNow and they do nothing to fix the problem. @IanRees please get Pure Noise away from MerchNow or ask them to go back to the Frustration Free mailers. It sucks when you’re forced to buy something from them and they won’t fix their mistakes.
  6. New Repress up https://store.suicidesqueeze.net/collections/frontpage/products/minus-the-bear-planet-of-ice
  7. https://spacelab9.com/collections/all/products/wwe-presents-triple-h-lp SpaceLab is putting this out. Here is their variant. I’ll wait until it gets heavily discounted which I am sure it eventually will.
  8. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/291163/a-coloring-story-bookpicture-disc Still available but like what was stated up above it goes on and off sale all the time
  9. I believe I got the 2nd press (not entirely sure as it doesn’t say on my receipt) but I might be willing to trade for the 1st press. Kind of want to wait and see how it turns out before pulling the trigger though. If someone wants to possibly swap when I get it in send me a PM.
  10. Curious as well, also if it did how well was it packed? Thin UK mailer?
  11. I got two emails as well but the tracking was the same in each email.
  12. Ended up with a couple of extra downloads due to buying the different covers. Not sure if the links will work or how many times they can be used but have at it: https://neck-deep.myshopify.com/a/downloads/-/267f4ce805a0d810/08b094a20dff4aae https://neck-deep.myshopify.com/a/downloads/-/f53697ec6088112b/72cb1744c2402900