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Found 4 results

  1. I just went through my Discogs inventory and reduced the prices on some of the higher value stuff. I'm having a boy or a girl (due date two weeks) and figured I'd try to move some stuff that I probably won't play. There may be some whales if you collect any of the tagged artists and there's a lot more. I'm willing to make deals with folks on here (especially for multiples) and would entertain a trade or two, but ultimately I'm trying to save money and clear some space. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile I've got some other random things like prints and Garbage Pail Kids that I might post later.
  2. Hey guys. I hate to do this, but I'm clearing some stuff out that are either duplicates or I'll likely never play. In the case of the Melvins Endless Residency box set, I just don't see myself playing it and risking diminishing the value/quality and if my child becomes a grabby toddler, that could be bad news. I've listed this stuff on Discogs under cutting the lowest listing at that quality, but will cut deals for you guys especially if you're bundling. Trades are not out of the question, but I'm more interested in making space and paying off debt as we're getting ready for life to get fucking real over here. I never bought these with the intention of flipping, but holding duplicates is making less sense (except for my completist Graveface habit). Probably way more stuff to come in the next few days. Here's my Discogs store to see what I have and their conditions Don't overlook that Zune I posted, BTW.
  3. Didn't see a thread for this. If you dig DJ Day's other stuff, smooth instrumental/sample hip-hop, or just funky beats, give it a listen. You can stream it and download the digital for free on the page. Limited LP /400. https://www.puts.band/shop/naufrago
  4. http://pl70.net/products/thes/#more-2766 It cost me 98 bucks plus 7 shipping... pretty reasonable. Unreleased and Obscure Instrumentals of Thes One Box Sets Highlighting 10 years, 5 PUTS Albums + Side Projects A project started 3 years ago in 2010, finally seeing the light of day in a limited release of 150 sets. Hand crafted out of wooden wine crates, laser etched and featuring a hemp handle at the top, the box slides open to reveal 5 instrumental LP’s cut by Thes One himself on audiophile grade vinyl in hand stamped, hand numbered acid free archival sleeves. The box also features a custom made Piecelock 70 MP3 Player + USB memory stick with headphones in a laser engraved tin that is preloaded with the 53 unreleased beats from the vinyl as well as a bonus folder of 25 hard to find songs featuring the production of Thes One. A booklet with history, anecdotes, stories and essays will also be included in the box. 150 numbered box sets will be available and, unfortunately, due to the expensive and complicated manufacturing process the set will not be repressed when it sells out. Don’t have a turntable? Available as MP3 Player only or in super limited (40 made) Beer Mug Set. Good Luck! Beer Mug Custom MP3 Player Hand Numbered 5 Lps Inside Montage Labels Outside Box Set Beer Mug Set Track Listing Vinyl + Digital: 01. Intro 02. San Francisco Knights 03. Knuckle Sandwich 04. Los Angeles Daze 05. Wannabes 06. 24 hours With A G 07. Asshole 08. Deep Impact 09. Summers Day (interlude) 10. Crunchtime 11. I Need A Friend 12. Down and Out 13. July 3rd 14. Earth Travelers 15. Back On The Block 16. Give Love A Chance 17. Rhymin Wit The Bonz 18. The Come On 19. Get Drunk 20. 43 Labels I Like 21. Afternoon Connection 22. We’ll Be There 23. Suite For Beaver Pt.1 24. The Dig 25. Empty Bottles Of Water 26. The L.A. Song 27. Montego Slay 28. Hang Loose Remix 29. Acid Raindrops 30. Keepin It Live 31. The Joyride 32. The Breakdown 33. Don’t Get It Twisted 34. Chollo Dads 35. Yo 36. Trippin’ On A Tamborine 37. Crown Ones 38. You 39. Flex Off 40. Pumpin’ 41. The Brownout 42. On & On 43. Give It Up 44. Swan Fever 45. Up Yo Spine 46. The Fun 47. Gamin’ On Ya 48. Anotha’ (BBQ) 49. California 50. Same Beat 51. The Wiz 52. Critical Condition 53. The Mike And Chris Story Bonus Folder on MP3 Player: 01. Noonen 02. Noonen (Ins) 03. Yacht Club 04. Yacht Club (Ins) 05. Two Close Practice Beat 06. Beat Battle alt_practice tape 07. Deep Impact 08. Microphone Master 09. Crunchtime 10. Just The Three Of Us 11. See Ya ED! 12. Shish Boom Bah V 13. Try Me (Instrumental) 14. Good Co. 15. Hidden Gem (NBC – NAS) 16. Next Action Star Alt. Theme 17. Terror Turns (NBC – NAS) 18. Hot Tub Douch Theme (NBC – NAS) 19. Oh Relax (NBC -NAS) 20. Attention whore (NBC – NAS) 21. Kram Neves & 2 Mex Instrumental 22. Wedding Song Instrumental 23. Tuxedo Rap Remix 24. BOTB 25. Rhymin Wit The Bonz

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