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  1. I'm not expecting a shitload of traffic on this one, but if you're into this sort of thing THIS is a must have LP in my opinion. This band is comprised of a bunch of younger guys and the main composer, Jonathan Scales is a steel drum player out of Asheville, NC. Living in Raleigh I've seen him tons of times starting as an opener and now he regularly headlines. The trio members have rotated in and out (bassists previously including Cody Wright (Toe Jam and Earl In The Groove co-writer) and MONONEON (Prince, Ghost Note). This album features Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin (Flecktones and Dave Matthews Band), Oteil Burbridge, Shaun Martin, MONONEON, Victor Wooten, Weedie Braimah, and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Drums are handled by Maison Guidry and bass by E'Lon JD (who is a BEAST). The LP is 23 bucks limited to 200 and they have 4 test pressings left at 80 bucks. https://jsfstore.bandcamp.com/album/pillar Here's a video of their recent Tiny Desk Concert with Bela Fleck. I HIGHLY recommend this release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYPQ0EUmbTs
  2. Get in touch with Graveface Records in Savannah, GA for that 26 Mixes. It's a boot, but they often get stock of "fanclub releases" and that's where I got my copy. VERY reasonably priced (I think I paid 28 bucks shipped and it's 4 LP's but don't hold me or them to that).
  3. Given that your linked record collection has a few DMB releases I guess that's praise, right 🤷‍♂️?
  4. I don't give a shit about the pissing match going on here. I DO however LOVE the gif of that Baylor kicker getting laid the fuck out by Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.
  5. It's also possible that someone used the code without commenting, but you never know. Thanks again.
  6. I used one of these and the other was already dead. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I dig the shit out of them and find it hilarious how much some people seem to hate them... hell, I went to Michigan State and that fact that they're a bunch of University of Michigan guys doesn't even phase me.
  8. I think that the "scheme" was acceptable per the then-current rules and regs of Spotify and they gamed the system in place at the time that regularly dicks over artists. Not being on board with that "stunt" is the equivalent of siding with the owners when it comes to sports IMO except that these guys aren't as relatively wealthy as sports stars. I'm a fan of their music and the tongue in cheek way that they interact with the financial piece of making art. I'm interested to see how the auction ends and what ends up on the album.
  9. That's a good call and I should have my credit union look at it. I'll take blame for not remembering to follow up (a third time), but it always grinds my gears when the answer to a customer complaint is "we can't". There is nothing prohibiting them from taking care of me... it's a lack of desire to do so.
  10. Well, I'm not sure where else to air this grievance, but here goes. I bought the repress of Grassroots from Enjoy the Ride on 8/13 last year and received a damaged package on 8/20 that made it pretty clear the record would at the very least have a badly damaged jacket. I took pics and then opened the mailer and sure enough, it was bent. I emailed them immediately and didn't hear back. On 9/3 I followed up as I hadn't heard back yet. After that I'd either given up on hearing from them or forgotten, but either way, I knew that I had a dented jacket and figured it's an album I like so I'll just deal with it. A little over a week ago I was going through records and pulled it out and despite it still being sealed it was very clear to me that the damage wasn't limited to cosmetic damage to the package, the record is almost assuredly snapped and unplayable. I went to my email to verify that it was never resolved and emailed them again asking for a replacement or a refund and their replay was very short: "No 311 is long out of print Sent from my iPhone" I wasn't very satisfied by that brief reply and they'd only addressed one way to make it right so I asked if I could be refunded. Their brief reply: "From last year? No sorry Sent from my iPhone" I wasn't happy with this because to me the reason it was never resolved in a timely manner was because they had not replied to my repeated attempt to get it taken care of. I tried one last time today and they told me: "Im sorry but we can not refund a defect you say from last year." which is not true. They can, but they won't. So that's where I am. I'm out the money and there's nothing I can do but warn everyone else. I'm not saying they'll dick you over 100% of the time, because while that wasn't the first order I'd placed with them, it's definitely the reason why I will no longer be ordering from any of their three entities. I'll also plan to direct anyone to this cautionary tale whenever a pre-order pops up unless they decide to refund me in which case I'll let you all know that they were ultimately reasonable, but I don't expect that to happen. If you receive a damaged item from Looney Tunes, Enjoy The Ride Records, or Brookvale and receive a damaged item you will need to pester them to get a refund. I can't say the degree to which you'll need to pester them, but clearly two emails with pictures won't suffice. Anyone else have a similarly bad experience?
  11. Bump I'm about 25% through listing my stuff for sale so come take a look at the store inventory and collection and feel free to make an offer. About 60 things have moved on Discogs and about a dozen through VC. Message me here and we can wheel and deal a bit.
  12. Bump Sold about 20 things, but haven't revised that list yet. I'm adding more stuff to the store inventory from my collection now.
  13. This is the height of toomuchery Vulfpeck song auction
  14. My apologies if that made anyone's eye bleed. I've gone through my 7"s as of last night and will tackle cassettes and vinyl larger than 7" soon. CD's have been up to date for a bit now. Lots more stuff coming and I'm down to deal with board members, but I have done my best to list my stuff to be least expensive option at the grade to move quickly. Waking up to a couple of orders most days since I've listed this stuff, so let me know if you're interested in anything.