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  1. Yeah, I was shocked how quickly I got mine yesterday. Also, quite hefty.
  2. I thought there was a band called "Moth-Eaten Gap" and the OP was looking for their albums on vinyl.
  3. I know... wrong forum, BUT everything I've seen is anecdotal speculation on Reddit and I didn't think it was appropriate to put it in the vinvl forum since it's not founded. Anyone heard anything about this? Also, let me know if you think this should have gone in the vinyl section.
  4. If you're on Facebook there are two decent bootleg vinyl groups I've joined recently: WAX SABBATH MEMBERS ONLY Discogs Banned and Unofficial I don't recall seeing any Devo in either, but they may be a better venue to ask folks if they have any. Wax Sabbath seems to be putting a LOT of effort into the packaging and presentation, but I haven't bought anything to gauge the quality. If you ask for Devo and enough folks voice desire it could inspire them to press some.
  5. edit that... I'm seeing on Discogs that he did two variants in 2010, but the "repress" I was thinking of was a reissue on niche formats (cassette and minidisc).
  6. It's been pressed twice now. Is it still a tough find?
  7. It's Gillette... although, I gotta say... quoting the edited version of a song lyric is a weird move. It's short dick man.
  8. Bought from this dude multiple times. Great titles, prices, and condition.

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