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  1. Tried Tsunami Bomb, but it was taken. Didn't try Nothing.
  2. BUMP with a link this time. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile Gone in the last 24 hours are two Strapping Young Lads, one Burning Airlines, a Snarky Puppy, Primus, and Mindless Self Indulgence. Still plenty more!
  3. Scooped this up with the quickness. Haven't heard it, but the original game soundtrack is a game changer and Cody the bass player on it is a super cool dude that plays great music. First met him through going to Jonathan Scales Fourchestra shows in NC and this has always been way to expensive to rationalize picking up. Still pricey, but almost half of what the original pressing was going for.
  4. Just posted a bunch of dupe variants for sale last night. I'm trying to pay off some bills and free up some (mostly) unplayed stuff that I'll likely not get a chance to listen to any time soon. Message me here if you're interested in anything I have for sale and I'll knock off 10% for the board. Feel free to make an offer on anything in my collection, too. I'm sure I'll be listing my Fall of Troy stuff, but need to inspect them since they weren't in with my dupes.
  5. These may or may not work since I just used them: http://joyfulnoiserecordings.com/downloads Tropical Fuck Storm - Brain Drops u3dw-7y8y Tropical Fuck Storm - A Laughing Death in Meatspace tuck-vea7
  6. Pretty pumped to see which corporately owned venues that charge 80 bucks a ticket will be hosting them! Only saw them at Woodstock 99 and it was cool to see those songs that were on the Battle of Los Angeles for the first time. I'm still pissed at my sister for seeing them with At the Drive in AND Gangstarr despite her not liking either of those openers... fucked up.
  7. Probably unnecessary to do so at this point, but I back this seller. Good a good deal on a great record a couple of weeks ago. Everything was flawless. Thanks again.
  8. Yeah, I started watching the video, but didn't follow it through to the end to see what he was ripping.
  9. The point is listening to something that only exists on vinyl some place other than where you have a stereo setup... or posting it on a music sharing torrent site/archive (R.I.P. What.cd) to boost your ratio.
  10. I'm not blowing it. In for Frog Brigade, The D, Raymond Scott, & Monster Movie will be coming with my Graveface subscription. Claypool will make my year.
  11. I can definitely say that there will be a deluxe box of some sort, but can't be certain that it is this roughly 50 dollar version.
  12. Mine arrived yesterday with no tracking. Excited to open this finally. Kept the OG sealed for a few years then sold it to raise money for a move.
  13. Every time this thread goes bold I get the same feeling as when my ex shows up on my caller ID.