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  1. After the Fugazi tribute I got a little excited to see a track called Long Division, although I'm honestly glad it's not a cover (pretty strong tune, too!)
  2. Thanks! I'm in the neighborhood of 60 (well, will be once my Thanksgiving sale ones arrive), but there's still plenty that I'll need.
  3. I appreciate the reply, but I have both of the test pressing variants for that release. I found EIGHT Graveface test pressings at Sorry State in Raleigh totally by chance recently and the not numbered version was among them!
  4. It's a long shot, but does anyone have any Graveface Test Pressings they'd be willing to sell or trade away? I can work on a list of what I have if it's helpful, but PM me or post here if you have any you don't need/want. Toman - Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear is my whale, but I'm after anything I don't have.
  5. If I didn't already own this I'd be all over it. May want to list the condition when you post (just my two cents). Did "up" mean time's up or that you're bumping it? Cool idea and I'll keep my eyes peeled. If no one bought this and I grab something else I may buy it (if it's available still) to gift it.
  6. You and me both. Fingers crossed we get it some day (especially after those other Fat Possum represses).
  7. I bought a bunch of these with the quickness. If anyone ends up with something I need and they don't want I have some other test pressings to trade including Graveface and Terror Vision.
  8. Yeah, I'm reading in order and just finished Jingo. My favorite book is Good Omens which I first read over 25 years ago so it was inevitable that I'd get around to it.
  9. As of last night I'm officially more than halfway through Discworld! I started reading them in 2013 and was keeping a pretty good pace, but when Terry passed away books started getting hard to request through my local library system and it kind of killed my momentum.
  10. @Doomguy13 @roadmonkey Just a heads up that I got shipping confirmation this morning. I'll message you both to confirm addresses once I get them.
  11. Still it's late enough in the day that even at $50 I would expected to have missed out... maybe I am a fool? Ha Ha...

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