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  1. A word of warning: I placed an order a few weeks back to get some of the back-ordered Dischord color represses and they have come piecemeal in the flimsiest mailers I have ever seen. I will continue to return for replacements as long as it takes them to send them in a manner where they actually don't get damaged. I assume that if you're ordering multiple in-stock items they'll come in more substantial mailers, but if you're receiving a single LP in a shipment prepare yourself for a hassle or settle for dinged up jackets.
  2. I haven't checked yet, do they have any black t-shirts?
  3. I still spin this regularly! Butcher Brown is amazing and will no doubt be huge in the near future. Even if not, I'll still be picking up everything they release.
  4. I just got shipping notification. Sorry if this is old news for the public in general.
  5. Got the test pressing and two original variants... well, off to grab the cloudy blue version!
  6. LOVE this band and am tempted, but my days of paying 18 bucks to get two songs on a 7" shipped to me are over unless it's a VERY rare exception. Pretty exciting that they're working on some new tunes.
  7. Snagged. Giving me Jawbox/Special Goodness vibes. Thanks!
  8. I was pretty surprised to see that email! I'm pumped to see what these three sounds like and am pretty curious to see where they're going to record the second one soon.
  9. Anybody have a lead on a good price on the first two LP's? I found a seller on Discogs, but it took two weeks after I ordered (and several messages) for them to tell me they couldn't find PINK.
  10. I was ok having sealed low quantity pressed stuff just sitting there UNTIL I had a kid. Seeing how turning your back for five seconds can lead to something getting broken told me maybe I should sell some of it... It was also the increase in expenses and needing some extra funds too, though. I can see how having a kid (or even a particularly large/active puppy) could lead one to want to get some valuables out of the house. On the plus side, many of the buyers have been VERY happy and I'm glad that they're getting appreciated elsewhere in a win/win scenario.
  11. Damn I thought the hand pours were going up at 3am eastern Friday like the standard.... well, shit.
  12. Shipping was $6.50 for one copy and $6.96 for two... luckily my buddy was in for one. I recommend buying two and coordinate/gift/sell/flip... whatever.

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