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  1. Anybody have a lead on a good price on the first two LP's? I found a seller on Discogs, but it took two weeks after I ordered (and several messages) for them to tell me they couldn't find PINK.
  2. I was ok having sealed low quantity pressed stuff just sitting there UNTIL I had a kid. Seeing how turning your back for five seconds can lead to something getting broken told me maybe I should sell some of it... It was also the increase in expenses and needing some extra funds too, though. I can see how having a kid (or even a particularly large/active puppy) could lead one to want to get some valuables out of the house. On the plus side, many of the buyers have been VERY happy and I'm glad that they're getting appreciated elsewhere in a win/win scenario.
  3. Damn I thought the hand pours were going up at 3am eastern Friday like the standard.... well, shit.
  4. Shipping was $6.50 for one copy and $6.96 for two... luckily my buddy was in for one. I recommend buying two and coordinate/gift/sell/flip... whatever.
  5. Yeah the belt can be funky to deal with, BUT after you do it enough times you figure out the best technique that works for yourself... if you feel stumped DM me and I'll try to articulate it. As far as stretching goes, I tend to leave mine off entirely when I'm not using it so it can naturally contract a little.
  6. My two cents is that I've had mine since backing the Kickstarter campaign and in the (8?) years since getting it I've had two technical problems. In both cases, they troubleshot it over email with replies very frequent and timely and they provided me with replacement parts to bring my table up to speed given improvements they'd made to the design over the years. So, that said I can't tell you it's the BEST table out there, BUT my experience has been nothing short of amazing and something is to be said for good customer service.
  7. The tech support forum is gone so I'll ask here. Does anyone know how to update the signature that appears at the end of a post?
  8. I believe there is a Newbury Clear to 1000 and standard black as well. I went the bandcamp route on the above pictured silver to get the FLAC when it drops.
  9. King Buffalo - Live at Freak Valley Codes: zygk-bq86 ytk2-x6rk gnpt-k69f bandcamp.com/yum
  10. King Buffalo - Live at Freak Valley DM me for Bandcamp code/link

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