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  1. Any but the bedroom. Do you plan to listen to records when entertaining or just by yourself and/or partner? Seems like that's the deciding factor. For me, I have one downstairs in the living room and upstairs in our "loft". When we didn't have a kid (two years ago) we'd hang out in the loft and play records with company or alone. Now that's not an option with a baby sleeping in the next room (I can still listen alone with headphones). Even if we only had one, I'd still have it in the loft to accommodate all the records. We can still play records when we have company downstairs.
  2. The only action figures I ever collected (and by that I mean held onto as a means of entertainment AND investment) were the World of Springfield Simpsons toys. I had everything (including the Toyfare, Toys R Us, EB, etc exclusives) in duplicate; one opened to play with and one sealed. Sold them in a lot at some point when I was in college because I was sick of moving them around and made more money that I would have now I think. They were still in production and I think I quit between Waves 8 and 10. What made them so cool was the fact that they all had a chip on their foot and when you put them in a playset locking their foot in place you could press a button and it would play a quote of that character in that scene. As time when on, they made new playsets and that would allow for more phrases from the characters. It was super cool. Here's a decent overview
  3. Can't answer the what... the only why that made sense to me was to flip it later, but I'm not that kind of dude, so I just left it be. The Mystic Thickness MD is gone now. I had the foresight to buy two copies of MM on red when it first dropped and a copy of Mystic Thickness on CD came with it.
  4. Couldn't find the minidisc forum. I can't rationalize buying these. Act fast they're going quick. https://radcult.bigcartel.com/product/tobacco-mystic-thickness-minidisc-preorder https://radcult.bigcartel.com/product/tobacco-maniac-meat-minidisc-preorder
  5. Pumped and I LOVE the t-shirt. Yellow graphics on green is so nice. Will look like my Glassjaw coloring book shirt and Team Sleep tee.
  6. What the fuck did I just read? BTW, isn't this related to Venetian Snares or something? What's the deal?
  7. Wow, there is a ton of good stuff in here that I never see on VC. Wish I was in a position to drop some money on the few that I'm missing, but a lot of them I already own anyways.
  8. My friend hasn't replied so I sent him a follow up... hell, maybe I'm interested. I'll let you know and I assume that you're not holding it for me/him so no worries if it sells.
  9. Showed this to my friend. I'll PM if he's interested.
  10. Stepping in to vouch for the Butcher Brown. Great record and great live act. Preview it on Bandcamp and then PICK IT UP! Any chance you could press some of the older BB stuff like All Purpose Music? So good!!
  11. Yeah, I forget the name... I think it was a female first name. Margot?