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  1. mameeshkamowskwoz

    WTB Jay Ryan HUM prints (YPAA & HE2K)

    My buddy Matt is chasing these down. I was lucky enough to score all three prints when Matt Talbot sold the three HUM albums with Prints, but my friend is a diehard fan and is looking to get these first two prints if anyone is willing to part with them. I believe that the Electra 2000 is his priority, but he's looking for either or both.
  2. mameeshkamowskwoz

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    This is a terrific album, BTW. A great intro to country if you're unfamiliar. I'd love to stumble across a copy of this.
  3. mameeshkamowskwoz

    PO: Khruangbin - Live At Lincoln Hall

    Saw them last night and the place was sold out and impossible to move around inside. These guys have officially blown up... wish I'd have bought the EP's/singles earlier when I had the chance. Well worth seeing live.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/user/lindermanr/collection I feel like my count is actually decreasing. Had a kid so I stopped buying as much and for that same reason decided to start selling off some dupes/variants and things I don't see myself listening to much. I've gone through twice and cut some fat and am due to do it again.
  5. mameeshkamowskwoz

    Primus Reissues

    Finally pulled the trigger on the CB bundle. Now I can feel like a sucker for a month until these arrive and I get to play Silly Putty on my stereo. It will all be worth it.
  6. mameeshkamowskwoz

    Primus Reissues

    It was also a remix, though... which is sometimes jarring to listen to if you've heard the original hundreds of times. A lot of really small but noticeable differences from the original. BTW, I got the yellow when I bought it
  7. I bought the Deerhoof one, had a kid and then realized I don't need three variants of Friend Opportunity (awesome as it may be). I put two of them on Discogs at cost.
  8. mameeshkamowskwoz

    Primus Reissues

    This is madness! I want all the albums AND all the live shows from 2003-2004 in 6LP boxsets!!!
  9. mameeshkamowskwoz

    various download codes

    WHOA! This worked for me.
  10. mameeshkamowskwoz

    various download codes

    Probably been used then. Speedy buggers.