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  1. They toured on the album when it came out and then they played the album in it's entirety on their 2010 tour with Dreamend. I love the album too, but wouldn't hold out much hope that they'd center a tour on it a third time.
  2. Was tempted to cave in (ha!) and part with my Whirr variants for money, but I must keep my Graveface collection in tact!
  3. This album is really good. Was really disappointed with that dub version of the last album and the Leon collaboration didn't do it for me either, so I passed on ordering this. I'll have to pick up a random pressing when I come across it.
  4. First I agreed... then I lolled, then I agreed again. Granted, there were ten different variants (got em all NAWTABIGDEAL), but odds are it is the bone/beach/tan. Wait... did the 2015 repress come sealed? Thats' my play copy, so I'm not sure.
  5. Not sure if any of these are still active, but I usually recycle when I redeem, so there's a good chance they're still valid. Omni - Networker - qn2x4mi2wctb Anamanaguchi - [USA] - 5A8HJUJ86T6B2ZWX Only Child Tyrant (aka Amon Tobin) - Time to Run - PM me for Bandcamp Link
  6. Thanks for the insight on KNY and Gore! I'm hoping to find a single spot to get all three to save on shipping if possible. EU seller is a tough option since it's going to boost my total cost. Maybe I can find that particular pressing domestically?
  7. Bumping this again. Message me here or there and I'll make deals work for both of us. Lots of stuff for sale and may be willing to move things in my collection that are not yet posted for sale. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile?sort=artist%2Casc
  8. So this thread made me realize that I never picked up the last three releases. What's the best place to get all three in one go (aside from being lucky on Discogs and finding one seller) if I live in the US? Any insight is helpful.
  9. If anyone has not heard it and would like a copy, I ripped the Hooray For Boobies snippet cassette a few years ago before selling it. If you haven't heard it and are a fan of this album, it's DEFINITELY worth giving it a listen. Sure the songs are only 30 seconds long and there are only four of them, but Jimmy Pop rambles before each preview and it's a nice companion to the album. Just send me a message and I'll get it to you via wetransfer. https://www.discogs.com/Bloodhound-Gang-Hooray-For-Boobies/master/1124975
  10. People have been jizzing themselves on a FB Failure group so I'm pretty pumped to give these a listen.
  11. Wow, this worked two days later. Color me surprised! Thanks
  12. Any but the bedroom. Do you plan to listen to records when entertaining or just by yourself and/or partner? Seems like that's the deciding factor. For me, I have one downstairs in the living room and upstairs in our "loft". When we didn't have a kid (two years ago) we'd hang out in the loft and play records with company or alone. Now that's not an option with a baby sleeping in the next room (I can still listen alone with headphones). Even if we only had one, I'd still have it in the loft to accommodate all the records. We can still play records when we have company downstairs.