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  1. I pre-ordered from Plaid Room over the weekend. Not sure if there is any benefit of going that route over Qrates though (unless you're combining orders)
  2. Before I started driving my wife's car a couple of months ago (we got an SUV for kid toting) I was driving an older Honda that had FM and CD; no AUX or bluetooth. I would put bootlegs and burned CD's in there in a "cake box" spindle. After a couple listens I put them back in the spindle upside down and blindly grabbed a rightside up one. Once they were all upside down I reversed the process. If anything even remotely skipped I pulled it out when it was done (or done randomizing if it was a burned mix) and pitch them. Most of the random mixes were generated from pulling tracks into an iTunes playlist titled by the date that I started compiling it. Every once in a while I'd make a mix strictly or an artist because I was really feeling it at the time. I will buy a must have album on CD at goodwill out of principle though. I usually give it to someone.
  3. You're already doing better than some people who have been on here for years. I can't help you, but if I get desperate I may try to sell you my Evelyn, Evelyn 2x10"/CD set. It's the closest I have to an Estradasphere vinyl release, though.
  4. Is this your first Graveface order? If so, that's pretty par for the course, but the objects can be pretty far out. A lot of that stuff I pitch/recycle/donate, but every once in a while I have something I have to keep. One package had a photo slide from the 70's of people drinking sodas lounging by a pool. Pretty interesting!
  5. A lot of drops have card variants that are 1/1's (only copy in existence). I've pulled a few of those in packs and have seen some sell for as much as 600 bucks on eBay. It's nuts because in some rare cases these digital cards are worth more than real ones. I like it because trading is so much easier than IRL. Also, when they release a new series/set there is usually a reward card for getting the full set of 5-15 cards (or whatever the size is) and those are generally collectible. You can never spend a penny and enjoy it or you can spend thousands. During the seasons for the sports there is also a fantasy element when you rotate cards into an active scoring position to get points. The better you fare the better your rewards cards and prize tickets to redeem later are. People do a lot of cross-platform trading too. I traded a bunch of high scoring Bunt cards to someone for a couple of cards I wanted in Huddle that were limited to a card count of 20-40. Another cool thing with the sports cards is that they will issue digital versions of old cards which is pretty sweet. Like I said in my original post, I can go on and on about this!
  6. Yowza. I got 12 releases for under a hundred bucks. 2 bucks shipping! Ball Of Eyes [Import] Placebo 8719262007840 LP 1 $8.47 $8.47 Dopamine Borns 602547609656 LP 1 $6.12 $6.12 East Coasting [Import] Charles Mingus 8719039002443 LP 1 $5.13 $5.13 Gypsy Jazz [Import] Django Reinhardt 5060403742537 LP 1 $11.70 $11.70 How To Solve Our Human Problems Belle and Sebastian 744861112310 LP (Additional shipping charge may apply - 2.83 lbs) 1 $15.93 $15.93 In Europe [Import] Eric Dolphy 8719039003235 LP 1 $5.10 $5.10 Omnivium Obscura 781676712618 LP 1 $9.04 $9.04 Painting of a Panic Attack Frightened Rabbit 825646486397 LP 1 $6.97 $6.97 Porno Mint & Grime Self 857545004594 LP 1 $9.21 $9.21 State Dogs: Singles 2017-18 Generationals 644110037114 LP 1 $6.69 $6.69 Temple Of The Dog 602557095913 LP 1 $9.20 $9.20 Wood/ water The Promise Ring 045778661794 LP 1 $7.95 $7.95
  7. Nice! I just went from being a loser for selling my RSD box years ago to being a huge weiner!
  8. Long shot, but anyone else actively participate in these apps? I wouldn't be surprised if this gets no replies and fades into the VC oblivion, but figured I'd reach out regardless. I'd been passively using them while not spending money for about five years, but spent a fairly large chunk on Huddle this year and have a pretty respectable collection. I dabble in the others, but was wondering if anyone else on here does. For those unfamiliar they create cards digitally that somehow maintain a level of value often close to those of physical cards (in some cases MORE value) that you can trade with other users. I know this reads like a spammy post, but I assure you it is not.
  9. It is almost certainly me. I'm hoping these guys can make it back to NC some time soon. I saw them at Beyu Cafe in Durham and there are several bands that play the Pour House in Raleigh that they would be no-brainers to get on a bill with (Jonathan Scales Fourchestra out of Asheville and we get Snarky Puppy side projects ALL the time including the amazing Ghost-Note)
  10. Anyone who is into this and has NOT heard the Mindless Self Indulgence remix of Facing the Plastic needs to check that shit out!
  11. Very cool! I've seen these dudes a couple of times and love their sound. That song Cairo (not on this album) sounds like a Herbie/Headhunters song. Thanks for giving the heads up that this is on vinyl finally. Hopefully you guys end up releasing GrownFolk because that's some good shit!