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  1. FYI, If you're not familiar with the Care Credit credit card look into it. Hopefully your vet can get you set up, but it's basically 0% financing for vet stuff as long as it exceeds a certain amount (I think it was $250 when I opened one many years ago). Was convenient to not pay anything when my cat was super sick and we paid it off over three years with no financing charges and then closed the card out. Just have to make sure you pay the minimum each month. My cat was fine after treatment for many years, but passed on long ago. I hope your little hedgie is ok!
  2. Shitty! Did you have the opportunity and it slipped away? I'm now 7 for 8 on KB test presses and my only whiff was when I was at a work function attempting on my phone.
  3. https://kingbuffalo.bigcartel.com/products S/T Demo 10th anniversary is available as of noon. Test Pressings /30 sold out Deluxe / 700 Standard /1800
  4. Looks like you're going to end up with two autographed 12" x 12" inserts from Sam 😄
  5. I too want this one... the recent HHIH announcement reminded me of this. I sold Purr a couple years ago and sort of regret it.
  6. Another idea is to find a music venue or two in your area and just make yourself go out on occasion and take some chances on bands even if you haven't ever heard of them. They won't all be amazing, but you never know who you're seeing figure shit out in front of your eyes. The first time I ever saw King Buffalo I was just looking for something to do after a Duke/UNC basketball game in Chapel Hill and listened to a song or two from the bands playing the local clubs that night. They caught my ear the most and five of my friends and I were among the 50 or so people that night and we were all blown the fuck away.
  7. Ween is the best rabbit hole in my opinion. Soooooo much music and they're incredible live. I just wish they'd write some new stuff.
  8. Saw Macho Man’s and a Horse the Band (before I saw people were seeking it). Horse the Band was 30.99 at Nice Price Books in Raleigh.
  9. I assume that was Schoolkids? We went to Nice Price and the Record Krate so we could do Schoolkids last and eat at Cloos’ but the line is still around the front to the side of the building. Wack indeed! How were time slots even selected?!
  10. I struck out. If anyone can nab a Verve Pipe or Butcher Brown/Bruce Hornsby it would be appreciated!
  11. Oof… we’re going to get douched with rain around 10 so we were optimistic our son’s tee ball would be canceled, but it’s on so I’m not going out until 11 at the earliest. Only things I want are Butcher Brown and The Verve Pipe… wish me luck!

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