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  1. Wow, there is a ton of good stuff in here that I never see on VC. Wish I was in a position to drop some money on the few that I'm missing, but a lot of them I already own anyways.
  2. My friend hasn't replied so I sent him a follow up... hell, maybe I'm interested. I'll let you know and I assume that you're not holding it for me/him so no worries if it sells.
  3. Showed this to my friend. I'll PM if he's interested.
  4. Stepping in to vouch for the Butcher Brown. Great record and great live act. Preview it on Bandcamp and then PICK IT UP! Any chance you could press some of the older BB stuff like All Purpose Music? So good!!
  5. Yeah, I forget the name... I think it was a female first name. Margot?
  6. Just dropping in to share something interesting I learned. In Scott Avett's episode of This Must Be the Gig podcast, he shared that he was into stuff like Korn and Deftones in highschool and that it was the kind of music that he played in bands at the time. He also shared that he picked up the banjo as kind of a lark (although it was likely a natural fit given that he was into that sort of stuff as a kid and grew up in western-ish NC) to be a contrarian. But the biggest revelation that was news to me was him crediting Mike Patton as being the single biggest artistic influence on him. As a huge Patton fan and a fan of the Avetts (albeit not as rabid post-I and Love and You) I found this to be incredibly cool. The episode is definitely worth a listen.
  7. At least shipping was only $8.50. Finally pulled the trigger today. I have all the previous pressings, but this is one of those few bands that I continue to buy every variant of... except signed versions... that's just silly.
  8. My inclination was to immediately order, but then I remembered the dub version of their most recent album... which felt like a cash grab. I'll have to give this a listen before pulling the trigger.
  9. NICE collection! I have an autographed poster circa 98/99 from a Kerrang! magazine. I'll have to take a pic and share it with you. Can't find an image of the poster anywhere online. I had them sign it at an in store that I was helping work in Grand Rapids in 2000 and got it laminated afterward.
  10. Tried Tsunami Bomb, but it was taken. Didn't try Nothing.
  11. BUMP with a link this time. https://www.discogs.com/seller/lindermanr/profile Gone in the last 24 hours are two Strapping Young Lads, one Burning Airlines, a Snarky Puppy, Primus, and Mindless Self Indulgence. Still plenty more!
  12. Scooped this up with the quickness. Haven't heard it, but the original game soundtrack is a game changer and Cody the bass player on it is a super cool dude that plays great music. First met him through going to Jonathan Scales Fourchestra shows in NC and this has always been way to expensive to rationalize picking up. Still pricey, but almost half of what the original pressing was going for.