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  1. I snagged all three, but ordered the test pressing first before going back for the other two. It shipped Friday so I'm looking forward to giving it a spin this week.
  2. That was the third time I saw them (four times total now). ATW were pretty damn good too. Had never heard them prior. That first KB show I bought a dugout from them with their logo engraved in the wood. Most useful piece of merch I've ever owned!
  3. The buried detail is that you get the TP almost a month early and before digital is available and for not a ton more money. I saw them tour on Orion in literally the smallest venue I've ever been to (The Cave in Chapel Hill; according to their site the stage specs are 12'x 10' x 10'!) after a Duke/UNC game. Long story, but a dude much younger than I started working with me and injected a bit of youth into the guys in our department. We suddenly found ourselves going out more often and just in general having a good time. We went out to Durham to watch the first Duke/UNC game of the year (n
  4. I'm hoping I have continued luck on getting their test presses... 2 for 3 on the past few releases.
  5. Grabbed this one too! I suck for not having listened to these yet, but when I get home from the office to finish my day at home I'm definitely putting all three of these on. Thanks for sharing!
  6. This sounds very up my alley. Thanks for the share!
  7. More info in the links... no idea what the benefit may be of one over the other since the most limited versions are sold out. Bandcamp at least adds it to your collection I suppose. https://latenighttales.bandcamp.com/album/latenighttales-khruangbin https://latenighttales.co.uk/products/khruangbin
  8. I got a promo email from Thalia today, but don't plan to use it. Figured I'd leave it here in case anyone's in the market. 20GC-F327VPBV for 20 bucks off.Valid until 10/15/2020. If you use it, please leave a comment to let the board know it's no longer active. My apologies in advance if this is in anyway tied to my email address and you won't be able to use it. Thalia website
  9. I was going to direct you to my red pressing listing on Discogs, but it looks like there are other variants available for less money. If the red pressing is particularly of interest to you PM me with an offer.
  10. I'm not expecting a shitload of traffic on this one, but if you're into this sort of thing THIS is a must have LP in my opinion. This band is comprised of a bunch of younger guys and the main composer, Jonathan Scales is a steel drum player out of Asheville, NC. Living in Raleigh I've seen him tons of times starting as an opener and now he regularly headlines. The trio members have rotated in and out (bassists previously including Cody Wright (Toe Jam and Earl In The Groove co-writer) and MONONEON (Prince, Ghost Note).
  11. Get in touch with Graveface Records in Savannah, GA for that 26 Mixes. It's a boot, but they often get stock of "fanclub releases" and that's where I got my copy. VERY reasonably priced (I think I paid 28 bucks shipped and it's 4 LP's but don't hold me or them to that).
  12. Given that your linked record collection has a few DMB releases I guess that's praise, right 🤷‍♂️?
  13. I don't give a shit about the pissing match going on here. I DO however LOVE the gif of that Baylor kicker getting laid the fuck out by Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.
  14. It's also possible that someone used the code without commenting, but you never know. Thanks again.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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