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  1. If I ever decide to sell my Graveface collection I'll hit you up. I have all ten variants of Sway. That was a shitshow to track down and organize.
  2. Can I scrobble Bandcamp or Amazon Music on my iphone or just Apple Music?
  3. I still scrobble often. https://www.last.fm/user/cutselfnot If you REALLY want to see me tear up, we can start talking about turntable.fm That was some glorious shit
  4. Cosmopolitan Bloodloss played perfectly. Positive feedback on the way.
  5. I got my Glassjaw 7" and it looks perfect! I'll give it a spin hopefully tonight and leave further positive feedback.
  6. I picked up two copies for 53 bucks shipped (I think they dispatch from the UK and the cost is in GBP). All this Vulfpeck related stuff sells out super quick and is impossible to find at a sensible price after the fact. I haven't listened to this yet, but I'm sure it will be good and funky. https://qrates.com/projects/18348-the-fearless-flyers-ii-first-pressing
  7. Anyone got a lead on this? Perhaps more importantly, anyone heard it? I fucking love Fugazi and Greg, so I'm curious to see what his take on the album sounds like.
  8. I goddamn love that band. I first heard Nothing to Fear as the house music at a show years ago and talked to the sound guy to see what it was. I've been hooked ever since.
  9. Went for this, but it was expired. Thanks anyways.
  10. Dragged my feet on the first pressing (dumb) and grabbed the blue one. Thanks for keeping me in the loop VC. Y'all are the best.
  11. I used to have a Deftones hoodie from the Adrenaline era that was basically a Ride the Lightning Metallica logo, but the word Deftones instead. It was amazing and I grew out of it (I was fifteen for chrissake) and game it to my buddy. Someone stole it from him. It was likely a bootleg because I have never seen a picture of it since.
  12. I can't decide if I should buy this or not! Had a lot of fun at their shows and LOVED this album. I'm not spending as much on LP's and this is one of those "will I play this around my wife and/or 11 month old?" kind of records. And if that's a now, should I sell my copies of Tighter and YRTA? Too bad they waited so long to press this. I'd have snapped it up in a second a couple of years ago.
  13. My main issues with streaming is that it's an ongoing trend that is totally screwing artists out of money. I get that what I'm asking for offers artists NO money, but it being a selective system of admission seems to weed out the majority of potential users. I like to think that most of the people that set up and used What still had a massive music collection like myself and were actively buying releases and going to shows to spend money on merch. I can't speak for others, but that was the case for me. I used it as a means to download and try new music and it's nice to have FLAC of something I eventually went out and bought on vinyl. The obscure music access is a big enough reason anyways. I have several tapes, CD's, and 7"s that aren't commonly found on the streaming sites from what I understand.
  14. Waffles is down and was underwhelming anyways... anyone got an invite for Apollo or RED? I've got a shitload of music to share and would like to get back on a site where I can check some new stuff out.