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  1. https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/collections/new-releases/products/el-ten-eleven
  2. I wonder if this means we'll see represses of everything in the box ? The box is sweet, but I don't need everything in it.
  3. If anyone is going to SDCC, it'd be awesome if you could stop by the Lego booth (#2829 in Hall D) and try to win a Barb minifig from Stranger Things. If you do, I will pay you for the figure and for your troubles. My friend is looking for one and is a big time toy collector.
  4. For all the initial trepidation, this album is great. Kinda short, but whatever.
  5. So I just found out that Chillhop Music has their own online shop. After the Qrates window closes, if the project isn’t sold out, you can preorder/order from here. https://shop.chillhop.com/
  6. Apparently Billy Corgan is a co-writer if the new single.
  7. Probably gonna go quick and then be $100 on the secondary. Edit: This is the score, not the Eddie Vedder stuff.
  8. Plaid Room is sold out of the Indie. Anywhere else have it for that cheap?
  9. I saw their facebook post about their preorders 9 minutes after they posted it yesterday. It was already sold out by then.
  10. One just sold on eBay the other day for around $360, so it's not the only copy. Seems like someone in the UK pressed some boots and they're starting to filter out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Smashing-Pumpkins-Zeitgeist-2x-LP-Limited-record-Like-Mellon-Collie-NOT-promo/133079169269?hash=item1efc22f8f5:g:OuwAAOSwASxc~RM3
  11. Still lookin' to unload Act IV and V.
  12. Given he's released the instrumental version for each single, and even called out that this instrumental version has a different arrangement and isn't just without vocals, I feel like we'll see an instrumental LP in the future. Probably at the same release time the remix/deluxe issues came out for the last couple of albums.
  13. Any first impressions for this? I feel like it’s a return to form after Homey, but I wasn’t really upset about the changes they made for the last record. Maybe after a few more listens these songs will get a bit more separation and identity from the back catalog, but right now they’re pretty standard Chon tunes.