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  1. This has been confirmed by the band to be a bootleg.
  2. This preorder dropped a couple of weeks ago and I’m surprised it hasn’t sold out yet. Sleepy Fish’s 3xLP set that is all of his EP releases. - This release includes: 'My Room Becomes The Sea', 'Beneath Your Waves' & 'Everything Fades To Blue'. A total of 29 tracks! - Beautiful, triple gatefold artwork, comprised of each artwork in the Sleepy Fish series - Limited to 500 copies only - Full color printed inner sleeves https://shop.chillhop.com/products/sleepy-fish-special-edition-triple-vinyl-pre-order use the code #spreadlove to
  3. I really feel like this record is a spiritual successor to Oceansize - definitely more so than Demon Joke or Blizzard. Maybe that’s why I like it so much already.
  4. I saw your post in the Foo Fighters thread before this and was like "wtf? that's great..."
  5. I thought the original green press was the only pressing with the original Hash Pipe and all subsequent pressings has the radio edit?
  6. That shipping stings, but I'm a sucker for anything Mike does. I'm wondering how long these will stick around since it's limited to 300?
  7. Digital is out now. Mike said FLAC will be available on Bandcamp tomorrow. Not sure about physical preorders. Physical preorders will be available next week. https://vennart.com/store
  8. Also surprised on how quickly it was finished. I’m guessing we’ll see a preorder Friday but won’t see physical product for a while. And although I love that deluxe Blizzard set, I’m kinda hoping there isn’t another box set I have to buy 😂
  9. Nah you're not. Unless the 20th has something special about it, I already have White Pony. Just looking for a Black Stallion standalone if possible.
  10. Vinyl is delayed for this according to an email sent from C&C this morning. But it is streaming for anyone who wants to listen. For me, the jury is out on this one. It'll take several listens to really form an opinion or see if it sticks around in regular rotation. TDH's All is as All Should Be was pretty fleeting, and this has a lot of similarities on first listen.
  11. It does look like the deluxe box is off the site. I have a feeling those are going to come in autographed by the band, but I could be wrong. Edit: nevermind, it's back on there.
  12. I ended up using the Tower link. It was the cheapest option and was pretty easy to complete on mobile using the World Ship option.

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