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  1. The black Popaganda is down to $25. Decadence is $15. Probably the lowest we'll see buying them new. https://merchnow.com/catalogs/head-automatica
  2. At this point, I really feel for anyone who dropped $100+ on Migrant. Goddamn.
  3. Not to sound elitist or however it might come off, but people who've been following the band knew a new album was incoming. The release was a surprise, but between the recent reunion shows and Matt's living room shows, we knew they were finalizing the record for a while. That being said, I was super surprised to see them drop it unannounced.
  4. I'm surprised they didn't try to do the original off-white/creme idea since the original is a factory mistake. Also bummed they skipped out on the Annex. It's all I need.
  5. I need to sit down with this and listen all the way through.
  6. Blindly ordered this and will dive in in the morning when I get to a reasonable listening spot. But it’s awesome to hear initial positive takes on it.
  7. If this is the “Definitive” version of the score, I really, really hope they drop Year Zero at the same time. I’m all for a Social Network reissue, surprise drops, and all that, but that shit has been “coming soon” on the store for years...
  8. Available on milky clear w/ pink splatter or orange w/ turquoise splatter (both out of 150). Shipping in August. https://athousandarms.store/products/the-american-dollar-lofi-dimensions-lp?variant=32387485761617
  9. https://thiswilldestroyyou.bandcamp.com/album/vespertine Surprisingly ambient, but given the context, I get it. So far, I dig it.
  10. It doesn't even make sense conceptually. Part 1 has the tape sprawled out and it goes onto the reel more in Part 2 and is almost fully on the reel for Part 3. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  11. I think Act IV is stronger than Act III, but V definitely suffers from story telling fatigue and what seems like trying to finish the story rather than making a great record. There are great moments on it, but the pacing suffers and as a musical album is takes a backseat to the storytelling. Act I & II were the best blend of awesome songs and creating a world with storytelling. Act III, for me, suffers the same fate as Act V. I think it’s weird as hell these are all black and white. TCR said something like “we only had CD art for I and II, they’ve never been LPs” but that still isn’t a good excuse for marketing them as the original artwork when it’s not the original artwork.
  12. Looks like the PO is coming soon. Due out 6/23 - 2 x LP. This Will Destroy You “Vespertine:” available on all digital service providers and compact disc on June 9, 2020. 2xLP vinyl available June 23, 2020.