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  1. Not too sure about the Space Western concept, or the first track. Lost in Alphaville was a miss for me, so I'll wait to hear the full thing before doing anything.
  2. Maybe this means we’ll get an official Earth Analog reissue?
  3. Yeah, the track list only has one featured guest, so I’m holding out hope. But I’m hesitant enough not to preorder this one.
  4. I’m hoping this one is less vocal focused than the last two. I haven’t been a fan of their choices of vocalists at all.
  5. I’d love to see some of the bootlegs get official, better quality releases - like Unhappy.
  6. Plaid Room has a couple indie copies if anyone is still looking. Use HAPPYHALLOWEEN for 15% off.
  7. Is there any difference between the RSD and repress of Easy Street? Also, it's about time Unplugged got an official release!
  8. If I didn’t already have the ORG version I’d be into this. The Live and Loud set is really well done.
  9. The download card done up like a backstage pass is a nice touch. Probably the coolest looking d/l card I’ve seen and a pretty creative way to go about it. LP 1 has a little wobble but nothing major. It sounds great and looks cool too.
  10. Tried to get 3 tickets. After being told another fan grabbed the selected seats for about 10 minutes I finally landed 3 tickets. Then I saw the total was $430 and ducked out. I imagine I'll be able to grab similar seats the day of for about the same price, if not better in one of those regards (better seats or better price). If not, eh, oh well.
  11. At least this guy got a copy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TOOL-Fear-Inoculum-DELUXE-Limited-Edition-CD-4-HD-Screen-MORE-IN-HAND/303269441119?hash=item469c446e5f:g:8xkAAOSwxB9dayDO