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  1. They sold through over 800 of them in a day. It might not be around later this week. I'm hoping this will get a second press at some point as I don't think I'll be able to swing it before it sells out.
  2. Making room for other stuff. Played once, stored in a sleeve, $45 + shipping
  3. Casey has said Act V was the end of the rock album representation of the story and Act VI wouldn’t be a music album.
  4. Fuck. I want this. But $180 + shipping is a little much right now. I hope they hang for a minute.
  5. There’s something about to go down in the TDH world. Included with the shipments of the Act II vol. 1 comic book, was this teaser card. https://imgur.com/a/eIbSki7/ Now the main website has looked like this since Friday. I’m guessing an Act tour, but maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a full box set that includes Act VI...
  6. Can anyone weigh in on these new reissues compared to MOV, specifically for Battle? I still need to pick up Battle and I’m not quite sure which one to get.
  7. It would be pretty great if when they dropped the record, everything was ready to ship; vinyl, CDs, merch, etc. It won’t happen that way, but it’d be a lot cooler if they did.
  8. You’re the first. PM for details.
  9. So the copy I originally bought that had some weird white “paint” spots in it... if anyone wants it, just pay me $4 to ship it to you. There are a couple of spots on each side. They effect playback as you can hear noise when the needle passes over them. Can you clean it? Maybe. Will it be totally quiet after? Who knows? But yeah, it’s taking up space. You could have it for $4. (Grey/white variant) Edit: gone
  10. The dude officially disbanded the band (or so they say), so it’s pretty certain this will be the only chance to pick these up. As shitty as they were about this whole deal, the LP, the support-the-band thing, the response to people being pissed, there’s a good chance we’ll never see more of these. So I ate some words and nabbed one. $50 shipped and they threw in Everything Starts Where it Ends, Everything Starts... EP, EP 1, EP 2, and EP 3 on CD and there’s unlimited streaming on Bandcamp. It doesn’t make up for the stand-in members being douchebags, but still.
  11. So there are 25 copies of this left. Still priced high but they’re including other merch too. They sent me 5 CDs.
  12. Probably due to Dan doing full scale offerings (lathes and band merch) instead of just focusing on releasing albums for the signed bands. Adding more services is great, but you have to add manpower at the same time to keep up with the level of quality.