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  1. I threw in the Got it All 7”, so after the 15% it was like $35 for both shipped. Could be better, could be worse.
  2. There isn’t an immediate preorder here but, Clouds Hill will now oversee publishing rights to the entire Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo catalog, DeFacto, Antemasque, and The Mars Volta. I think this also includes all of the Omar-named groups as well. This apparently includes physical reissues, but the first release will be the Mars Volta Tremulant EP on all major streaming services this Friday. There’s no word about timeline for physical releases, but you have to assume this has been in the works for a while and could mean we start seeing something soon. Maybe we can start
  3. I’m iffy about this. It’s a cool idea but I read something that was like “this will be the definitive and sound on those two albums” and it rubs me the wrong way. I’ll still listen to it, and if it’s worth it probably buy it. But I’m definitely not as hyped as others seem to be. I think that’s kind of my overall vibe about the band lately in general, which is a weird thing to say given how much I have loved them.
  4. Black version /2000 is up for preorder. https://djo.store-08.com/twenty-twenty/djo050001-djo-twenty-twenty-12-vinyl-black/
  5. This is finally out on vinyl. There is/was an exclusive pressing for VMP that was open to members early this week. It was supposed to open up to non-members today but the first 500 copies (on Mortal Red Galaxy) sold out in the first day. Joe dropped info on Twitter that the black version will go up for preorder next week, so anyone who missed this and wants it, keep an eye out. If anyone on the board got an extra VMP, hit me up. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/djo-twenty-twenty?variant=32566235562074
  6. I wonder if these will get the Jay Ryan prints with them?
  7. SRC has been pressing their reissue since 2013. They got the rights from RCA without the consent of the band. So while it was a legit reissue with label support, it didn’t benefit the band monetarily. I have no idea what their licensing contract terms were, if it was for a length of time, total number of copies, etc, but no licensing contract is unlimited. Just theorizing but, their contract could have been set to expire because of a new contract with the band. They set up one last preorder but plant availability, covid, and other issues could have delayed it past the
  8. Glad this is finally confirmed. I sold off my SRC YPAA a while back when this was a rumor and have been tempted to rebuy a couple of times. These will be incredible pressings, I just hope they don’t take too terribly long.
  9. Also this. https://crossesmusic.com (as of 7:35 est it says “New Site Midnight EST”)
  10. Looks like they blew through over 120 copies in less than 24 hours. When I posted, they still had 40. I'm going to assume these will start popping up elsewhere though.
  11. Plaidroom just got in a bunch of Miles Davis Kind of Blue MoFi LPs. They're going quick though. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/b-miles-davis-b-br-i-kind-of-blue-2lp-45-rpm-i?_pos=23&_sid=a452d8e68&_ss=r
  12. This has been confirmed by the band to be a bootleg.
  13. This preorder dropped a couple of weeks ago and I’m surprised it hasn’t sold out yet. Sleepy Fish’s 3xLP set that is all of his EP releases. - This release includes: 'My Room Becomes The Sea', 'Beneath Your Waves' & 'Everything Fades To Blue'. A total of 29 tracks! - Beautiful, triple gatefold artwork, comprised of each artwork in the Sleepy Fish series - Limited to 500 copies only - Full color printed inner sleeves https://shop.chillhop.com/products/sleepy-fish-special-edition-triple-vinyl-pre-order use the code #spreadlove to

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