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  1. It’s crazy how divisive this one is. I feel like there’s 1 real dragger on the record (Symphony of Silence), but everything else is solid if not great. The production is in line with Kicker, There Are Rules, and even some of Guilt Show. Yeah, it’s a little blown out, but it’s obviously intentional and, personally, doesn’t detract from listening. I’ve been jamming this one daily.
  2. I just set up my company's Sonos player on Last. It's kinda fun to see, collectively, what the whole place listens to. https://www.last.fm/user/rjdj92
  3. Vinyltap had it for £8 shipping but that was the only legit one.
  4. Stranger than Paradise and Truckstore don’t ship to the US. Friendly only ships tracked airmail that’s £17.50. I haven’t checked all of them though because I’m on mobile.
  5. Looks like the initial Amazon pricing was swapped between CD and LP. It’s been corrected now so the CD is $13.99 and the LP is $22.99.
  6. What are the odds that we’ll get an instrumental LP out of this instead of a remix record?
  7. That's what I thought it was, but after looking again I guess it's not.
  8. Clear and Black on Bleep. https://bleep.com/release/130905-tycho-weather
  9. I feel like the DIY triangle design was far more in line with the standard Tycho aesthetic. Only offering that with the custom print is kinda lame.
  10. So there's blue, clear, pink, and I'm assuming 180g black so far.
  11. Same. I think the only really limited ones were Dive and Awake. Otherwise, nothing has been limited other than in name.
  12. Because there are 10K of the "exclusive" blue, it seems like waiting to see what the other options end up being isn't a bad idea.
  13. Seriously. I have no idea why they thought that was a good decision. edit: looks like it will - the reissue seems to be no different than the SRC version. Guess I’ll stick with that one.