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  1. Aside from the loose 7”s, they did a great job on the overall packaging of the set.
  2. I opened up my LP today and was pleasantly surprised by the color. The violet mockups made it look opaque, but it is actually transparent with warbles and swirl marks in it. It looks rad.
  3. Box set showed up. It’s pretty much as big as MCIS and TAFH. Kind of surprised that it’s so thick considering it has the LP and 3x 7”s loose in it.
  4. I wonder how soon we'll see represses of these? They both went pretty quick.
  5. Double post....
  6. Chillhop Fall 2018 is starting to ship.
  7. highfives

    Studio Ghibli soundtracks PO

    My box was crushed to shit. The LP was loose inside the box with some paper around it, but no other protection. Yet somehow the LP is in perfect shape. Not even a dinged corner. Crazy considering how jacked the shipping box was.
  8. Fuck that sound guy. He was a dick.
  9. highfives

    Studio Ghibli soundtracks PO

    Mine should be here tomorrow, but I only ordered one. Same thing though, tons of emails in Japanese. I ended up using online translators to translate the emails.
  10. Hopesfall for $10 is fucking insane. Everyone needs this record.
  11. There’s a definite need for their entire catalog to be repressed. I’m still kicking myself for not getting Goliath when it was $30....
  12. There was a fuck up at the plant. The Copeland CD in the box actually ha the LP on it. So the extra is a replacement.
  13. highfives

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Did anyone know BC scored an episode of Masters of Horror? Somehow I completely missed that. Apparently he owns the rights and said it could be a good RSD release.
  14. People are already getting them and posting them on Twitter. Looks super awesome!