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  1. It definitely is a tour with Jane’s. They posted the same clip but with one of their songs playing. Good call about the 30th anniversary. I’m gonna have to see a Siamese tour if it happens.
  2. Maybe it's both? Kinda weird to wrap the Shiny-era artwork up with the Disarm clip.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdW9sbloipS/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. It’s interesting seeing the split. I’ve been talking about this first single, concept, and trajectory with some friends today and maybe it kinda comes down to this. The Acts have a big story attached to them, but the songs are written in a way that’s just vague enough for listeners to be able to relate to the songs without even knowing there’s a bigger story at play. The songs work as songs and the regular listener can jam to them. The nerds can still get deep into the method if they want, but it’s not imperative. I’d even say Acts 1-3 are more successful with this. 4 and 5 are very much storytelling, with songs that seem to exist only to finish the story. That’s why there are weird flows through those records. Antimai is a different beast altogether. It doesn’t exist without this concept. The first single’s lyrics use made up words that only exist in this made up world, and only to support the concept. The average dude isn’t relating to these songs - it’s only for the concept nerds. Personally, I dig the music and will take a chance on the record. Late TDH hasn’t really done the same things for me as the early Acts, but I’m all for giving the band chances to experiment and explore. There are some nice, catchy licks in the song, although I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near a commercial success type of single - no singalong chorus (or any chorus to speak of really). But again, I’m all for supporting and seeing where they take this based on the success of the Acts.
  5. That bundle price isn’t toooo bad if you’re looking to grab everything.
  6. At least that makes going lite on this buy easier for me. Milky clear it is.
  7. They're live... Same bundles. Flexis and /500 variants are in the bundles exclusively. No word on what's actually on the flexi though.
  8. I'd assume some of that stuff is just for Pillar. I hope the variants other than Milky Clear aren't exclusive. Kinda into the pink smash.
  9. I would assume Pillar has an exclusive variant, but I'm not a member anymore so I can't say for sure.
  10. Out July 7th, preorders should start at 2pm EST today. We are thrilled to formally announce our new record “Antimai”, coming out July 1st. Within the concept of “The Indigo Child”, Antimai acts as an atlas of the fictional world’s last remaining metropolis, exploring its social hierarchy from the outside in. Today, we share our first single, and one of our collective favorites, “Ring 7 - Industry”. We first began playing this song in late 2019, touring an unfinished version in the hopes of slowly introducing listeners to the sound of an album we’d hoped to release the following year. Having recorded a majority of our instrumentation in January and early February of 2020, we took a short break with the intent of reconvening in mid March to wrap up work. Things evolved as they did, and the record’s future became more and more uncertain with the decreasing likelihood of a traditional promotional/touring cycle ahead. But what started as a demoralizing situation slowly metamorphosed into an amazing opportunity to revisit the record with a completely fresh perspective. And slowly, piece by piece, we completed “Antimai” without any concern of when, or if, it would ever be heard—focusing solely on making a record we wanted to listen to. -Casey https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/
  11. MOV has a new pressing of Frogstop on clear with a printed D-Side. They're also releasing 12" singles for the album, and other Silverchair albums (11 in total). Currently for sale at Sound Factory. US Shipping is steep (~$25). Release date for this batch is June 17th. https://www.musiconvinyl.com/news/the-silverchair-collection https://sound-factory.nl/collections/silverchair?utm_campaign=frogstomp&utm_medium=newsarticle&utm_source=website
  12. They’ve been on the list to see live long enough. I’m gonna have to catch this tour in September.
  13. US shipping from Waste is insane. XL is normal prices, with Media Mail included.
  14. Take one for the team and be the guy who asks about the status of the reissues

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