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  1. Kind of lame considering they were all gatefolds in their last iteration. What happened to the artwork inside the gatefolds for IV and V?
  2. For those who have the box set already, are the jackets gatefold like the original presses? Or are they single sleeves?
  3. Yes, Act VI was advertised to be an empty sleeve in the set. If and when it is released, box set owners get it at a discount.
  4. I had the reissues of I-III and first presses of IV & V. All sounded quite nice.
  5. Even reading the twitter comments, people automatically assume this is a tour announcement and are mad they aren't coming to their town... Kinda cool, but as it stands, it's a weak tour announcement considering there's no actual information.
  6. This is the most wholesome, helpful VC thread I’ve ever seen. And it could’ve gone south quickly.
  7. Nabbed a copy from Plaid Room. They aren’t putting any more online, but if you can make it to the store, they have a few.
  8. New acoustic-based LP from STP out February 7th. Bundles are available. Shipping kinda sucks from stp.com but I'm sure it will be available on Amazon for $15 soon. Perdida is a Deeply Personal Album that Weaves Introspective Lyrics and Unexpected Instruments Together Across 10 Songs for an Emotional and Musical Journey https://store.stonetemplepilots.com/collections/perdida-music New single: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lRiFUYcmmQQdU0gMqhZLWbjFRSDB7HCD8 New tour announced - tickets on sale Friday 12/6: https://stonetemplepilots.com/tour-dates/
  9. Anyone know if there are copies of Pearl Jam available anywhere? Plaid Room showed 23 copies right before they closed last night and then it was sold out. Crazy that they sold 150 copies yesterday.
  10. If I remember, it was quite a while before the first batch of DE’s went up on Amazon. But, they’ve been in all retail since, at cheaper prices. If you can wait a few months, it’ll probably be there, but I’m doubting it’s gonna happen before the first of the year.
  11. The standard is $30. So for $95, those are the extras you're getting.