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Found 3 results

  1. My work SO gave me the heads up on this today: https://twitter.com/MilanRecLabel/status/768513808314667008/photo/1 http://lwlies.com/articles/akira-vinyl-reissue-milan-records/
  2. So I went to the flea market recently and for 10 bucks I could not pass up this ugly/pretty pink Symphonic Model 1159. The guy said it turned, and that was enough for me. So I ran inside to hit up the atm and came back and paid the guy. Took it home, plugged it in, and much to the dismay of my ears, horrible scraping sounds and just general noise, the thing turned. One needle seems to be intact (there's another that flips over?) and the other is trash. I stuck one of my 33's on it that came with it.......drumroll...... no music. I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm 16 and I've never owned one of these before. I mean my uncle has a solid 1000 records and an extremely nice player, but I don't have to figure anything out, just put on some Allman Brothers or Canned Heat, maybe Doobie Brothers, and drop the needle. But classic rock and records have always been something I've wanted to have. I collect Intellivision stuff primarily, but these might overtake that pursuit. If anyone can assist me at all, either to help me get it going, or just to maybe advise me otherwise, I just want to play my records. I won an ebay auction of 36 records so I'll have plenty to play. If I were to buy another turntable (or put money into this one), I don't want to put a whole lot into anything, maybe 50 bucks at most, though even that's pushing it. I'm not looking for audiophile quality obviously, I just want to hear some Traffic and Best of ZZTop. So what is a common problem? Is it like wiring, the tubes on the speakers? What? Any ideas off the bat? I've tried to look this particular model up and I haven't found anything. All I know is it's a symphonic model 1159 and it plays 16's, 33's, 45's and 78's. Not age, function, or origins of manufacture. Oh, and the arm doesn't want to move in all the way. It barely reaches the platter and doesn't go farther. I unscrewed part of the thing and pulled it up to see all of the wires and stuff going on and I took some pictures, though I am trying to figure out if I can put them up without using photobucket. If that's the only way I'll post them in a little bit. Thanks ahead of time Dominic
  3. Available in two colors. Fire and brimstone splatter is pressed on 180g. Limited to100 #ed copies and signed by Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low. Regular (cheaper) version on crimson marble. www.theartisanera.com theartisanera.bandcamp.com/