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  1. I was actually in Neptune last weekend asking if they would be getting in any Knocked Loose or Turnstile. I'm sure they'll eventually get in some standard black but it sucks to have to skip the limited variants to skip basically paying double for an album.
  2. I wish labels would get some canadian distros, sick of paying $25-30US shipping for a single record
  3. this might lead to some lawsuits, there have been quite a few where photos were used to create new works of art and the amount that is required to be considered transformative and fair use isn't met. this might come down to the artist and\or converge\the label giving royalties to the magazine, photographer or even model, depending on contracts, if it's pursused. possibly even preventing future merch from being sold. Case in point, the Shepard Fairey "Hope" poster\merch did have a copywrite infringement lawsuit that ended up being settled out of court with AP and it never got to the point of confirming if it met fair use requirements.
  4. a white tie dye version of the psychonaut shirt that went up (this one https://fashion.youwillloveeachother.com/product/psychonaut-2022-ad-t-shirt-tie-dye-variant/). 7" was the standard release.
  5. I dig the new track a lot more than the previous one. I'm waiting for all the republican\maga fan backlash once they read the lyrics, if there are any left after being told to fuck off in the past.
  6. i totally forgot that Carpet was dropping their Turnstile collection online yesterday, they had a small supply of the records that went up, totally missed it. there's still some shirts though
  7. i didn't realize they were officially done, they lost me after Planet of Ice so I haven't paid attention to them in a long time
  8. Finally found time to sit down and properly listen to the album the whole way through. Musically, I enjoy it. Its not my favourite Deafheaven album by any stretch, but I dig it. Unfortunately I think the vocals really hold the album back and it could have been 100x better with someone else, at least have another person with range and is competent with melody do the clean parts and have George do the screaming and work more of those parts in. Have a duo, kind of Asobi Seksu meets Deafheaven or something. He's just so monotone and lifeless, it really drags down most songs. I can't listen to The Gnashing at all without hearing the Mr Burns comparison someone posted a while ago.
  9. i think this is the first release from ETID where I didn't get a tshirt bundle, kinda hate the designs. just went with the clear splatter.
  10. oh man, march is so far away and I'm still not hopeful about events and border crossings in the future let alone shows, but I'll def go to a show on a tuesday for ETID
  11. 2 LPs of the WW theme guitar riff and women ululating. That's all I remember of that movie. record looks nice though.
  12. tried for the blood mage this morning but I was an idiot and accidentally clicked the paypal link, which hung for a minute so it was sold out by the time it recovered. I don't even know the band, I just want to start collecting Wax Mage pressings just because they look cool.
  13. "100% BIODEGRADABLE HARD ECO BOX." this is 100% one of those birthday cards that plays music through a shitty little speaker when you open it. or just a digipak with a download card. but I like the idea of a birthday card that plays an entire album while sounding awful and you can't skip tracks more.

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