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  1. There are a few parts here and there that are kinda ok, but there's too much straight forward rock, Dennis really should NOT sing, and I swear that there's a track that just recycles the main riff of New Noise, but I don't feel like relistening to the album to confirm it. also if you want real cringe, watch the video loops for each track on spotify. so. bad.
  2. automated realtime EQing and mastering while cutting $10 10" blanks. I'm sure this will not be terrible. https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/14/phonocut-vinyl-records/?utm_campaign=homepage&utm_medium=internal&utm_source=dl&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZW5nYWRnZXQuY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAKU_Q2RTYq2HmiaxOHxOh4-OfOdpGfHBPnNeQ-ayIKa4lMIcZqdgjnoK7F5sefUlxoC7B4n1APD1QeXXI1U1r7ZV8i9URLSujsJm8pj7o_oAaDBmc7qqWf6dcu5zkwlGoba-6Q5edrHj_y9wrSzomvbAgoAM2QD3RaVcZ82MN8eW
  3. Got my ticket for the tour, but a little annoyed they're hitting Vancouver without Health. That would have been insane.
  4. There's a movie about this called the Road to Wellville. Anthony Hopkins as Kellogg, also has John Cusack, Mathew Broderick and Dana Carvey. I don't really remember anything about it except that was where I learned what an enema was.
  5. Hey guys! After much positive feedback we've realized that you sometimes need to polish your vinyl record discs on the go too! Listening to records while commuting is always the best option for quality vintage sound, but it can attract dirt like exhaust and snack crumbs, which is no good! To fix that, we'll shortly launch a second campaign for a handheld vinyl record polisher to take with you, so you'll always be able to see yourself in your vinyl records discs! Stay tuned!
  6. Yeah, when she was tweeting about doing a track with Underoath, I was expecting something with guitars or sounding SOMETHING like the band, but it was pretty weak. I'll wait to hear the other tracks before writing off the EP entirely, most of her releases only have a few strong tracks really. Past releases sold out pretty quick I think so I took the risk of buying.
  7. https://rezz.merchtable.com/music/beyond-the-senses-vinyl-ep Track Listing: 1 REZZ – Dark Age 2 REZZ – Falling (feat. Underoath) 3 REZZ x Deathpact – Kiss of Death 4 REZZ X EDDIE – Stress 5 REZZ x Sayer – Your Soul Will Never Be Released 6 REZZ – Lonely (feat. The Rigs) PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS: Orders are expected to begin shipping the week of August 2, 2019. Any items purchased with this pre-order will not ship until the week of August 2, 2019 as well. All items are mock ups and final product may vary slightly.
  8. thankfully blue is still up on bandcamp. sold out on their site and bullmoose hates canadians, even if I'm shipping to a US address.
  9. Sailorwave II back up in red blue or green vinyl https://neoncityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sailorwave-ii
  10. Robyn now has the RSD edition of Body Talk up on her site, but its damn expensive as usual https://store.robyn.com/products/body-talk-limited-edition-white-lp-record-store-day-2019
  11. grabbed the limited for the hell of it, I'll give the album a proper listen to it tomorrow, but all I can think of while clicking through is this tweet (the second half): especially Running Out of Time and A Boy is a Gun
  12. i just talked to the guys in the band and they said that the Max Payne 3 soundtrack is coming out on vinyl later this year, they’re just waiting on Rockstar to get things finalized.