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  1. do you really think fans would accept ETID without keith? highly unlikely. yeah, they could just get someone else, get a new name and write new material, starting from scratch, but theyd have to sound pretty different to get traction IMO (think Prophets of Rage, who wants to listen to that when there’s the original lineup and material?) and if they break out any ETID tracks at shows i think die hard fans might turn on them a bit and it would definitely fuel bad blood with keith. things don’t really add up on either side, i can’t place this solely on keith. it really seems like he’s not well and needs help, time away to get his shit together, and that letter he posted was definitely a “we want you out of the band” move. we’ll never really know the full story, even if they make up, maybe not to be a band again but just be friends, all the details will never come out. and they shouldn’t, really.
  2. nice, those are exactly what I was looking at (although it looks like vol. 1 is now out of stock since yesterday). thanks.
  3. dang now keith posting legal notices from last month that basically look like him getting kicked out of the band
  4. fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. ETID has been probably top three for me since Logic first dropped. I put off getting a ticket to the Underoath tour because I'm still doubtful of any shows coming to canada anytime soon so I'm glad I didn't get a ticket, and I'm thankful that I got to see the band when I could. I had a feeling that this was coming but it still sucks that it actually happened.
  5. ugh god dammit. I'm a pretty big Daughters fan, but honestly, I'm not super surprised at this. Alexis' whole persona is greasy serial killer\cult leader\manson vibes, he could work a crowd but he's always been full creeper IMO. Really disappointing regardless.
  6. Physical copies aren't available in canada as far as I've found so far, I'm hoping it's not an edit once I can get my hands one at some point. This did prompt me to by the FLAC from their bandcamp though, the sample is still in that release at the moment.
  7. they removed the sample? I was surprised it was there and made it to spotify but haven't listened to it in a few weeks. was it on the record\is it removed from future pressings?
  8. instant buy, once a year I tweet at the band asking if they're ever going to put this on vinyl and never get a reply.
  9. shipping in july. $60US shipped to canada just for the LP. ugh
  10. My splatter from the ETID store shipped last night
  11. I was actually in Neptune last weekend asking if they would be getting in any Knocked Loose or Turnstile. I'm sure they'll eventually get in some standard black but it sucks to have to skip the limited variants to skip basically paying double for an album.
  12. I wish labels would get some canadian distros, sick of paying $25-30US shipping for a single record

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