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  1. I missed out on this, was there a FLAC download included with it? I really want to listen to Youth Overrided somewhere besides youtube
  2. Up at Saint Vitus. I "signed" an NDA about the HEALTH track a couple days ago but the cat's out of the bag so I can say that I've heard it and it's GOOOOOOOOOD. Not quite the HEALTH x Deftones collab I've wanted since it's only Chino, but it's still awesome. due on 07-16-2021 TRACK LISTING: 01. Mastodon - Forged by Neron 02. Chelsea Wolfe - Diana 03. HEALTH, Tyler Bates - ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno) 04. Maria Brink, Andy Biersack, Tyler Bates - Meet Me In Fire 05. Grey Daze - Anything, Anything 06. Rise Against - Broken Dreams, Inc. 07. Manchester Orchestra - Ne
  3. and only sold as a bundle, so I'm guessing it's going to be expensive.
  4. loveless deluxe just restocked and I was able to order\ship to canada https://store.mybloodyvalentine.org/release/223063-my-bloody-valentine-loveless and it's sold out again 10 minutes later
  5. yeah, just adding deluxe. I have Distill Web Monitor checking the site every five minutes, it's caught restock a couple times now and I'm checking out within seconds of getting the alert but it never lets me get to the payment screen, always the same message. You can still add to cart for some time after still though, really strange.
  6. hmmmm lame. I can add to cart but when I check out it says "some items can't be shipped to the selected address. we no longer have stock.", like which is it?
  7. so does the MBV store just not ship to north america? deluxe restocked but it won't let me check out, message is vague and won't say if it's actually out of stock or it won't ship to the address I enter.
  8. If the record was clean and free of pops, it would sound great, the recording and mastering sounds good, but at least with mine that was really only evident in the sections loud enough to overpower the background noise and dirt. The quieter parts were very cliche "old timey record effect" sounding.
  9. you might be able to make four or so little wedges to stabilize it, but who knows if these things are even cut in a proper circle. Negron noted above that one ring doesn't fit in properly at all with theirs so it's very inconsistent.
  10. About half way through the new album, I dig it, I think more than In My Blood. Bought the splatter from Bandcamp.
  11. Mine just showed up in Vancouver. The jacket is in ok condition except for the record slots, there are small tears at the edges, the records themselves were a bit loose but relatively in place, but there are still scuffs and what might be a bad scratch on the outer ring. The rings are also super fucking dirty. What bugs me the most is the tolerances of the rings, there's literally a 2mm gap between each one so each ring moves freely, I don't see how this is going to play (I'll find out shortly), really shitty job. Hopefully my order from Vitus is better but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. brutal. this is why I was surprised of the pic showing the way the the rings where in the sleeve, I figured they would slide around and either damage the sleeve or scratch the record. hopefully it's not too widespread and MD will make things right.
  13. It literally went live on StockX on friday, so yeah, it's new. And I never said anyone smart is buying off there, as I mentioned it's 90% travis scott stuff, but people who sell on StockX WILL put in effort or buy up stock to sell on there and inflate prices because they can, which might impact resale elsewhere. If you can get 20% more on StockX, you'll either sell there or increase the price on discogs, it's not rocket science.
  14. Oh yeah, StockX does trading cards too, forgot about that. I'm into sneakers but the group I'm in had sub-sections for cards, toys, gaming etc and literally everything is being bought up to be resold, driving up the prices. some of it has to do with false scarcity with companies knowing that they can make less but earn back more in hype for the next drop. It's something we're used to with records when there are presses of 50-200 sometimes, and I really do appreciate how much "easier" it can be to obtain records in comparison to other things, but over the last year or so it's all just gotten so

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