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  1. holy shit, shipping to canada is $8? that's unheard of. I'll take it.
  2. no I'm saying that the new pressing that is sold out was restocking a couple copies multiple times and it would sell out again. I had Distill Web Monitor for chrome monitoring the page and it was pinging like crazy, I was able to get a copy. You just have to monitor the page to catch the restock if it happens.
  3. This is actually restocking but you have to be quick, it said that there was one copy and I was able to check out, distillmonitor is going crazy pinging the page right now
  4. lol just got an email from newbury saying it's been pushed back to august 5th. this might be a longer than the wait for deafheaven's last album.
  5. You sound like the type of person that eats 90% of their meal and the demands the manager comps the entire bill because it was the wrong order & you think that you're "sticking it to the restaurant" because they underpay their staff. If you said something from the start, hell, even a couple months after getting it and not being happy with is, sure, ask for a replacement or a refund, I totally support that. but waiting years for something better to come out and expecting it to get it for free is bullshit.
  6. Get real. You can't buy pants in 1972 and then return them to sears today because they're itchy (also not sure if sears still exists). Things have a finite warranty and it's ridiculous to think that any business could stay open if they just gave away new product if someone has a complaint and sat on it for a decade. You dropped the ball, the label owes you nothing. Stop being a karen.
  7. I just realized that I could really go for Human Waste Project - E-Lux being pressed
  8. ST finally came in, a little disappointed that early listings showed Purity on the tracklist and of course it isn't. Should have expected that, really.
  9. Lol spotify presale just went live, in Vancouver the absolute nosebleed of nosebleed seats are $70CAD, floor is between $128 at the back to $1280 for the front row. nope.
  10. There was a small amount of tickets reserverd for "charity", but basic public tickets were still about $200CAD before fees.
  11. I fully expect this tour to be like Rage and have tickets around $300
  12. I'm in the same position, I took the copy I grew up with when I raided my parent's collection 20 years ago. I probably don't need this, but I wonder how different it could be.

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