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  1. 2 LPs of the WW theme guitar riff and women ululating. That's all I remember of that movie. record looks nice though.
  2. tried for the blood mage this morning but I was an idiot and accidentally clicked the paypal link, which hung for a minute so it was sold out by the time it recovered. I don't even know the band, I just want to start collecting Wax Mage pressings just because they look cool.
  3. "100% BIODEGRADABLE HARD ECO BOX." this is 100% one of those birthday cards that plays music through a shitty little speaker when you open it. or just a digipak with a download card. but I like the idea of a birthday card that plays an entire album while sounding awful and you can't skip tracks more.
  4. I don't want to get stuck with a record that sounds like Jack Johnson acoustic beach songs on your parents easy listening station tracks so I'm going to wait to see what the rest sounds like.
  5. super weird that the new track is just a Gravediggaz beat but I'm into it
  6. Listening to this and I forgot to post that my cover is absolutely fucked with tears and creases and the records themselves are pretty badly warped, but at least it plays and sounds good. I'm going to have to break out the vinylflat and see if I can take some of the warp out.
  7. I really dig the new track, the tail end seemed to hint at transitioning into something heavy, I'd be a bit disappointed if that wasn't the case, but I like this more than the last album. Thinking of going for the clear w/light blue. And while I generally don't do picture discs, that mockup kind of looks like one side of each record might be one of those zoetrope prints that animate when spinning which could be cool.
  8. yeah given the 2022 logo I'd guess it's a preorder for a 20th anniversary W&T release where they send you FLAC files and a lathe cut kit or the deluxe version is a stamper and a few balls of PVC in various colour combos and you have to press\cut the album yourself, delivery is June next year.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPtEfsGJhJY here we go again. countdown for three days on their site, "2022"...
  10. Fine Malt Lyrics is a classic album and I would totally get it... but that price is a big no. still better than $230CAD on amazon.ca for the same pressing.
  11. CD from my Vitus order came in. It's a bit funny how faded and yellowed the cover from my GJ order is in comparison.
  12. Loveless Deluxe ordered from the MBK UK site on the 4th just arrived on the west coast of Canada. The mailer was a little beat and the record seemed loose within but surprisingly not even a corner ding. Still have a seam split on the inner sleeve but everything else seems good.

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