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Found 5 results

  1. I have some random stuff that I am unloading because I would like to buy some other random stuff...and my paypal balance is currently at zero dollars. Once I have enough funds to grab the items on my wish list, many items on this list will stop being for sale because I am a hoarder and hesitate to sell things! If there is a price listed, it does not include shipping, so please add $4 to that. If there is no price, make me an offer and we can negotiate shipping into that. If you buy multiples, I will do my best to make shipping free and - lastly - if you don't like a price, let's deal. If you're interested in anything on my trade list, I will consider some offers from there as well: trade list like whoa Jonny Craig - "Find What You Love And Let It Kill You" Test Press #3/24 One Year Later - "Life Between The Lies" Test Press #22/24 OFFER Deafheaven - "Sunbather" (Black w/ Silver Splatter, Tour Exclusive) OFFER Veronica Falls - "s/t" (Black) $18 Chiodos - "R2ME2/Let Me Get You A Towel" RSD 7"(Transparent Green) $5 Cave In - "Until Your Heart Stops" (Black, RSD) $20 Matt Pryor - "Confidence Man" (Coke Bottle Blue) $10 Botch - "We Are The Romans" (Black) $20 The Sound Of Animals Fighting - "Lover The Lord Has Left Us" (Black, 180g) $20 *sealed* Jesu - "Opiate Sun" (Transparent Red) $10 DVDs The Office Season 1 $5 The Office Season 2 $5 The Office Season 3 $5 The Office Season 5 $5 All Four Seasons Of The Office: $15 Grey's Anatomy Season 1 $4 Grey's Anatomy Season 2 $4 Both Seasons Of Grey's: $5 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 4 $5 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 5 $5 Both Seasons Of It's Always Sunny: $7 Glee Season 1: $5
  2. 12" waiting for something to happen 12" s/t 7" waiting for something to happen b/w perpetual motion 7" teenage b/w talk about you 7" my heart beats b/w killing time 7" broken toy b/w if you still want me (bedroom demo) All mint Asking 45ppd obo for the whole thing
  3. $10 minimum. The more you buy, the better the deal. images are clickable. lagrecia - $10ppd chixdiggit - $8ppd chixdiggit - 8ppd armalite - $6ppd the beat buttons - $6ppd abe froman - $5ppd
  4. Feel free to make offers on the lists. Some of the easier to get stuff I'll go limbo on. My goal is raising money, so some of the hard to get stuff I'll say no to a low offer, but it doesn't hurt to task. For example, I won't go under a $100 for the Samhain box). I would trade a Green Day Uno Dos Tre colored set for black copies. I think I prefer black vinyl over colored, so please feel free to make offers on colored vinyl on my tradelist: http://deadformat.ne...elist/moonbeams (screeching weasel, riverdales, misfits and go sailor are off limits) Aberdeen - Sink Or Float (7") Aislers Set, The - The Snow Don't Fall | red, super limited, Slumberland (7") American Steel - Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts |red (VG+/VG+) (LP) American Steel - Destroy Their Future | white NM/NM (LP) B-52's, The - Good Stuff (CD) B-52's, The - Wild Planet (CD) Bad Brains - Live At Iguanas Tijuana 9.9.89 | marbled purple | G (NM a-side, big scratch on b-side)/VF+ (7") Bad Religion 30th Anniversary Box Set | red vinyl | will trade entire box set for older pressings of the same records. NM/NM Bad Religion - True North | red, played once, no skipping! Beatnik Termites - Ultra Vivid Low Fidelity ! (7") Big Troubles - Romantic Comedy | red, Slumberland (LP) Bil McRackin - I Am The Eggman (CD) Brave Irene - s/t | white (12") Bricolage - Bricolage | Slumberland (LP) Bricolage - Turn U Over | Slumberland (7") Brilliant Colors - Never Mine / Kissing's Easy | Slumberland (7") Buck - All Is Forgiven, Jerry Hall | black or red (7") Cause Co-Motion! - I Lie Awake | Slumberland (7") Cause Co-Motion!- Because Because Because | Slumberland (12") Cheap Trick - The Greatest Hits (CD) Crabapples, The - Crabapples For Change | blue, Slumberland (7") Crystal Stilts - Alight The Night | crimson (LP) Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave 7" | black/white swirl NM/NM (7") Danzig (CD) Danzig - 4P (CD) Danzig - II: Lucifuge (CD) Danzig - III: How The Gods Kill (CD) Discount - Ataxia's Alright Tonight | white (LP) Earthmen, The - Cool Chick #59 / Momentum | white, Slumberland (7") Frankie Rose - Interstellar | clear w/black splatter (LP) Gold-Bears - Are You Falling In Love? | black, Slumberland (LP) Green Day - ¡Dos! | blue (LP) (still available at Hot Topic) Green Day - ¡Tre! | yellow (LP) (still available at Hot Topic) Green Day - ¡Uno! | pink (LP) Green Day - Insomniac | blue, opened but unplayed, M/NM (LP) (still available at Hot Topic) Green Day - Nimrod | yellow, opened but unplayed, M/NM (LP) (still available at Hot Topic) Green Day - Time Of Your Life disc 1 (CD) Green Day - Time Of Your Life disc 2 (CD) Gregory Webster - Promised Land | Slumberland (7") How, The - Happy Matt | red, Slumberland Invalids, The - Wiseguys | green text June Brides, The - Moon / Cloud | includes bonus CD, Slumberland (7" + CD) Kamala and the Karnivores - Girl Band | translucent black, Matt from Operation Ivy / Rancid on bass; NM/NM (7") Lögnhalsmottagningen - Öron Näsa | yellow cover of man in bed, Slumberland (7") Lodger, The - Life Is Sweet | Slumberland (LP) Manatee - Indecision | iced blue, Slumberland (7") Manatee - Single Payer Class War | Flexi, Slumberland (7" flexi) Manges, The - Go Down (CD) Mantles, The - Bad Design | pink, Slumberland (7") McRackins - We Like To Make Records!! | white, UNPLAYED (7") Meat Puppets - Too High To Die (CD) Methadones, The - 21st Century Power Pop Riot (CD) Methadones, The - Methadones (CD) Methadones, The - Not Economically Viable (CD) Misfits - American Psycho (CD) Misfits - Collection I (CD) Misfits - Collection II (CD) Misfits - Devil's Rain (CD) Misfits - Earth A.D. (CD) Misfits - Halloween (pirated copy, blank orange labels). Includes lyric sheet. UNPLAYED (7") Misfits - Legacy of Brutality (CD) Misfits - The Static Age | Japan, w/lyrics and translation. no obi (CD) Misfits - Walk Among Us | 1988 green logo; UNPLAYED. I just bought this sealed for $75 and opened it to check the matrix. This is sr-2/sr-1, so it wasn't what I was looking for. Vinyl is in MINT condition. Sleeve has seam-split on top and dinged corners, but shrink wrap is still on. (LP) Misfits - Walk Among Us | blue | Unplayed NM/NM (LP) Misfits BOX SET| 2nd press w/booklet and pin. Morrissey - Bona Drag (CD) Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster (CD) Morrissey - Ouija Board, Ouija Board (CD) Morrissey - Viva Hate (CD) OFX - Decline | yellow w/normal black smoke NOFX - Liberal Animation | yellowNOFX - 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records (2xCD) NOFX - Fuck The Kids | gold, UNPLAYED (7") NOFX - Liza And Louise | gold, UNPLAYED (7") NOFX - Liza And Louise | hot pink swirl (7") NOFX - Louise And Liza | dark purple, lyrics on back (7") NOFX - Louise And Liza | gold, UNPLAYED (7") NOFX - Pump Up The Valium | marbled cyan | VF+ (some light scratches)/NM (LP) NOFX - Punk In Drublic | cola (LP) NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness | gold, UNPLAYED (7") NOFX - Self / Entitled | 180 gram, UNPLAYED, in shrink /download; some small factory scratches (LP) NOFX - Surfer | black (7") NOFX - The Decline | sealed (DVD) NOFX - The War On Errorism (CD) Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The - Acid Reflex | purple (12") Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The - Higher Than The Stars Remixes | Slumberland (12") Pants Yell! - Received Pronunciation | w/obi, Slumberland (LP) Parasites - NYQUIL-Fueled Rock Armada | x2 LP Parasites, The - V.M.L. Live 12/3/94 (7") Phil Wilson - Industrial Strength | 2x7", Slumberland Potatomen, The - Now (CD) Potatomen, The - On The Avenue (CD) Procedure Club - Doomed Forever | Slumberland (LP) Propagandhi - Where Quality is Number One | solid brown/solid yellow | VF+ (7") Propagandhi - How To Clean Up Everything | gold Propagandhi - Failed States | blue Queers - Move Back Home | marbled brown, screen print sleeve, 323/330 | NM+/VF+ (some corner dings). Includes download code UNPLAYED (LP) Queers, The / Hotlines, The - The Queers / The Hotlines | white, numbered, UNPLAYED (7") Queers, The / Sinkhole - Love Ain't Punk Ramones - Brain Drain | red, 180 gram, European 2012 RSD (LP) Richard Marx - Paid Vacation (CD) Samhain BOX SET | includes everything Sarandon - Joe's Record | pink, Slumberland (7") Sarandon - Sarandon's Age Of Reason | purple, Slumberland (LP) Saturday People, The - s/t | Slumberland (LP) Saturday People, The - Slipping Through Your Fingertips | Slumberland (7") Sárandón - Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder | Slumberland (7") Screeching Weasel - Punk House | Selfless Records | NM/NM (7") Small Factory - What To Want | white, Slumberland (7") Small Factory ‎– Lose Your Way | Slumberland (7") Smiths, The - Meat Is Murder (CD) Soundtrack - Azumanga Daioh: Original Vol.1 (CD) Soundtrack - Die Another Day (CD) Soundtrack - Moonraker (CD) Soundtrack - You Only Live Twice (CD) Soundtrack -City Of Prague Philharmonic, The - Bond Back In Action (CD) Soundtrack -For Your Eyes Only (CD) Soundtrack -Goldeneye (CD) Soundtrack -Live And Let Die (CD) Soundtrack -Octopussy (CD) Soundtrack -The Man With The Golden Gun (CD) Soundtrack -The Spy Who Loved Me (CD) Soundtrack -The World Is Not Enough (CD) Spectrals - Get A Grip (7") Stereolab - John Cage Bubblegum | pink, Slumberland (7") Summer Cats - Songs For Tuesdays (LP, Album) | rainbow splatter, Slumberland (LP) Summer Cats - Your Timetable | yellow, Slumberland (7") Surrogate Brains - Surrogate Serenades | slightly translucent vinyl; Lookout Records; NM/NM (7") The Royal We (CD) v/a (Cigaretteman) - Who Killed Weasel Screeching Weasel Covers Compilation | red (7") v/a - Dishwasher - Music To Wash Dishes By - Volume 1 (7") v/a - Hopelessly Devoted To You Too | Hopeless Records (CD) v/a - Searching For The Now 1: Roy Moller / Hermit Crabs, The | splatter, Slumberland (7") v/a - Searching For The Now 2: Bye! / Happy Couple, The| splatter, Slumberland (7") v/a - Searching For The Now 3: A Sunny Day In Glasgow / Sunny Street, The | white, Slumberland (7") v/a - Searching For The Now 4: Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The / Summer Cats | grey, Slumberland (7") v/a - Searching For The Now 6: School, The / George Washington Brown | swirl, Slumberland (7") v/a - Velocity Girl / Black Tambourine / Powderburns - What Kind Of Heaven Do You Want? | 1st Slumberland (7") v/a - Yoyo A Go Go (Yoyo Recordings) YOYO-LP-04 (3xLP, Comp) Various - Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence SEALED (CD) Various - Honest Don's Greatest Shits (CD) Veronica Falls - s/t |blue (LP) (in negotiation) Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something To Happen | white (LP) Veterans, The - The Veterans (CD) Vindictives, The - Curious Oddities And The Bare Essentials (CD) Vindictives, The - Hypno-Punko™ (CD) Vindictives, The - Leave Home (CD) Wax Idols - Discpline + Desire | clear w/black NM includes DOWNLOAD code (LP) Weekend - Sports | black/white splatter, Slumberland (2xLP) Wynona Riders - Some Enchanted Evening  (7") Wynona Riders, The - Artificial Intelligence (12") Xray Eyeballs - Not Nothing (LP) Young Fresh Fellows, The* - Electric Bird Digest | only LP, jacket (LP)