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  1. I run this web shop: http://www.goodcyte.com/records/25-indies?live_configurator_token=fc923e113dcbe4a1883e3c5078b08c50&id_shop=1&id_employee=1&theme=&theme_font= I want to take down the "Indies" section and eventually all the non-Misfits/Danzig related punk, and just have it be a Fiend Market for my website www.fiendcollectors.com The shipping on the shop is set up to use EMS, which takes about 2-3 days, but is pricey (starts at $20 for North America and $22 for Europe). But there are cheaper options, they just don't have tracking. I can send a 7" for $3 and an LP for $5. So if you want anything from this shop, let me know. Here's a coupon code for 10% off: ZCH6I8M7 If you think something is overpriced in the Indies section, let me know. Finally, a lot of these items are priced $1 or $2. So I ask for a $15 minimum order. Takes me 20 minutes to walk to the post office and I got a chronic pain disease (posthereptic neurologica). Thanks for looking.
  2. Check out Instragram for coupon codes: https://www.instagram.com/punkrecordstokyo/ Also, I do fiendcollectors.com and have set up a Fiend Market. Join my site and you'll get a special discount code.
  3. http://www.goodcyte.com/records/ It's brand new. Prices range from $1 for the obscure to $1400 for the hard to find. They'll be adding new stuff all the time. I'm working with them for Misfits-related stuff, so there's that section. Check their instagram for discount codes: https://www.instagram.com/punkrecordstokyo/
  4. Cometbus and FIFTEEN had the biggest influence on me growing up in the 90s.
  5. Does the new VC generation know of Crimpshrine?
  6. They don't exist anymore. I've recently sold picture discs for $100 and unplayed colored vinyl for $180. I do have a VG+ picture disc that I will let go for $75.
  7. They are printed and shipped from SWEDEN. We thought it best that the graphics artist handles the printing locally so it looks how he wants it. We printed 250 copies, put 230 in the online shop, and are down to 27 as of right now. The remainder will be sold in local shops in Sweden. Thanks for all the support! It's only been about 10 hours and we're almost sold out.
  8. SORRY, SOLD OUT! thanks for your support The wait is over! Vol.1 of On Earth As It Is In Hell is available for pre-order now! Ships March 10! Price is $6.50 40 pages, full color! Limited to 250 copies! http://onearthasitisinhell.bigcartel.com/ Disclaimer: this is a fanzine. Upcoming: Vol.2 : Singles & EPs Vol.3 : Walk Among Us Vol.4: Samhain Vol.5: Danzig
  9. All vinyl is NM unless noted. All jackets are EX/EX+ unless noted. All records include original inserts unless noted. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, please do. If I have something you believe is overpriced, and you want to combine it with other things, talk to me. Ships from Japan. 2-3 day shipping EMS for rare items. This is the only trackable and insured option. Starts at $20. Cheap shipping options: SAL - 2-3 weeks, $3 for 7", $5 for LP Airmail - 1 week, $5 for 7", $10 for LP $15 $35 limited to 300 on white, jacket is VG+ $30 $8 all VG+ $20, jacket has creases in VG, label is bubbly due to having double labels, I think $12 $12 $12 $20, 1st press, 300 copies? Vinyl EX+ includes poster $6 $45 $50 $10 $30 $30, jacket in rough shape w/split on top. Includes poster $30, the vinyl has a pink tint! includes patch SOLD SOLD SOLD $150. Rare A-stamps on both sides $30. translucent vinyl. jacket VG+ SOLD 1st press in shrink $35 $85 $30, unplayed, opened to check color $10 OOP, seam-split $25, unplayed, opened to check color $25, unplayed, opened to check color $22, VG condition vinyl. Includes Misfits interview insert and live 1978 Attitude recording. $25, 2 songs from first show $25, Vinyl has scratches that don't make any sound. Sourced from 1986 rainbo records pressing that has noisy A-side. $15 Japanese boot, incredibly rare. open to offers. $35, rare Japanese first edition of Famous Monsters in black screen printed case $15 $150 $90 (2009 press, limited to 300, I cherished this) $12, 2010 2nd press (remember when these were out of stock? this was the re-stock) Vinyl has some GZ factory scratches. Played once or twice. Still in shrink with Japanese sticker $60, includes rare bonus 7" $35, jacket in great shape except for ring wear $35 $15 $15 $5 $5 $15 $20, beautiful copy in shrink $35, both vinyl swirled. red swirls in yellow $130, sorry, no price lowerings. Jacket VG+, vinyl NM. CD available for $35 or both as a set for $150 $30, NM $30 $30 $75, vinyl never pressed. just sleeve, rare $25, Promo 7", sleeve never printed $30, pre-SW 2nd incarnation band named Gore Gore Girls (Ben Weasel and Jughead). Only published track: Nightbreed $45, Rare 2nd pressing w/printed labels $35, rescinded 1st press with original mix. A remixed 2nd press was quickly made. Bottom right corner of jacket has creases $30. red also available, but only green or red, not both I paid $150 pre-shipping... $120 $45, incredible sounding 1st press in glossy jacket w/lyrics on reverse insert $30, matte jacket repress. insert does not have lyrics printed on back $30 $20 $15 Pending, contact if interested $25 $12 Pic disc also available $25 (Paid $100 for this!!) $100, rare. disc 1 is kind of pink, disc 2 is marbled. Try to find another like that. Received this straight from Todd. $22 $35 $30 $75. This was Jughead's copy. Has some water damage from his basement flood. $30 $35 $25, Rare red vinyl. Black also available $20 $10 Xero Fiction is a new Japanese pop-punk band. Their records are incredibly rare. $40 $40 $40 $15 $15
  10. Here's the official website. It includes a discography lite (the book has a lot more detail!), a shop, and a message forum with a Fiend Market. http://www.fiendcollectors.com/
  11. Oh, I see what you all mean. I meant there's going to be a BOOK series on the Misfits VINYL discography. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit the post. Check out this website: http://goodcyte.com/misfits/misfits.html
  12. Most are in press, but the current pressings aren't very good. In press: 1. Walk Among Us - Rhino - horrible mastering, get 1988 copy (green logo) 2. Earth AD - Caroline - master tapes lost, no remaster, not the best sound 3. Die Die My Darling - Caroline - B-side remastered 4. Legacy of Brutality - Caroline - remastered 5. Evilive - Caroline - remastered 6. Collection I - remastered 7. Collection II - remastered? 8. Static Age - remastered? Out of press: Beware Never pressed: 12 Hits From Hell As for 7", Bullet, Horror Business, and Halloween are on the two Collection LPs. Cough/Cool, Night of the Living Dead, and Who Killed Marilyn were never collected on vinyl. 3 Hits From Hell was remixed, so you can't get the original sound on the Collection LPs.