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  1. Expedited shipping is still half of US' global priority.
  2. The yen has tanked. Anything listed on Discogs in yen is now 30% cheaper than it was a few weeks ago. Now is a great time to buy from Japan.
  3. As a fan, half the records I get pressed at GZ are scratched up from their paper inner sleeves. Also not a fan of direct metal mastering. Though recently I've seen labels that have their own lacquers made, but use GZ for the pressing.
  4. Thanks, its really cool. I wish it were one of the main colors! Still 1 copy left... but shipping from Japan. I put cheap shipping in the web store, but there's no tracking.
  5. 91 "Moonlight Reflections" which is "deep blue" colored vinyl (that's official color) with black smoke and a silver metallic blob. (my idea) 81 "Black Rains" which is supposed to look like rain falling on a puddle. (plant's idea) some have silver splatter in them. 24 blue to rain transitions. These are beautiful and there's a 1 in 4.5 chance of getting one from ordering from the UK. To prevent anyone from getting the wrong color, I asked the people selling them in USA and UK to send out random colors, but if people order more than one, "peak" and make sure they get variants. Of the 80~90 copies sent to Japan, I only had 5, put 3 in a local shop and they sold out. 14 purples that transitioned from rain to the plant's next job on purple and gold. There were 6 copies with gold splatter, but I sent them to everyone involved in making the record. Of the remaining purples, I gave 3 to a shop http://recordboy.shop-pro.jp/?pid=168751413 and still available. and 3 copy in my web shop (1 remaining at the time of this post, and I don't even have a copy for myself, but rather someone else get it): https://www.goodcyte.com/music/product/deeper-blue-hollowed-by-the-night-12-vinyl-purple-pluie-noir/
  6. Shipping from USA & UK here: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/ Rare colors in the Japan store here (might be sold out by now): https://www.goodcyte.com/music/ Video: The actress is https://www.instagram.com/uzume_uzu2/ Some pics of the record: Our other releases still available, but only a handful left of each.
  7. Just to add some context because I never got a chance to tell VC about the book. The final product was 277 pages, full color, the best info for Misfits information. Misfits Central is entirely wrong and we proved it in the book. We also proved wrong the other discographies. This book was planned to be a big deal. Record shops around the world wanted to stock it. We had a huge instagram following. We did a smaller zine like issue in 2016 and it sold out in a few hours. Hundreds of people couldn't get a copy. We sold them for $6, but they started going on eBay for $150. So there was a lot of hype about our book. I finished writing in 2018. In 2019, we were in the middle of art layouts and Scream With Me got sued. Scream With Me was actually a huge curveball because our book had the same plan and we had to revise a lot of it so they didn't overlap in content. After the lawsuit (which the publisher later won), we decided to lay low. Took everything off instagram and quietly completed the book. So what was originally supposed to be a huge journalistic book that would have turned the record collecting world on its head, ended up being something we printed in a small run for people in our Facebook group. Even that sold out in hours. You can probably find copies on eBay for $180 now. I used to run this discography website called Fiend Collectors. That's we were sold the book, but our server crashed the moment of the sale due to traffic. I had no choice but to delete the site and didn't have a backup. I couldn't afford to keep it up anyway, so I let it go. I went to Discogs, to tell the true discography form our research, but it was too much for some people to take and they got upset and got me banned from making edits/submissions on Discogs. So there is no accurate Misfits discography on the Internet, and no one knows about our matrix alignment information. And personally, I don't care. I stopped collecting records after I started making them. I'm fine with 1 copy and don't care about color. I traded my Misfits collection to a pro audio dealer for gear. Sold the rest and started a studio.
  8. I press all my records at Packaged Sounds in UK. https://packagedsounds.com/ Tom Reiss runs it and he's been a good buddy of mine through these forums for a decade now. They specialize in very artistic colored vinyl. Here are some pics of records they pressed for me. They also printed the artwork:
  9. It is time to share this (now that FC is dead). Last year a book I wrote on the Misfits discography was published. It was a limited run and sold out quickly. That's not the point though. In the 5 years of research it took to write the book, I made a very important discovery for record collecting. It is is something called "Matrix Alignment" and it assumes that that stampers don't shift much during a pressing, so the A and B sides are mostly aligned. It also assumes that black pressings can do 1000-2000 copies before stampers wear out and colored vinyl is about 500 copies. So one with many variants can use matrix alignments as a predictor for the pressing information. Keep in mind that a lot of the info bands give on their pressing numbers is bullshit. (I myself run a label and can't remember how many of what color were pressed a year ago). Now some caveats: stampers are checked and moved around in some pressings. Others presses have reference points for the stampers to be aligned at. So it's possible for a repress to have the same alignment. Here are the pages from the book: Here is a printable template link for 7": https://docs.google.com/document/d/0B9e-rt-UZaxyRy1SRnVYeUYwMHNJOU5JWnluUVc3REdGVm9n/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=110956706318821180845&resourcekey=0-aJnidMNJjCqGFvt6jE3Hsw&rtpof=true&sd=true Here is instructions and a 12" template: https://tiny-url.com/matrix-align
  10. Thanks. It's just impossible to have enough of the smaller run variants for everyone, so I thought it best practice to mix them all together.
  11. First, thanks for the comment. I'm sorry , I wasn't clear. No one fucked up. This doesn't go on sale until mid June. Because it's being sold from 5 different places, color quantity is hard to manage, so I was thinking to have the colors be random. But some copies are transitions and don't look like the normal colors. They are more rare. So I was asking if you were expecting something on the left, but got something on the right, would you be OK? A lot of people don't know it, but black totally takes over once introduced. So its impossible to get every copy looking the same.
  12. See if you can go through Discogs for help. Some of the staff are real nice people. Some are assholes.
  13. Hi everyone, so I'm releasing this record in 2 months. The question is, would it piss you off if you received a record that didn't look like the color you were expecting? We ordered 2 colors from the plant (Packaged Sounds in UK! best plant ever): Moonlight Reflection (Metallic silver blob inside clear blue with black swirls) and Pluie Noir (Black Rain). Due to pandemic related shipping restrictions , we had 1/3 of the stock shipped to our distro in USA, 1/3 remain in UK, and 1/3 shipped here to Japan. Since I can't personally manage the color stock in other countries, I decided to have the colors shipped out random (but if you order 2, we would look for both colors (you can check color with your cell phone light).But some of the colors are transitional, so I'm worried that customers might be upset if they received a color that they weren't expecting. Here's the Moonlight Reflection colorway (limited to 91 copies) And here is the Pluie Noir (Black Rain) (limited to 81) Then there are 9 of the Moonlights little black smoke looking more bright blue: I'm wondering if it's OK to ship these out, but put the first pic in the promo photo as most copies are like that. (Only a few without black smoke). Then there's about 15 copies that are transitional between Moonlight to Rain. These are cool, but too few. So random seems most fair: And finally there's just 8 copies transitioning from Rain to the plant's next job, purple: I don't want to piss off variant collectors, who I appreciate very much. But as a fan, I miss the pre-Internet days when colored vinyl was a random surprise you got when you opened the record for the first time. I appreciate you reading this far and providing feedback. Here's some of the blue variations for reference:
  14. No sure where to put this stuff as VC shifts more & more to mainstream music. GOODCYTE RECORDS - premiere instrumental label. Sold here: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/ Prices are $11~$16, shipping is $5 within USA sh.ipping from FL, and if you live outside USA, ships from Tokyo for $6 Like post rock for short attention spans. Instrumental punk. Add some zap & emotion for a quick weight lifting session or doing laundry, etc. Everything is crafted with visual details to make a balanced visual/auditory experience. 1. Oneironautics I (Deeper Blue/Redlight Stare split) - It's a space dream These are almost sold out 130 copies on blue nebula and 80 on red nebula. Each is unique: 2. Sinking Dream (Deeper Blue) - There's 5 variations, 4 in stock in USA & Japan through our bandcamp 3. Night Rain (Deeper Blue) - our best seller. Nostalgic surf punk melodies carry this one. Black vinyl pressed in Japan. High quality. Also lower quality European purple 1st pressing still available (almost sold out, black is sold out): But it comes in a sweet spined jacket:

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