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  1. Buy, can also trade some Misfits vinyl
  2. The third and final in this series: 1. m3kr-e89c 2. vtml-3k4p 3. fk8j-hkj2 https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/yum The music is a fusion between punk and orchestra. It's instrumental, kinda mellow, but emotionally powerful. The challenge is that both tracks spend some time building up to climaxes--30+ guitars playing at once in a tsumami of sound.
  3. Awesome, thank you. This is a series where in each volume, the track count increases.
  4. Oneironautics Vol.1 Instrumental split series exploring dreams and colors. Punk Noir (w/ jazz/surf/synth) a-side and prog rock b-side. h84v-5mlm 4ucr-7t5g qwjd-57n3 9sgc-75q4 34uc-5uga wewq-3pf7 p6h6-cfev rncu-wan8 awpd-h25n x7ma-3h2h https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/yum
  5. What to say, just watch the trailer: ONEIRONAUTICS is a series of instrumental releases that explores themes of dreams and colors. https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/oneironautics-i Vol.1 is a limited edition 7" on magnificent Space Nebula vinyl. Side 1 features the Deeper Blue (Tokyo) orchestra's Punk Noir sound with some jazzy sax, horns, surf and 80s synth. Side 2 debuts Redlight Stare's (Tampa/Atlanta) progressive power rock. Each band co-produced the other's tracks and both bands share the same drummer. The 2 tracks were composed to balance
  6. I used FedEx a few months ago to send a yellow copy of Misfits Earth AD to USA from Japan. Took only 2 days!
  7. - New label from Japan innovating a punk noir instrumental sound. - New 7 inch release selling good in Japan, looking for overseas stores and distros to carry it. - Fan clusters in Germany, UK, Spain and USA. See goods in sig link. PM if interested. More releases in the works.
  8. Thank you. I really only followed the punk threads and went away for a few years since VC transformed from an underground punk record collecting group under Virgil and Andy into general vinyl collecting forum. The Japanese title reads: "Things with Japanese obis and text". Good thing I didn't spam this thread with my surf punk noir just because it has Japanese text.
  9. no n00b to VC, but n00b to this thread. Trying to figure it out. Is this thread for anything with Japanese text/obi (according to title)? or just the "vaporware" genre?
  10. Sorry it was dead. I probably made a typing mistake. I'll post more and be transparent. This is the first release from my new instrumental label, Goodcyte. We focus on punk influenced instrumental. Here are a few more codes: 5jcq-gvek y2cx-w9xn 2g9s-52k3 hzq5-kys2 fxzx-gqqw This is it:
  11. Warning* this is instrumental stuff. All codes for same release https://bandcamp.com/yum ghj2-ve9f nsxc-kxf6 ggh7-b928 tvps-htme at2c-bc64 94bw-6bgm
  12. Thank you ,<3 If you live in the USA, we have 10 purple copies and 10 Japan press copies with the drummer in FL. Anywhere else ships from Japan.
  13. Forgive the lack of modesty, but if you're wanting Daikaiju on vinyl, and Deeper Blue is similar, why not get Deeper Blue?😅
  14. It's cool. I scored Kepi for Kids on Discogs.
  15. Thank you. Never heard of them, but the music is so similar I think I'll be accused of ripping them off. Both our albums open with the same guitar phrase and tone. Just listening to this for the first time:

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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