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  1. I used FedEx a few months ago to send a yellow copy of Misfits Earth AD to USA from Japan. Took only 2 days!
  2. - New label from Japan innovating a punk noir instrumental sound. - New 7 inch release selling good in Japan, looking for overseas stores and distros to carry it. - Fan clusters in Germany, UK, Spain and USA. See goods in sig link. PM if interested. More releases in the works.
  3. Thank you. I really only followed the punk threads and went away for a few years since VC transformed from an underground punk record collecting group under Virgil and Andy into general vinyl collecting forum. The Japanese title reads: "Things with Japanese obis and text". Good thing I didn't spam this thread with my surf punk noir just because it has Japanese text.
  4. no n00b to VC, but n00b to this thread. Trying to figure it out. Is this thread for anything with Japanese text/obi (according to title)? or just the "vaporware" genre?
  5. Sorry it was dead. I probably made a typing mistake. I'll post more and be transparent. This is the first release from my new instrumental label, Goodcyte. We focus on punk influenced instrumental. Here are a few more codes: 5jcq-gvek y2cx-w9xn 2g9s-52k3 hzq5-kys2 fxzx-gqqw This is it:
  6. Warning* this is instrumental stuff. All codes for same release https://bandcamp.com/yum ghj2-ve9f nsxc-kxf6 ggh7-b928 tvps-htme at2c-bc64 94bw-6bgm
  7. Thank you ,<3 If you live in the USA, we have 10 purple copies and 10 Japan press copies with the drummer in FL. Anywhere else ships from Japan.
  8. Forgive the lack of modesty, but if you're wanting Daikaiju on vinyl, and Deeper Blue is similar, why not get Deeper Blue?😅
  9. It's cool. I scored Kepi for Kids on Discogs.
  10. Thank you. Never heard of them, but the music is so similar I think I'll be accused of ripping them off. Both our albums open with the same guitar phrase and tone. Just listening to this for the first time:
  11. I like punk. I like instrumental. I started an instrumental label, more punk than post-rock. The goal now is to put out 7 inches, any band can do, but the rule is no vocals. So if you have an instrumental band, please get in touch. The label is still in the red from the first release, but we're almost clear. I got the ball rolling with Deeper Blue, which does dreamy surf-punk noir from Tokyo. check it here: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/night-rain Due to some strange circumstances, we ended up with 2 pressings: The first, 170 purple and 30 black pressed in Europe with DMM cutting: (only 1 copy of black left in stock!) The second, 200 pressed here in Japan with lacquer cutting: The record was reviewed here: http://apathyandexhaustion.com/7in-and-ep-round-up-august-2020-part-1/ Here's the art for the next release. I'm just excited to share it:
  12. I tried to join and it was sold out. 🤭
  13. haha, I did make the worst threads back in the day. Dave, Something, PM me your addresses and I'll send out promo copies on purple vinyl when mail resumes to USA.
  14. Thanks so much! It's a two-man band, with me on strings and the drummer on drums. We started learning how to play in 93 and at the time Dave Grohl was the drummer's hero.
  15. http://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/ Thanks for looking. It's instrumental. My label is strictly instrumental; if you have an instrumental project, please stay in touch. There are two pressings: Japan press - superior quality - ships Aug 13 200 black vinyl, 1st 30 in silkscreen print sleeves (4 left). Europe press- 170 purple (169 received and 100 copies too warped to distribute). 30 black These arrived warped and the cut is bad. I went through 2 cuttings and gave up with this plant. So the records are given away for free with orders of the Japan press above. Black comes with silkscreen. About 4 of each left. But also there's a hand-painted jacket version, also 4 left at the time of this post. Due to pandemic, Japan Post has temporarily suspended acceptance of mail to USA, Brazil and Russia... Purple (8 left, 4 in hand colored sleeves) Here is Japan press mock up Silkscreen print ~~~~